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Wednesday, 06 April 2011 05:00

What You Need To Know About Needles: Quality Construction


146-janome-needles-did-you-knowOunce for ounce, this is the most important piece of metal on your machine.

If you're sewing along at 600 stitches per minute (not even the fastest many of our Janome models can go), your needle is piercing the fabric TEN times per second. Each and every time, it must put your thread in exactly the right place at exactly the right time for every stitch.

It's no wonder a a worn needle can cause problems for your machine. You should always start each new project with a new needle. Even better, you should choose the brand of needle engineered for your machine.

Janome Needles: Specifically Designed For Your Machine

In our 150 years of making sewing machines, we've learned a thing or two about sewing needles. We make our own line of needles, which have been engineered to enable your Janome machine to produce the best quality stitches.

146-jano-needles-detailsWhy are Janome needles better? Here's the detailed answer:

Shank: The upper end of the needle which is inserted into the machine. Janome needles (except the industrial DB) all have a flat back shank to insure perfect positioning.

Shaft: The body of the needle below the shank. Janome needles have a precision-formed shaft, which varies in thickness depending on the number of the needle.

Front Groove: This groove, located on the front of the shaft, acts as the last thread guide before the thread goes through the eye of the needle.

Scarf: The short indentation above the eye of the needle. It allows the hook on your Janome bobbin case to get close to the eye of the needle so it can catch the thread loop and form the stitch. Janome's longer, deeper scarf helps eliminate skipped stitches.

Eye: The hole at the end of the needle through which the thread passes. Janome needles have especially smooth eye holes to keep thread feeding smoothly and to avoid snagging.

See all the different types of Janome Needles now available at your local Janome Dealer.

More About Janome Blue Tip Needles

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Tuesday, 05 April 2011 05:00

Video: Echo Quilting With The Convertible Even Feed Foot Set


124-echo-quilting-videoAdd a new dimension to your quilting. It's easy when you use the right foot.

Echo quilting is when you make repeating lines of stitching an equal distance apart. You can achieve this even spacing by measuring and marking your quilt square but an easier way is to use the Adjustable Quilting Guide on the Convertible Even Feed Foot Set.

The foot ensures that your layers of quilt and batting are feeding evenly through your machine while the guide ensures that each row of stitching is the same distance away from the last.

To set the distance between your rows of stitching, simply adjust the the guide either further out or closer to your needle.

Once you've seen the foot in action, it's easy to use. Watch Convertible Even Feed Foot Set (High Shank) Video: Echo Quilting

Echo quilting is just one of the things you can do with the Convertible Even Feed Foot Set. The foot, made for feeding thick layers of fabric evenly, has everything you need for trouble-free quilting. The foot set includes both open toe and closed toe attachments, a stitch-in-the-ditch guide, and an adjustable guide.

There are two versions of this foot set, one for high shank sewing machines like the Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition, and one for low shank Janome machines.

Watch The Echo Quilting Video

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Monday, 04 April 2011 05:00

Great Machines For A Great Cause: Pink Ribbon Series


144-pink-ribbon-seriesJanome is a proud to announce the Pink Ribbon series.

If you are a subscriber to our Janome eNews Newsletter, this exciting announcement also arrived in your email box this morning. Two brand new machines, which commemorate the cause of finding a cure for breast cancer, will be available this month at participating Janome America dealers.

Each machine has the power, precision and easy-to-use features you've come to expect on your favorite Janome sewing/quilting models. The MS5027PR is an all-around workhorse with 27 stitches, a one-step buttonhole and a built-in needle threader. The DC4030PR is a computerized model with 30 stitches; convenience buttons for needle up/down, lock stitch and start/stop; and six one-step™ buttonholes. Both models are beautifully designed and carry the Pink Ribbon logo.

And, the machines come with this amazing Ready To Quilt BONUS PACKAGE: Walking Foot, ¼" Seam Foot and Blanket Stitch capability.

See your Janome America dealer today for a full demonstration.

Learn More About the DC4030PR

Learn More About the MS5027PR

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Friday, 01 April 2011 05:00

Hemming Knits with a Twin Needle


00-generic-terrific-tipLooking to hem knits? Here's a special trick for using your sewing machine!

For a professional finish, the serger is the best machine to use for creating hems in knits and other fabrics. However, if you only have a regular sewing machine, there are ways around using a serger. Click the red box below to discover our trick for hemming knit fabrics with a twin needle and a conventional sewing machine.

Twin Needle Knit Hemming Technique

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Thursday, 31 March 2011 05:00

Why We Love The MC11000 Special Edition: The AcuGuide Automatic Cloth Guide


143-acuguide-cloth-guide-mc11kseThis exclusive Janome accessory makes hemming, rows of decorative stitches, and perfect 1/4" seams a breeze.

The Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition was designed to open up new possibilities in embroidery, sewing, and quilting.

One way the MC11000 Special Edition helps you make the most of your sewing time is when it automatically measures your seam allowances. Using an exclusive accessory called the AcuGuide™ Automatic Cloth Guide, the machine allows you to stitch precisely measured seams without rulers or markers.

You simply snap the AcuGuide onto the carriage arm of the embroidery mechanism. Then enter your desired seam allowance. The MC11000 Special Edition automatically moves the guide the correct distance to the right of the needle and you're ready to sew your seam.

Quilters love the AcuGuide™ for their 1/4" seams. But it's also wonderful for hemming or aligning rows of quilting or decorative stitching.

