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Friday, 29 October 2010 05:00

Sewing With A Hammer: How To Set Snaps and Rivets from Sew4Home


27-s4h-snaps-rivetsUsually, sewing is quiet and peaceful. But sometimes you have to finish your project with a hammer and pliers!

Snaps and rivets are the tough guys of sewing.

Snaps fill a unique role as fasteners. They are sturdier than hook and loop (like Velcro®) but are easy enough for a toddler to use. Rivets are sturdy and give your projects a "cool" look. They're perfect for attaching heavy leather straps to bags, holding belt buckles in place or reinforcing the corner stress points of a pocket or pouch.

Both snaps and rivets are similar in that you have to press two pieces of metal together to install them on your project. And in both cases, installing them can seem a little daunting because you are literally crushing the metal parts together and the instructions that come with snap and rivet tools are not always clear.

Fortunately, Sew4Home.com (where Janome is the Signature Sponsor) has easy step-by-step instructions for installing both.

In both cases you'll want to practice a few times on scraps of fabric to make sure you have your technique down. Then you can snap and rivet to your heart's content.

Installing Rivets

Installing Snaps

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Thursday, 28 October 2010 05:00

How To Create A Perfect Lettuce Edge With The 1100D Serger


64-lettuce-edgeLiesl Gibson of oliver + s takes an easy path to the perfect lettuce edge.

Inspired to make some fun outfits from her own new City Weekend collection of printed interlock knits, Liesl was thrilled at how fast and easy her Janome 1100D serger made the entire process. She shared her tips with us and, of course, we had to pass along the technique to you. Want more! Take a few minutes to browse through all the other Techniques in our Learning Center.  

Read The Lettuce Edge Technique

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Wednesday, 27 October 2010 05:00

Did You Know: You Can Chat With Your Sewing Friends on Janome Forum, Facebook and Twitter


25-janome-social-mediaHave you ever been sewing along in the evening and suddenly had a question about something on your Janome machine?

You could spend hours sifting through sewing websites and blogs looking for the answer. Or, you could go to the only official online community for where Janome sewing machine owners share their knowledge: Janome Forum. You don't have to be a registered member to read what people are posting. But if you register (for free), you can interact with the community of more than 19,000 other Janome owners.

It's easy to create an account. Simply come up with a unique user name, which will be displayed when you post a comment, register your email address and Janome Forum will send you your password. If you like, you can also customize your profile with one of 50 icons, include your location, a signature, and even add chat program info if you want to contact other members outside the Forum.

Browse through the fifteen major subject categories or search the entire forum. Of course, Janome Forum is also a great place to post what you've learned and help out other Janome sewing machine and serger owners. 

We also have active communities of sewing friends on both Facebook and Twitter and would love to have you follow us at on either or both sites. It's another great way to exchange information, find out first about new products, and discuss topics with fellow Janome fans.

Join The Janome Forum

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Tuesday, 26 October 2010 05:00

Video: Attaching 1/2" Binding With The Binder Foot


24-binder-footSometimes It's Good To Be In a Bind.

Bias binding tape (often just called bias tape) gives a professional finish to all kinds of sewing projects. You can use it on garments, blankets and quilts, accessories, and a host of home décor items. Pre-folded bias tape is readily available at the fabric store, which is certainly convenient. But if you want a specific color or pattern as an accent, you can easily cut and make your own and then attach it with the Janome Binder Foot on your sewing machine.

This optional presser foot is equipped with a small funnel to fold and guide the binding over the fabric edge before it reaches the sewing machine needle. It can be used with either a narrow zigzag or a straight stitch, and will handle from 10mm to 14mm bias tape. All the folding and feeding may sound complicated, but just watch our short video and you'll see how easy this foot is to use. It fits most Janome sewing machines.

Sew4Home (where Janome is the Signature Sponsor) also has a good tutorial for making and attaching bias binding. 

