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Wednesday, 19 January 2011 05:00

New Book for New Sewists: Thread & Bobbin


91-thread-and-bobbin-bookNew to sewing... or know someone who is?

A little book just hit the shelves that is perfect for you or the beginning sewist(s) in your lift. thread & bobbin: 21 simple sewing projects ($18, All American Crafts) is written by Janome America's own Alison Newman and her good friend and textile expert, Kaitlin Witte.

There are a variety of projects from quilts to aprons, purses to baby blocks. All have detailed, step-by-step instructions and illustrations. There's also a handy glossary of terms. Most of the items can easily be made in a weekend, some in just a few hours. It's a great book for beginners, but equally fun those more skilled because of the very cute ideas.

Check out the wonderful review at Sew4Home as well as the article in the New York Daily News.

You can find thread & bobbin online at Amazon as well as most chain bookstores. Better still, many Janome dealers are carrying autographed copies!

Visit the Thread & Bobbin Website

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Tuesday, 18 January 2011 05:00

Video: Finishing A Raw Edge With The Overcast Foot M


54-overcast-foot-m-videoDon't have a serger? Use this presser foot on your sewing machine to finish the raw edges of your fabric.

Seamstresses have used the overcast (also called overlock) stitch for centuries as a way to keep the unfinished edges of fabric from raveling. It's useful for heavy fabrics or when the edge has multiple layers like high loft batting; times when folding over and stitching the edge would be too bulky.

Many Janome sewing machines have this stitch built-in and when used with the Overcast Foot M, it gives a nicely finished edge that looks like it was done by a serger.

To see how to use this foot watch the Overcast Foot M Video: Finishing A Raw Edge. You'll see how to set up the foot on your machine and how to sew with the guide to finish your edge in one pass.

The Overcast Foot M is particularly good for finishing medium to heavyweight, easily-frayed woven fabrics such as tweed, gabardine, and linen.

To find out which Janome sewing machines can use the Overcast Foot M (ie., which machines have the overcast stitch), go to the machine's page and look under Accessories.

More About The Overcast Foot M

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Monday, 17 January 2011 05:00

Under An Hour! Serged Scarf Hat


92-serged-scarf-hatOne of the great things about the 1100D and 1200D sergers is that they can create a Blanket Stitch.

This stitch is perfect for finishing the edges of quilts, blankets and fleece throws. It's a wonderful on a serger, because you can trim the edge and stitch in one quick and easy step.

Our serged scarf hat is a fast, fun project for anyone wanting to get acquainted with this stitch on their serger. Use vairegated thread, as we did in our sample, for a great decorative effect. The wide scarf with a built-in hat is perfect to keep you cozy on a chilly day. And with this winter's wild storms all over the USA, there are plenty chilly days left to put this warm fleece wrap to good use!

Find out more about Janome's 1100D and 1200D sergers.

Go to the
Scarf Hat Project

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Friday, 14 January 2011 05:00

Clover Accessories at your Janome Dealer


87-clover-accessoriesLook for a wide selection of notions and innovative sewing aids from this Janome partner.

Clover has a variety of high quality products to help you sew and quilt. From traditional notions like their measuring and marking aids to unique items like their mini irons, Clover products are a big help when you sit down at your Janome sewing machine.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Mini Iron II - It's got all the heat of a regular iron in a tiny size. You can press hard-to-reach places and it's ideal for doing fusible products.

Bamboo Handle Tools - They feel good in your hand and bamboo has a nice, natural look. Includes tools like a seam ripper, and various tracing tools.

Bias tape and Bias tape makers - They have a nice selection. And their Quick Bias Tape saves you time because it can be easily ironed on to straight or curved fabric designs.

Yo-yo makers - Fabric yo-yos make a fun accent to all kinds of projects. Clover has quick yo-yo makers for all sizes. You can even make unusual shapes like shamrocks and butterflies.

Pom-pom makers - They're not just for ski hats anymore. Make small, large, or even heart-shaped pom-poms.

You can find Clover products at your local Janome Dealer. Selection will vary, depending on your retailer.

See All Clover Products

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Thursday, 13 January 2011 05:00

Iris Ultra Cotton Quilting Thread


86-iris-ultra-cotton-quilting-thread-boxThis assortment of 100% cotton thread is ideal for machine quilting.

Our experts are often asked, "Which brands of thread will work best for quilting on my Janome?"

When it comes to quilting, where your thread may be feeding through your sewing machine at 1,000 stitches per minute, not all threads are created equal. But there are a number of high quality brands that will give you excellent results when you use them for quilting. One of those is Iris thread made by Hilos. 

