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Thursday, 18 November 2010 05:00

Why We LOVE The Horizon Sewing Machine: The Optional Thread Stand


26-horizon-opt-thread-standStore two large thread cones on the back of the machine

The extra-wide 11” bed of the Janome Horizon sewing and quilting machine makes it ideal for quilting. And we all know quilting often requires a lot of thread, plus many manufacturers now offer the larger, more economical king and mini-king spools, which won’t fit on the traditional machine spool pins.

All of these are important reasons to find out more about the optional Thread Stand for the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 7700QCP.

This extra-high expandable feeding stand allows an even flow of thread, without adding any tension to the thread itself. The thread stand attaches directly and securely to the sewing machine, which eliminates the risk of anything tipping over during use.

It's the perfect accessory for anyone looking to use large thread spools, or who wants to keep more than one thread color ready for a project.

Read More About
The Horizon

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Wednesday, 17 November 2010 05:00

Video: Getting Precise Embroidery Placement With The Clothsetter 10000


39-clothsetter-10k-videoSo precise, you can make embroidery designs of virtually any size.

One of the things that sets Janome Memory Craft embroidery machines apart from other brands is the Clothsetter 10000. This unique tool helps you place your fabric in the embroidery hoop perfectly every time. It's so accurate, you can create embroidery designs of almost unlimited size by placing each embroidered section precisely next to the one before.

The Clothsetter 10000 is compatible with Embroidery Hoop A (5" x 4.3") and Embroidery Hoop B (5.5" x 7.9") and so can be used on Memory Craft sewing and embroidery machines that use these hoops.

The MC11000 Special Edition has a special extension table with the Clothsetter built right in. There are several video tutorials on this Clothesetter as well. 

How easy is it to use? Watch the video Getting Precise Embroidery Placement With The Clothsetter 10000. In less than two minutes you'll learn how to use the Clothsetter 10000 with a printed template to accurately position your fabric in the hoop. And you'll also see how larger designs can be created in parts using this tool.

Watch The Clothsetter Video

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Tuesday, 16 November 2010 05:00

Techniques You Need: How To Sew A French Seam


38-french-seamThis seam was once the standard on all fine garments made of lightweight fabric.

Probably the most elegant – and feared – of seam techniques is the French Seam. It's used to enclose the seam allowance on the inside of project. When a zigzag or serge stitch would leave a lot of thread visible through the fabric, a French Seam can be used.

This technique is great for garments, home décor, or any project where you need to hide your seams. Common examples are curtains or a patchwork scarf. It's something you can do with any Janome sewing machine.

One of the reasons the French Seam is more feared than necessary is that when you look at the finished seam, it’s hard to understand just how it is done. But in reality the basic process is really quite simple.

Follow our instructions to make a French Seam in six simple steps.

French Seam Instructions

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Monday, 15 November 2010 05:00

Give A Sewing Machine To A College Student? Why This Is A GREAT Idea!


37-college-studentsThis age group is rediscovering the joy of making-it-yourself.

College students from every era seem to share the same dilemma: Lots of big ideas but no money to make them happen.

We've seen some amazing projects created by college students with little more than fabric, lots of creativity, and access to an old sewing machine. We say, "Impressive." And "Just imagine what they'll do when they get a decent machine."

Having a good quality sewing machine at college means that instead of tacking up a sheet, you can actually make curtains. Instead of throwing a bedspread over that old couch, you can make a real slipcover or a fun decorative blanket. And instead of throwing away clothes and accessories that need to be repaired, you fix them.

Of course a college student needs to be careful. If it gets out that she (or he) knows how to alter thrift store clothes, turn old State U t-shirts into a cool State U quilt, or just hem a pair of jeans--friends and "friends" of friends will be lining up at the dorm room door.

This holiday season, check out these Lightweight Favorite Janome machines that give you excellent stitch quality at a work-study price.

Popular Student Sewing Machines

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Friday, 12 November 2010 05:00

It Trims, It Stitches... It's Like Two Machines In One: Janome Jem Gold Plus Trim & Stitch


62-jem-gold-plusSewing, quilting, plus light serging all in one great machine.

The Janome Jem line of sewing machines has been so popular because these models offer sewing and quilting enthusiasts a compact machine that delivers big machine features – the most important being Janome stitch quality.

The Jem Gold Plus takes this legacy one step further with the ability to trim fabric while it stitches. It's like having a "serger light." In fact, the innovative feature is called the Light Serging System (LSS). Using a unique built-in side cutter, it allows you to trim, sew, and finish seams in one easy step. For regular sewing, you'll enjoy features like a four-step buttonhole, built-in needle threader, one-hand thread cutter, quick foot conversion, and 12 essential stitches. And, its compact size makes it ideal for sewing or quilting on the go.

