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Thursday, 31 March 2011 05:00

Why We Love The MC11000 Special Edition: The AcuGuide Automatic Cloth Guide


143-acuguide-cloth-guide-mc11kseThis exclusive Janome accessory makes hemming, rows of decorative stitches, and perfect 1/4" seams a breeze.

The Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition was designed to open up new possibilities in embroidery, sewing, and quilting.

One way the MC11000 Special Edition helps you make the most of your sewing time is when it automatically measures your seam allowances. Using an exclusive accessory called the AcuGuide™ Automatic Cloth Guide, the machine allows you to stitch precisely measured seams without rulers or markers.

You simply snap the AcuGuide onto the carriage arm of the embroidery mechanism. Then enter your desired seam allowance. The MC11000 Special Edition automatically moves the guide the correct distance to the right of the needle and you're ready to sew your seam.

Quilters love the AcuGuide™ for their 1/4" seams. But it's also wonderful for hemming or aligning rows of quilting or decorative stitching.

To see how easy it is to set up and use this accessory watch AcuGuide Cloth Guide Video: How To Automatically Measure A Seam.

More Reasons To Love The MC11000 Special Edition

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Wednesday, 30 March 2011 05:00

Serger Smarts: 4-Thread Flatlock


142-serger-smarts-4thread-flatlockA Great Decorative Effect - and Sturdy to Boot!

The Flatlock Stitch was first created to imitate a commercial cover stitch. This very functional stitch is sometimes called a Safety Stitch, because it is strong and very secure. A Janome serger that makes a variety of flatlock stitches is the 1110DX.

A little decorative thread can make this stitch a wonderful embellishment to any project. The 4-thread flatlock is certain to be secure, and as they say, “The more thread the merrier!”

Make the following adjustments to create a four-thread Flatlock stitch:

Left needle (Size 14) – 0 (zero tension)
Right Needle (Size 14) – 1
Upper Looper (with decorative thread) – 3
Lower Looper – (with regular serger thread) – 8
Stitch length – 2 – 3
Differential Feed – 1.0

Engage Stitch Finger for Standard Serging.
Note – adjust the lower looper tension slider to “RH”.

Read More About The Janome 1200D Serger

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Tuesday, 29 March 2011 05:00

Video: Sewing Sheer Fabrics With The Straight Stitch Needle Plate & Foot


110-straight-stitch-needle-platefoot-videoLightweight fabrics sew wonderfully, if you just give them a little extra support.

The Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition has an accessory called the Straight Stitch Needle Plate & Foot Set to help keep silky and sheer fabrics from moving up and down with the needle. Because you use this foot and plate only with a straight stitch in the center needle position, it can offer much more support around the fabric.

Specially made for this machine, the Straight Stitch Needle Plate has a smaller needle hole to better support lightweight fabric. The Straight Stitch Foot has a single needle hole and the bottom of the foot is completely flat to hold the fabric firmly against the feed dogs.

To use this set, you need to remove your machine's regular needle plate, which is held in by two screws. To see how do do this for the MC 11000 Special Edition, watch Straight Stitch Needle Plate & Foot Video: Sewing Sheer Fabrics.

More About The Straight Stitch Needle Plate & Foot

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Monday, 28 March 2011 05:00

Janome Heritage: Sewing & Serging With The Combi


141-combi-dx-janome-heritageIt's a sewing machine. No, wait, it's a serger.

Back in the early 1980s clock radios were all the rage. You could have a clock that played the radio as an alarm. Or was it a radio that could tell time?

At about that time, Janome released a sewing machine with an equally useful combination. It was called the New Home Combi. On one side it was a sewing machine. On the other side it was a serger.

The sewing machine had basic stitches including a buttonhole and a blind hem. The serger had two needles and would do a variety of overlock stitches, including a two thread flat lock.

If you were using the sewing machine side and wanted to do some stitching on the serger, you didn't have to get up and move. You could just pull a lever and the Combi would rotate on its stand, swinging the serger side around to the work position. Push the lever back in and you were ready to go.

We produced a number of Combi models throughout the 1980s, including the DX 502 shown in the illustration.