Because Iris Thread runs so well in your Janome sewing machine, we've partnered with them to bring you Iris Ultra Cotton Quilting Thread in a custom Horizon gift box, which includes 12 mini king spools of premium quilting thread, as well as individual mini king spools. 

Quilting fabrics are usually made from 100% cotton, making pure cotton thread the traditional choice for your quilting machine. Iris quilting thread is highly mercerized, meaning it's had special processing to give it a smoother surface and improved luster. 

When you put in extra hours to make your quilt project its very best, it makes good sense to use an excellent quality thread like Iris. Using top quality raw materials, Iris is the only company manufacturing this type of thread in North America. Their threads are known for strength, tenacity, brilliant sheen, and the ability to run smoothly in all major sewing and embroidery machines.

See the Iris Ultra Cotton Quilting Thread assortment and single spools at your local, participating Janome Dealer.

Read More About Iris Threads

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Wednesday, 12 January 2011 05:00

MC11000 Special Edition - AcuFil Quilting


84-mc11kse-acufil-quiltingAcuFil™ Quilting is a complete quilting system built into your embroidery machine

One of the innovations that sets the Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition apart is Janome’s exclusive Stippling in the Hoop function. It's called AcuFil™, because it allows you to Accurately Fill your hooped quilt square with stippling (lines of stitching that fill in a space). And it's one of the reasons the MC11000 Special Edition is unlike other top-of-the-line sewing and embroidery machines.

Why Stipple In The Hoop? 

Free-form stippling, where you move your fabric to stitch in random patterns, is fun. But if you want an embroidered design in the middle of your square, the MC11000 Special Edition can help you fill it with a perfectly even stitch pattern.

Simply enter your quilt dimensions into the AcuFil™ Calculator and the machine calculates and lays out automatic stippling to perfectly cover each square in your entire quilt top. And that’s just the start. Choose from dozens of embroidery quilting designs and stippling patterns to customize your quilt top. The optional Digitizer embroidery software takes layout possibilities a step further with all-new quilting functionality.

Our AcuFil™ Quilting Hoop and Template combination is easy-to-use and brilliantly precise across all hoopings. And our exclusive direct PC connection sends your design to your computer so you can print a complete template.

24 Embroidery Designs For Quilting Give You Dozens of Combination Options

Each of these three-part designs is ready to be embroidered on your quilt square. A Core design is surrounded by expertly stippled Fill, which in turn is set off by a Border. But you can also use the components separately: Core by itself or Core plus Fill but without a Border. This gives you a total of 72 stand-alone designs.

Faster Hooping With Unlimited Movement

The AcuFil™ Quilting Hoop is not only the fastest hoop you’ve ever used, it also allows you to move your fabric in any direction while continuing your design. The inner hoop has been replaced by special magnetic clamps, which hold the multiple layers of your quilt firmly in place but allow you to quickly re-hoop.

How Big Can You Go?

It’s up to you. The AcuFil™ Quilting System is so accurate, you can continue a fill pattern across all hoopings. Your design is no longer limited by the size of your hoop. The AcuFil™Calculator can generate stippling for your quilt top up to a 10' x 10' range.

See the specifications, and all optional accessories for the MC11000 Special Edition.

Download the MC11000 brochure as a PDF (3.7 MB).

Download a basic instruction manual as a PDF (2.2 MB). 

More About The MC11000 Special Edition

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Tuesday, 11 January 2011 05:00

Video: Making Parallel Rows Of Stitching With The Border Guide Foot


50-parallel-rows-border-guide-videoThe easy way to stitch parallel rows – perfect for quilting.

If you need to make evenly spaced rows of decorative stitching on a project, you can get out your rulers and fabric markers and draw line after line. Or you can use the Janome presser foot designed to stitch parallel rows without marking up your fabric.

The Border Guide Foot has "wings" on each side of the foot. Made from a special see-through material, it allows you to use guide marks that run the length and width of the foot. And it works on all Janome sewing machines.

Simply align one of the markings on the foot with the edge of your fabric or you can draw a line to start in the middle. Choose any stitch and sew. For your next row just use the first row of stitching as your guide line, keeping it in line with the chosen mark as you sew.

The two sets of vertical red lines are calibrated to allow perfect spacing of rows. The horizontal red line matches the needle drop so you can line up the start of each row. The small red mark denotes the center of the design for lining up with the marking for the first row.

Watch the Border Guide Foot Video: Making Parallel Rows Of Stitching.

