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Wednesday, 29 December 2010 05:00

Video: Couching A Bow In Place With The Button Sewing Foot


32-couching-bow-wbutton-sewing-foot-videoOnce you see how easy this is, you'll want to attach bows everywhere.

The Button Sewing Foot is designed to easily attach buttons using your sewing machine. You put the button under the foot, adjust the stitch width and it sews a series of stitches between the two holes in the button.

But you can also use it to attach other, more decorative things to your project. One of them is a bow. Simply take a piece of ribbon and tie it into a bow, then, using the Button Foot, tack it into place.

To keep your thread from showing on your bow, you can either use a matching color or stitch it on with clear, monofilament thread. You can also position the loops of the bow and the ends of the ribbon and tack them into place as well.

To demonstrate, we made a short video called Button Sewing Foot: Couching A Bow In Place. It shows you how to attach the foot, set up for couching (feed dogs down), and attach the various parts of a ribbon. Once you see it done, you'll say, "That's easy!"

The Button Sewing Foot works with most Janome sewing machines. Find your machine on the website, then check under its "Accessories" tab to confirm.

More About The Button Sewing Foot

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Tuesday, 28 December 2010 05:00

Did You Know: Register Your Machine Online


58-dyk-reg-your-machine-onlineRegistering online is easy and benefits you.

When you bought your Janome sewing machine or serger (or perhaps you received one this year as a gift), you might have seen the Warranty Registration card among the other items in the box. If you sent it in right away, thank you.

But maybe you lost the card or you haven't sent it because you're wondering why you have to register your machine anyway.

Registering your sewing machine does not affect your Janome America, Inc. Limited 25 Year Warranty. That automatically went into effect when the machine was purchased from an authorized Janome dealer. Registering your machine gives us a direct record of your purchase and allows us to send you new information about your machine.

If you have a Memory Craft embroidery machine, we'll let you know when new software updates are available for download. Or if we become aware of a problem with your model, we can contact you with information on how to resolve any issues. Knowing who is buying our machines helps us better serve all Janome customers and ensures that future machines are meeting the needs and expectations of sewing, embroidery, quilting enthusiasts. It's why we strongly recommend all our customers register their machines.

Lost Your Card? Register Your Janome Machine Online

If you haven't sent in your card, you can register online in just a few minutes. Go to the Janome Warranty Registration page. Fill in the required fields. And click Register.

Even if you bought your Janome several years ago, it's not too late to register. Just look for your machine model among the nearly 150 listed in the online menu.

Register Your Machine Online

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Monday, 27 December 2010 05:00

Six Big Sewing Trends Of 2010


57-six-big-sewing-trends-2010It's time to take a look back at the big trends for 2010.

To be safe, we'll say these aren't the only sewing trends of the past year--just the ones that have come to our attention.

When the economy is booming, people turn to their sewing machine as a creative outlet. When times call for cutting back, people get out their sewing machine as a way to save money. We've seen a mixture of both this year.

Six Big Sewing Trends Of 2010

1. Cutting Edge Designer Fabric For Everyone: Manufacturers are producing fabric in smaller runs to serve a more diverse customer base. Because a small run is less of a risk, this has allowed many new talented designers to enter the marketplace. In addition, there are a number of sites now where you can design and have your own fabric printed: Spoonflower, Fabric on Demand, Eye Candey, and Karma Kraft.

2. Retro Colors Are Back: Turquoise was Pantone's color of 2010. Other "seventies" colors are back in a big way--Avocado, Milk Chocolate, Icy Blue, Burnt Orange, Tomato Red. It just goes to show that, once again, everything old is new again.

3. Young People Rediscovering Sew-It-Yourself: The generation that didn't have Home Ec in school wants to learn to do more themselves. Some of this is the "organic" trend to re-use and "repurpose" fabric and old garments to avoid waste. Many younger people also want more personal control over the source of products. For instance, there is a huge trend of young parents who have gone beyond just avoiding disposable diapers to sewing their own diapers and diaper covers.