Watch Binder Foot Video

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Monday, 25 October 2010 05:00

The Adjustable Knee Lifter - Add It To Your Janome Sewing Machine


31-adjust-knee-lifterLook, Ma! No Hands!

For many sewists, the knee lift is an accessory they could not live without. Whether quilting or sewing, it allowed to easily raise the presser foot on their sewing machine without using their hands. But what if there was actually an even better version of this terrific accessory? Well, Janome found a way to produce just that!

Janome offers a special, ergonomic Adjustable Knee Lifter. This accessory was specially designed so all body types could reach the knee lift with ease. It offers a full range of adjustment from left to right, so you can find the position that best suits your sewing needs.

The Adjustable Knee Lifter fits all Janome machines with knee lift capability, including the new Horizon 7700 QCP and the Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition sewing and embroidery machines. It's the perfect accessory to make quilting and all types of sewing more comfortable.

More On The Adjustable
Knee Lifter

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Friday, 22 October 2010 05:00

Why We LOVE The Horizon: How to Use the Optional Binder Foot


22-horizon-binder-footThe Horizon's optional Quilt Binder Foot is the perfect accessory for quick and trouble-free binding.

This time-saving attachment, with a superior design based on industrial binding tools, has a cone on the front of the fabric holder that feeds and folds fabric for a finished ½” binding. It's just one of the features that makes the Horizon an outstanding sewing and quilting machine. Two upper screws on the binding allow you to adjust the fold of the fabric – set them at the same length for a straight stitch, or set the bottom a bit further than the top for a blanket stitch. There are additional cones available to create a 5/16" binding and a 7/16" binding. 

We show this accessory on the Horizon, and it did debut with the arrival of this wonderful machine, however, you can also use the Quilt Binder Foot on the MC6500 and MC6600 sewing and quilting machines. And on the MC11000 and MC11000 Special Edition sewing, quilting and embroidery machines

Tips for using the Quilt Binder Foot:

  1. Adjust the needle drop position as well as the screws to achieve stitching that is close to the inside edge of the binding.
  2. Sewing the folded binding at about 3/8” when beginning makes it easier to insert the edge of the quilt into the fold with the needle in the fabric.
  3. When using thicker fabric or making the double folded strip for the binding, cut the strips 1/8” narrower than the standard 2” to enable smooth insertion of the fabric into the attachment.
  4. Sew with the two-prong AcuFeed fabric feeding system or use the Even Feed Foot for smooth feeding and to avoid wrinkling of the fabric, even when working with different fabric thicknesses.

More On The Quilt Binder Foot

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Thursday, 21 October 2010 05:00

The Facts on Machine Felting


21-machine-fm725Machine felting opens up truly unique possibilities for your creativity.

As luck would have it, Janome has the perfect tool for this: the FM-725 machine felting model.

The FM-725 does not use thread and does not have feed dogs like a regular sewing machine. Its 'sewing' mechanism is a five needle unit with barbs that mesh fabrics and fibers together. The barbs act as agitators, which tatter materials to adhere decorative effects to a base fabric. Once the barbs have gently frayed the decorative material you've placed on top of a base fabric, they pull the loosened fibers through the base, embedding the two layers together. The result is a unique, altogether new material.

You can use your FM-725 to embellish works you've already sewn, such as art quilts or jackets. Or you can use it to create something to stand on its own. The FM-725 is also wonderful for adding your own flair to ready-made garments and home décor. The amazing versatility of this machine makes it an amazing and exciting addition to your sewing room. Because there are no rules, you experience total freedom of expression.

Create 3-D appliqués, customized fabric colorations, watercolor-inspired prints, your own fabric, and much more. The key to success is experimentation. Search local fabric and fiber shops for inspiration to add new texture and color to your creations. The only problem is, once you get started, it’s hard to stop.

More About
The FM-725

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Wednesday, 20 October 2010 05:00

All Wound Up in Janome Pre-Wound Bobbins


20-pre-wound-bobbinsWhat's the real story on pre-wound (or prewound) bobbins?