You can also use the Border Guide Foot to sew a line of decorative stitching around the border or along the edge of a project.

Learn Effortless Border Stitching

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Monday, 10 January 2011 05:00

Serger Smarts: Accessory Must Haves


85-serger-smarts-accessory-must-havesWith specialized feet and attachments for your serger, you can make your sewing even quicker and easier!

Using a Janome serger makes finishing your projects super quick and easy, but there are a wide range of accessories created for specific tasks to make your sewing time even more productive. Below are a few of our favorites.

Elastic Gathering Foot and Attachment

When inserting elastic, it is essential to attach it as smoothly and evenly as possible, which is sometimes a difficult task. The Elastic Gathering attachment makes this job quick and easy. There are three size options: 7.5mm, 10mm, and 13mm (1/4”, 3/8”, and 1/2”) to accommodate various widths of elastic. Simply snap on one of the attachments, feed the elastic through, and you can attach the elastic directly onto your fabric using either a three or four thread overlock stitch. Read more about the Elastic Gathering Foot and Attachment.

Beading Foot

Beaded trims add a special touch to any project – from evening to casual wear. They're easy to attach using the Janome Beading Foot. A deep groove on the underside of the beading foot guides strands of beads or pearls perfectly into place. They are then secured to the fabric using a flatlock stitch. Read more about the Beading Foot for Janome sergers.

Blind Stitch Foot

The Blind Stitch Foot trims, overlocks and invisibly hems in one easy step. The adjustable guide ensures any weight fabric can be accommodated. But wait there's more... simply change the stitch, and this versatile foot becomes a wonderful guide for pintucks, lacy fagoting or flatlocking as seen in popular ready-to-wear items. Read more about the Blind Stitch Foot for Janome sergers.

Gathering Foot

With the Gathering Foot it's easy to create evenly distributed gathers on light or medium weight fabrics. The Gathering Foot allows you to gather a ruffle, sew it to a flat fabric, and overlock the raw edges all in one easy operation. Read more about the Gathering Foot for Janome sergers.

Check Out All The Janome Sergers

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Friday, 07 January 2011 05:00

Serger Smarts: Why Do I Need A Serger? Specialty Stitches: Part 2 of 2


40-serger-smarts-knitsIt's the machine to use for fast construction and a professional finish - But did you know how much more a serger can do?!

A new Janome serger is on the wish list of almost all aspiring sewists. Many see this machine as the next step in their sewing education and expertise. Most people know the serger is used to trim and finish seams in one step, but the creative and well informed will find many more exciting and useful applications!

Sergers have come a long way since their introduction to the home market in the late 1960’s. Many of today’s machines, including the Janome 1100D, contain a wide range of options for stitch customization, giving sergers far more functionality than just creating a clean finish on the raw edges of seams. Sergers are great for working with nearly any texture or loft of fabric. Constructing quilts, garments, home décor items and more is easy, and you can choose from a wide variety of fabrics, including wool, fleece, velvet, chiffon, silk, cotton or fur.

Read About More Exciting Serger Applications

Find the Janome Serger for you!

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Thursday, 06 January 2011 05:00

Janome Annual Truckload Sale: Sewing Machines, Software & More


79-truckload-sale-2011Take advantage of once-a-year package deals for sewing, quilting and embroidery.

This much anticipated annual promotion started this week and runs through then end of February. You can save hundreds or even thousands on sewing machine and accessory bundles. Plus, you'll save on the notions you use most. Of course, all these deals are available only at your local, authorized, participating Janome Dealer.

For complete details, see our special online, interactive Truckload Sale Booklet.

Sale Highlights: Great Prices On Package Deals

The Ultimate Embroidery And Monogramming Package: Bring home the Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition sewing and embroidery machine and get the Monogram Wizard Janome Edition software for one special price.

The Wide Open Horizon Quilting Package: Buy a Horizon 7700 QCP quilting and sewing machine and also get a custom Horizon Industrial Table for free.

The Complete Home Decor Package: Purchase a 2160 DC computerized sewing machine and get an extension table, storage case, and five essential presser feet free.

The Complete Embroidery And Digitizing Software Package: Get a great deal when you purchase Artistic Sewing Suite Software and Janome Digitizer Jr. embroidery design software together. 

Save On Needles & Thread, And More.

Promotion offers are based on regular retail price and valid 1/03/2011 - 2/28/2011 at authorized, participating Janome dealers in the USA and Canada. Limited to supplies on hand. 

Go To Our Interactive Truckload Sale
"Wish Book"

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