Today, sewists still find it handy to have basic serging functions incorporated into a sewing machine.

The Jem Gold Plus features the Light Serging System (LSS) which lets you trim, sew, and finish seams in one easy step. No need for an additional serger to professionally finish your garments and home dec projects, the Jem Gold Plus makes it easy to complete your sewing projects on one versatile machine.

Read More About The Jem Gold Plus

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Friday, 25 March 2011 05:00

Free Bonus Design from the Authors of Thread & Bobbin: Pretty Purple Quilt


137-purple-quilt-bonus-designMake This Easy Yet Striking Lap Quilt 

If you read our pages regularly, you know we love, Thread & Bobbin by Kaitlin Witte and Alison Newman. It's a user-friendly book filled with 21 fun projects. Detailed instructions and lots of diagrams make the sewing novice comfortable, while a comphrehensive glossary and a technique section build confidence and skills. 

The authors have teamed up to bring us another free bonus project! This quick and easy quilt project features a large focal fabric as a center medallion, and coordinating striped blocks make a unique frame. It's easy to finish in a weekend.

Be sure to pick up the book at your local Janome dealer for more simple and unique project ideas.

Make the Quilt

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Thursday, 24 March 2011 05:00

New Bright & Beautiful Project Series from Sew4Home: Gypsy Romance



Pick up your tambourine and put on your golden hoop earrings; it's time for brilliant colors, lavish designs and sparkling embellishments.

Janome is proud to sponsor the very creative folks at Sew4Home. We are always so excited to see, and tell you about, their latest projects so you can create them for yourselves. Right now they are featuring a wonderful series called Gypsy Romance created from Pillow & Maxfield's wonderful Gypsy Bandana fabric collection for Michael Miller Fabrics.

There a seven vibrant projects: three home décor options and four fun wearable items. Take a look at the already posted Pom Pom Throw3-D Triangle Pillows, Panel Curtains, Beaded Headscarf and Wrap Belt. And, coming soon: a three-tiered skirt, shoulder bag and pom pom garland.

These projects can be completed with any Janome sewing machine. But if you're looking for a recommendation, Sew4Home suggests the MC7700 Horizon, DC5100 and 3160QDC sewing machines.

Sew4Home exclusively uses Janome machines in their studios!

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Wednesday, 23 March 2011 05:00

We're Tickled Pink About Our Cherry Blossom Bobbin Pack


128-cherry-blossom-bobbin-packCelebrating the 90th Anniversary of Janome Tokyo.

It's fitting that our Tokyo factory is celebrating its 90th anniversary with special Cherry Blossom Bobbins. We were first called "Janome" as a nickname because of the unique design of our lower bobbin. It reminded people of a snake eye, which is pronounced Ja-NO-me in Japanese. (You can read more about this story at the bottom of our About Janome page.)

Pink cherry blossoms are a well known symbol of Japan. This set of 25 pink bobbins is packaged in a Janome-brand cherry blossom motif organizer for easy carrying and storage. Janome "J" bobbins fit all standard Janome sewing machines (except the 1600 series and the MB-4).

Janome "J" bobbins are made of a special rubber and plastic combination, which allows them to better hold threads, absorb machine vibration and reduce noise. We're especially happy to offer this beautiful pink version for a limited time.

Find the 90th Anniversary Cherry Blossom Bobbins at your local Janome Dealer.

Read More About Cherry Blossom Bobbins

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Tuesday, 22 March 2011 05:00

Video: Sewing Perfect 1/4" Seams And Corners With The 1/4" Seam Foot O


109-perfect-qtr-inch-seams-videoHere's a surefire way to keep your seam allowance accurate.

The most important skill in quilting is being able to sew a consistent quarter inch seam allowance. No matter how accurate you are at cutting out your pieces, if your 1/4" is off just a little, your quilt top won't square up correctly.

Even worse, it's the kind of error that compounds with each additional square: If you're off by just 1/16" on each square, by the time you've sewn eight squares, your quilt is off by a full half inch.