This model would be perfect for someone who isn't quite ready to step all the way up to a full serger, and it would make a great gift for a new sewer. Professionally finish garments and home décor projects with one versatile... and economical machine. The Jem Gold Plus makes it easy. 

Try the versatile Jem Gold Plus Trim And Stitch at your local Janome Dealer.

Learn More About The Jem Gold Plus

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Thursday, 11 November 2010 05:00

November Project: Easy Fabric Belt


16-easy-fabric-beltLooking for a fast fashion project? You can't beat a belt!

A simple belt is the perfect accessory for a casual look with jeans or cords. It's a cinch to make for yourself and a perfect gift for the holidays. Instructions for this belt are available in our Project Center. For more inspiration, visit our friends at Sew4Home, where Janome is the Signature Sponsor. They have two easy belt tutorials for you to try. One is a jazzy plaid belt with a slide buckle, and the other is a fast and fabulous webbing and ribbon belt; these would be super for kids. Check them all out! 

Make Our Easy
Fabric Belt

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Wednesday, 10 November 2010 05:00

Why We LOVE The Horizon Sewing Machine: Plate Markings


35-horizon-plate-markingsThese detailed, precise and permanent markings are a Janome Exclusive.

One of the features that has quilters and sewists excited about the new Horizon Memory Craft 7700QCP is the needle plate markings. You say, "Needle plate markings? What could be exciting about that?" It's exciting when those markings save you measuring and marking time and make your seams more precise.

The Horizon features an exclusive needle plate design that offers a wealth of useful information where you need it most – right in front of you as you sew. You’ll find markings on both sides of the needle for seams of all sizes. There are also special angle marks, cornering guides and needle drop lines. This system is so innovative, Janome had it patented.

To find out more about how to use these markings, go to the Lessons 1 and 2 in the Horizon section. You'll learn how to use the Seam Guides, including the special angled markings, and the Cornering Guides for making a perfect 5/8" corner.

See The Needle Plate Lessons

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Tuesday, 09 November 2010 05:00

Video: Ditch Quilting With The Clear View Quilt Set


34-clear-view-quilt-set-videoIt's easy to do this technique when you have the right presser foot.

Ditch quilting (also called quilting in the ditch) is when you run your line of stitching very close to an already sewn seam on a quilt patch, block or any other type of border. The existing stitch forms a "ditch," which is especially pronounced in the puffy layers of batting in quilting. The stitch is also popular for securing binding. If possible, you should sew on the side of the seam that does not have the seam allowance pressed underneath.

There are a number of different ditch quilting feet for Janome sewing machines. One that fits virtually all Janome top-loading models is the Clear View Quilting Foot Set. It comes with a Ditch Guide that allows you to easily keep your stitch nice and close "in the ditch."

Watch the video Ditch Quilting With The Clear View Quilt Set to see how to install the guide on the foot, how to set it up on your sewing machine, and how to do ditch quilting.

Go To The Ditch Quilting Video

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Monday, 08 November 2010 05:00

Techniques You Need: Hand-Stitched By Sewing Machine


33-hand-stitched-by-machineAdd a touch of classic quilting.

There is something very special about hand stitching. The slight unevenness in the construction is soothing, and makes every project seem more special. While there is nothing that can truly replace the labor of love involved in handstitching, what if you could create this effect without putting the amazing amounts of time into your quilting?

The answer is hand-look stitches created on your Janome sewing machine! The Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition and Horizon 7700QCP both come with stitches that are specially-designed to look like they were sewn by hand. You can incorporate these into all kinds of projects–from quilts to handbags – to give them a special and personal flair.

Follow our simple instructions to get the most out of these stitches.

More About Hand-Look Stitches

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Friday, 05 November 2010 05:00

Our Best Bags: Four Janome Classic Fave Sewing Projects


36-4-best-bagsEverybody loves tote bags and purses.

It's no wonder. Bags are fairly quick to make on any kind of sewing machine. They make great gifts. And you can always use another one.

Here are the Top Four Faves on Janome.com from the past year.

  • Janome Shopping Tote – This embroidered canvas bag has an inner inset to keep bottles upright, ample room for all of your groceries, and even an optional coupon pocket. Perfect for all of your shopping trips.
  • Recycled Cowboy Boot Purse – This is a fun project for recycling old cowboy boots and leather belts. You just need one of each to make a purse. Be sure you have a Janome Leather Needle and you can do this project on any Janome machine.
  • Perfect Purse – Use your Janome serger to create the interesting pocket on the front of this purse. The Flatlock stitch and variegated thread work together for a wonderful textured look. And you only need Beginner skills to make this great purse.
  • Pauline Purse – It's a fun and pretty purse for any occasion. The finished size is approximately 11" x 11" with a 2" bottom. Here's a chance to use the Janome CoverPro 1000CP with your Memory Craft embroidery machine.

Take A Look At All Our Online Projects

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