4. Sewing Blogs Bigger Than Ever: Online sites have been around for years, but in 2010, we saw the emergence of a treasure trove of new blogs dedicated to sewing. Written with humor and clear step-by-step instructions, they've allowed millions of people to connect and accomplish more in their sewing. Our Signature Sponsorship of Sew4Home is evidence of our support for this wonderful trend. 

5. "Homemade" Is The New "Store Bought": A generation ago you wouldn't want to wear something home sewn unless you could be guaranteed it actually looked like it came from the mall. Now, many items in clothing stores have a faux homemade look. And to wear something you made, or that was handmade just for you, is worth showing off. This year saw an explosion in craft fairs, farmer's markets and other venues that showcase arts and crafts. Plus, sites like Etsy make it easy to market and sell handmade goods.

6. Rise in Women Entrepreneurs: The shaky economy and continued expansion of the web and social media has made it more feasible than ever to start a creative business. Many women who never dreamed they'd start small businesses are doing just that, and sewing has been a bona fide growth area. These "Mompreneurs" may be starting out at the kitchen table but this year has seen many of their companies grow into successful ventures. The Creative Connection event drew huge numbers of these women in September.

Discuss The Latest Trends In Janome Forum

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Friday, 24 December 2010 05:00

Merry Christmas from Janome


77-merry-christmas-2010And have a happy sewing New Year.

Can you believe another Christmas is already here? Neither can we.

From everyone here at Janome America, we send you best wishes for this Holiday season. May you get all your projects done on time; may your creativity make someone feel very special; and may you be able to spend the season with your family and the people you love.

A number of our Facebook friends have been telling us which sewing or embroidering machine they'd like Santa to bring them this year. 

After all the wrapping paper is cleaned up, you can check in with us to see who got a new Horizon in their stocking, and who got a lump of coal.

Find Us On Facebook

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Thursday, 23 December 2010 05:00

Why We LOVE The Horizon Sewing Machine: The Three-Part Blanket Stitch


82-horizon-blanket-stitchQuilting is the realm of the tiny detail. And we at Janome knows this.

When we built the Horizon Memory Craft 7700QCP, we added new features in even the smallest places, like the appliqué stitch package.

As on many Janome sewing machines, the Horizon offers a wide selection of Blanket Stitches for appliqué.But the Horizon includes one extra blanket stitch that really shines. However, you have to really be paying attention to realize the tiny improvement that was made to this stitch to make it so great.

In Janome quilting circles, Quilting Stitch #45 is sometimes referred to as the 'Waltzing Stitch.' This specialized appliqué stitch makes three steps for one blanket stitch: first it steps forward, then goes in for the ‘bite’ of the blanket stitch, then swings out to complete the stitch (1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3…). Most blanket stitches stitch just twice when they advance, so sometimes it's hard to tell on curves when the stitch will take a ‘bite’ into the appliqué. Quilting Stitch #41 cures the confusion and is the best stitch for creating perfect curved appliqué!

Try out this Horizon stitch, and all its other great stitches and features, at your local Janome dealer. It’s amazing the difference a little detail can make!

Learn More About
the Horizon

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Wednesday, 22 December 2010 05:00

The NEW MC6300P: Auto Thread Cut for Buttonholes - Yay!


83-6300-buttonholesDid you Know?

The new Memory Craft 6300 sewing machine has a wide array of great features that any sewist will appreciate, some of which make even us scratch our heads and say, “How did they think of that?!”.

One of our favorite new features is an automatic thread cutter programmed into the end of any buttonhole or bartack. When you choose a buttonhole stitch, the automatic thread cutter is activated to snip your threads at the end of each buttonhole. It is so handy and convenient. This makes lines of buttonholes amazingly easy and quick to finish. Once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Find Out More About the NEW MC6300P

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Tuesday, 21 December 2010 05:00

Video: Quilting With The Open-Toe Foot Set


55-open-toe-foot-set-videoWhat is an open-toe quilting foot and why would I want to use one? 

On a sewing machine presser foot, the 'toe' is the (usually) upturned front of the foot that glides over the fabric. In most cases, the toe has a solid surface with a hole for the needle to go into. But some Janome quilting feet come in an 'open toe' version. On an open-toe foot, the whole front of the foot is opened up in a 'U' shape.