But there's good news. Janome has a presser foot that's designed to give you a perfect 1/4" seam allowance every time. It's called the 1/4 inch Seam Foot O.

This seam foot has a little metal flange to the right of the needle along which you guide your fabric. To see this foot in action, watch 1/4" Seam Foot O Video: Perfect 1/4" Seams And Corners. In the video this foot is demonstrated on the Memory Craft 11000 sewing and embroidery machine.

The guide can also be used wherever a 1/4" seam is called for. It is especially helpful when the markings on the needle plate cannot be used, such as when completing a flat-felled seam.

There are a number of different versions of this foot, depending on your Janome sewing machine:

  • 1/4" Seam Foot O - The foot demonstrated in the video.
  • 1/4 Inch foot O (front loading machines)
  • 1/4 inch Seam Foot (1600P series)
  • 1/4 inch Seam Foot For AcuFeed
  • Read More About The 1/4" Seam Foot O

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    Monday, 21 March 2011 05:00

    DIY Dish Launches Their 3rd Season Today with a Joel Dewberry Feature


    138-dyidish-season3Season 3, Episode Number 1, featuring fabric designer Joel Dewberry starts today.

    The DIY Dish Web Show brings you the latest and greatest projects, reviews, and how-to’s with everything DIY.

    Today they begin their third season of "webisodes" with fabric designer Joel Dewberry. You'll see some of his creations and learn how to make his unique pin cushion.

    As a prolific designer, artist and craftsman, Joel is thrilled to express his passion for design on the medium of fabric. He has harmonized an eclectic mix of design elements into a cohesive collection that delivers a modern yet timeless style. Joel launched his own textiles brand, Joel Dewberry Eclectic Modern in May 2007.

    Hosts, Kim and Kris, love the creative process.  As you might guess, Kim and Kris are identical twin sisters! As former elementary school teachers (they even taught in the SAME 4th grade classroom for many years!), they have always enjoyed sharing and teaching. Kim and Kris use Janome sewing machines and sergers and Janome America is proud to be a sponsor the DIY Dish site and webisodes.

    Whether it be sewing, crafting, scrapbooking, quilting, embroidery,  family projects, and more, you’ll enjoy watching The DIY Dish and participating too!

    Go to DIY Dish

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    Friday, 18 March 2011 05:00

    Janome Tokyo Sends Thanks For Outpouring Of Support


    Photo Credit: Toshiharu Kato/Japanese Red Cross

    Janome Employees Are Safe And Janome Offices And Factories Undamaged

    As most of you know, Janome America's corporate headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan. We were all shocked to awake just days ago to the news of the earthquake and tsunami and to see the scenes of devastation from around the country. We wanted to let you know that everyone from the Janome Tokyo head office, the R&D Center and the factory are safe. There was no damage from the earthquake or tsunami to our home office or production facilities. Our employees also report their homes were not damaged. We are incredibly thankful for this news.


    The transportation and communication lines in Japan have not yet been fully restored. Our staff who rely on the train could not get to work earlier this week, but most of them made it in yesterday via alternate routes or modes of transportation. We feel immeasurably fortunate to have escaped the damage and to have ample inventory in stock in warehouses and factories around the world.


    Janome America stands ready to help. The Janome Group has donated considerably in the wake of other disasters; such as the Kobe earthquake in 1995, the September 11 Relief Fund in 2001, the tsunami that hit Thailand and 13 other countries in 2004, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and Haiti last year. We will do the same for the victims of this most recent tragedy. Janome Group has already pledged a significant amount of money to assist those affected.


    140-american-red-cross-logoFor those of you who want to help, we recommend donating to the Red Cross; they have set up a special fund: Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami. As news reports have indicated, the supplies, food and other items needed are vast, so a donation to a reputable organization such as the Red Cross would be most appropriate and can be used to purchase the most important items.  


    All of us here at Janome America, and especially all our colleagues in Japan, so appreciate the e-mails and telephone calls from friends, supporters and customers from all over the world. Please continue to keep all the Japanese citizens in your thoughts and prayers as they rebuild and restore. It is an honor to serve such compassionate and thoughtful customers. 

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