To see how easy it is to set up and use this accessory watch AcuGuide Cloth Guide Video: How To Automatically Measure A Seam.

More Reasons To Love The MC11000 Special Edition

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Wednesday, 30 March 2011 05:00

Serger Smarts: 4-Thread Flatlock


142-serger-smarts-4thread-flatlockA Great Decorative Effect - and Sturdy to Boot!

The Flatlock Stitch was first created to imitate a commercial cover stitch. This very functional stitch is sometimes called a Safety Stitch, because it is strong and very secure. A Janome serger that makes a variety of flatlock stitches is the 1110DX.

A little decorative thread can make this stitch a wonderful embellishment to any project. The 4-thread flatlock is certain to be secure, and as they say, “The more thread the merrier!”

Make the following adjustments to create a four-thread Flatlock stitch:

Left needle (Size 14) – 0 (zero tension)
Right Needle (Size 14) – 1
Upper Looper (with decorative thread) – 3
Lower Looper – (with regular serger thread) – 8
Stitch length – 2 – 3
Differential Feed – 1.0

Engage Stitch Finger for Standard Serging.
Note – adjust the lower looper tension slider to “RH”.

Read More About The Janome 1200D Serger

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Tuesday, 29 March 2011 05:00

Video: Sewing Sheer Fabrics With The Straight Stitch Needle Plate & Foot


110-straight-stitch-needle-platefoot-videoLightweight fabrics sew wonderfully, if you just give them a little extra support.

The Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition has an accessory called the Straight Stitch Needle Plate & Foot Set to help keep silky and sheer fabrics from moving up and down with the needle. Because you use this foot and plate only with a straight stitch in the center needle position, it can offer much more support around the fabric.

Specially made for this machine, the Straight Stitch Needle Plate has a smaller needle hole to better support lightweight fabric. The Straight Stitch Foot has a single needle hole and the bottom of the foot is completely flat to hold the fabric firmly against the feed dogs.

To use this set, you need to remove your machine's regular needle plate, which is held in by two screws. To see how do do this for the MC 11000 Special Edition, watch Straight Stitch Needle Plate & Foot Video: Sewing Sheer Fabrics.

More About The Straight Stitch Needle Plate & Foot

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Monday, 28 March 2011 05:00

Janome Heritage: Sewing & Serging With The Combi


141-combi-dx-janome-heritageIt's a sewing machine. No, wait, it's a serger.

Back in the early 1980s clock radios were all the rage. You could have a clock that played the radio as an alarm. Or was it a radio that could tell time?

At about that time, Janome released a sewing machine with an equally useful combination. It was called the New Home Combi. On one side it was a sewing machine. On the other side it was a serger.

The sewing machine had basic stitches including a buttonhole and a blind hem. The serger had two needles and would do a variety of overlock stitches, including a two thread flat lock.

If you were using the sewing machine side and wanted to do some stitching on the serger, you didn't have to get up and move. You could just pull a lever and the Combi would rotate on its stand, swinging the serger side around to the work position. Push the lever back in and you were ready to go.

We produced a number of Combi models throughout the 1980s, including the DX 502 shown in the illustration.

Today, sewists still find it handy to have basic serging functions incorporated into a sewing machine.

The Jem Gold Plus features the Light Serging System (LSS) which lets you trim, sew, and finish seams in one easy step. No need for an additional serger to professionally finish your garments and home dec projects, the Jem Gold Plus makes it easy to complete your sewing projects on one versatile machine.

Read More About The Jem Gold Plus

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Friday, 25 March 2011 05:00

Free Bonus Design from the Authors of Thread & Bobbin: Pretty Purple Quilt


137-purple-quilt-bonus-designMake This Easy Yet Striking Lap Quilt 

If you read our pages regularly, you know we love, Thread & Bobbin by Kaitlin Witte and Alison Newman. It's a user-friendly book filled with 21 fun projects. Detailed instructions and lots of diagrams make the sewing novice comfortable, while a comphrehensive glossary and a technique section build confidence and skills. 

The authors have teamed up to bring us another free bonus project! This quick and easy quilt project features a large focal fabric as a center medallion, and coordinating striped blocks make a unique frame. It's easy to finish in a weekend.

Be sure to pick up the book at your local Janome dealer for more simple and unique project ideas.

Make the Quilt

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Thursday, 24 March 2011 05:00

New Bright & Beautiful Project Series from Sew4Home: Gypsy Romance



Pick up your tambourine and put on your golden hoop earrings; it's time for brilliant colors, lavish designs and sparkling embellishments.

Janome is proud to sponsor the very creative folks at Sew4Home. We are always so excited to see, and tell you about, their latest projects so you can create them for yourselves. Right now they are featuring a wonderful series called Gypsy Romance created from Pillow & Maxfield's wonderful Gypsy Bandana fabric collection for Michael Miller Fabrics.

There a seven vibrant projects: three home décor options and four fun wearable items. Take a look at the already posted Pom Pom Throw3-D Triangle Pillows, Panel Curtains, Beaded Headscarf and Wrap Belt. And, coming soon: a three-tiered skirt, shoulder bag and pom pom garland.

These projects can be completed with any Janome sewing machine. But if you're looking for a recommendation, Sew4Home suggests the MC7700 Horizon, DC5100 and 3160QDC sewing machines.

Sew4Home exclusively uses Janome machines in their studios!

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