This design has the advantage of letting you see exactly where the sewing machine needle is penetrating the fabric. The Open-Toe Quilt Foot Set includes an Open-toe Walking foot with Quilt Guide and an Open-toe Darning foot. This set's walking foot has special feed dogs that work in sync with your sewing machine to pull the top layers of your fabric in perfect sync with the bottom.

The open-toe design lets you see the needle so you can stop stitching exactly at the end of your seam. It is also very handy for precise techniques, like stitching in the ditch.

The Open-Toe Walking Foot attaches a little differently from a regular snap on foot. But once you see it done, it's easy. Watch Open-Toe Quilt Set (High Shank) Video: Quilting With The Open-Toe Foot to learn how to set up and use this foot to stitch through several quilt layers, including high loft batting.

Watch The Open-Toe Quilt Set Video

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Monday, 20 December 2010 05:00

Paisley Twist Holiday Stocking


81-paisley-twist-holiday-stockingNothing adorns the holiday mantle better than a handmade Christmas stocking

This classic Christmas stocking can be made entirely on your Janome sewing and embroidery machine – the detailing and trims are created with our free embroidery design downloads. The elegant gold and cream coloring will blend beautifully with traditional holiday reds and greens, adding a new elegance and sense of celebration to your home. This fabulous project arrives just in time for the holidays from Bernadette Griffith of Bertina Studio.

Go to the Paisley Twist Project Instructions

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Friday, 17 December 2010 05:00

Did You Know: Download Free Software Updates On Janome.com


56-download-free-softwareIs your Memory Craft running the latest software update?

The sewing machine is one of the few home appliances to fully take advantage of computerization. Not only does an on-board computer give you sophisticated functions like embroidery, but you can improve your machine by updating its operating system.

Your microwave oven has a little processor chip in it, but you can't upgrade its functions by downloading and installing new software. But you can with your Memory Craft embroidery machine. And the downloads are free on the Janome.com.

If you have a Memory Craft 11000, MC10001, MC10000, MC350E, MC300E, MC200E, MC9500, or MB-4, you should go to the Software Updates page and make sure your machine has the latest software. Read the description to make sure you're downloading the version you need. (It is possible to take your machine back one or two versions.) You'll find directions for installing the software on each download page. Major upgrades, like turning your Memory Craft 11000 into a Special Edition machine, can be purchased at your Janome dealer. Your dealer will also help you install these major upgrades.

The Software Update page also has updates for your Janome embroidery software. These are designed to fix any issues that have arisen after the software was released and to add more features and in many cases speed up various functions. In some cases they make your software compatible with newer Windows® operating systems.

You'll find updates for the following software packages: Customizer 2000 through 11000, Digitizer 10000, PC Folder Tools, Digitizer Pro/MB, and Digitizer Jr.

Again, read the description carefully before downloading and installing anything.

Go To The Software Updates Page

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Thursday, 16 December 2010 05:00

A Short Story Of How The Sewing Machine Changed Home Sewing from Labor-Intensive To A Labor Of Love


23-sewing-machine-storyA sewing machine cut the time required to make a man's shirt by 90%.

Back in 1860, when we got our start making home sewing machines, clothing was extremely expensive. That's because it was nearly all sewn by hand. The woman of the house, when she wasn't preparing meals or cleaning, would make her family's clothing.

Only the wealthy could afford to buy their everyday clothing in stores or have them made by a tailor. As a consequence, a lot of time was spent repairing clothing with needle and thread.

If the average homemaker wanted to make her husband a shirt, she would first have to save up enough to buy the fabric. Then she would carefully lay out the pattern and cut out the pieces, saving every scrap of fabric. Then, when time allowed, she would painstakingly sew the whole thing together by hand. It took patience, skill, and a whole lot of time.

But if she could afford one of the new treadle-powered home sewing machines, she could finish a garment that by hand might have taken days to complete, in just a few hours. Having one of these "modern marvels" meant a marked improvement for the family – such as having more than one change of clothes, not to mention a big saving of labor for women.

Along with the steam engine and the telegraph, the sewing machine brought big changes to 19th century life. 

Today, Janome sewing machines and sergers are making sewing faster and easier than ever.

Read About Our 150 Year History

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