Some posts on internet discussion forums claim sewing machine manufacturers don't recommend using pre-wound bobbins. But other people swear by them. They say you simply can't wind sewing thread your own bobbins as evenly or get as much thread on them.

Here's the official word from Janome: You can use pre-wound bobbins on our machines, provided they're the right size with the right type of spool. In fact, we make our own line of pre-wound bobbins and recommend them for a number of reasons.

The first is convenience. If you want to spend your available time creating, it's probably not worth saving a few cents by having to stop in the middle of your project and set up the winder every time your bobbin runs out.

Second, Janome pre-wound bobbins are designed to work with ALL our sewing machines. You don't need to take a compatibility chart with you to the thread store.

Third, Janome pre-wound bobbins are manufactured to give you the best possible, highest quality stitching. We precision-wind them with 100% spun polyester bobbin thread on clear spools. They feed smoothly and don't cause lint.

Best all, you spend more time sewing and less time winding. 

More About Pre-Wound Bobbins

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Tuesday, 19 October 2010 05:00

Serger Smarts: Why Would I Want a Cover Stitch Machine?


19-machine-cp1000cpxA Cover Stitch Machine's primary job is to create a coverstitch, but you’d be amazed at how much more it can do!

The CoverPro 1000CPX is the perfect companion for your standard 4-thread serger and sewing machine. You get great features and endless possibilities for achieving a professional finish on garments and more.

Cover stitch hemming is super simple with this machine, using 3, 2 or 1 needle(s). The versatility in needle configuration makes the machine wonderful for a wide variety of projects. Home décor often features hemming with just one needle. The one needle option is also used for basting and serger stippling. The large arm space, 5.62” x 3.93”, on the CoverPro 1000CPX makes it uniquely capable for handling stippling over large areas; this space far exceeds the opening on most other cover stitch models.

Embellishing is done by using heavier decorative threads in the looper and a combination of needles. Using just one needle, you can create sensational effects. This one-needle stitch is often called a 'seed stitch,' and is also wonderful for adding a designer look to ready-to-wear garments. Of course, two needles will provide you with an even glitzier look and open the door to more creativity.

The free arm on the CoverPro 1000CPX makes it a perfect machine for hemming sleeves, pants, tote bags and other harder-to-reach projects.

Find out more about the CoverPro today. And be sure to investigate the amazing range of accessories available that make numerous tasks even simpler and more accurate.

More About The CoverPro 1000CPX

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Monday, 18 October 2010 05:00

Janome Holiday Promotion Starts Today


18-holiday-promo-startThis Holiday Season we have the perfect gift for quilters on the go: Janome's Horizon-To-Go travel set.

Starting today, when you purchase a new Horizon MC7700 QCP, you also get a custom Janome designer trolley bag filled with thread for FREE. The rolling trolley case and the custom Horizon thread gift box with 12 mini king spools have a retail value of over $250.

Horizon Opens Up New Possibilities In Quilting And Sewing

From the widest bed in its class to the most illuminating lighting system, the Horizon sewing and quilting machine gives you so much more to enjoy. It has speed, precision and an innovative navigation system that makes it a breeze to choose your stitch from the 250 available. You have plenty of room to stretch your creative muscles. Controls are positioned where it makes the most sense for hours of enjoyment. Operation is instinctive, with icons and buttons that are easy to use and understand. And of course, the Horizon is a true Janome sewing machine where it matters most: the quality of your stitches.

Just a few of the features:

  • 11" x 4.7" work area with an extra-long free arm
  • Navigate via LCD screen or tactile jog dial 
  • AcuFeed™ System moves layers of fabric in perfect sync
  • Extension table and cloth guide come standard
  • 250 stitches and 20 memory banks
  • Quilt piecing system 
  • Full length measuring markings on the arm plus needle plate angles, cornering and needle drop guides  

Offer based on regular retail price and valid 10/18/2010 - 12/31/2010 at authorized Janome dealers in the USA and Canada. Limited to supplies on hand.

More About
The Horizon

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