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Wednesday, 06 July 2011 05:00

Video: Sewing On Two-Hole Buttons With The Button Sewing Foot


201-sew-two-hole-button-sewing-foot-videoAre you still sewing on buttons by hand? There's an easier way.

The Button Sewing Foot makes sewing on two-hole buttons fast and easy. And it works with all Janome sewing machines.

Setting Up The Foot

To attach the foot, slide the bar onto the back of the presser foot holder and then lower it to snap the foot into place.

Some Janome machines have a button sew-on feature, which will automatically lower the feed dogs. Or you can use a zigzag stitch but be sure to the lower feed dogs manually.

Using The Foot

  1. Set your button under the foot and lower it in place. The rubber extensions will hold you button while it is being sewn on.
  2. Position the button so that the needle goes into the middle of the left hole. To check this, use the handwheel on the machine to lower the needle.
  3. Now for the right hole. Continue turning the handwheel until the needle goes up and comes down in the right hole. Adjust the width of your stitch so that the needle comes down in the center of the hole.
  4. When you're ready, stitch the button.


To see this demonstrated watch Button Sewing Foot Video: Sewing On Two-Hole Buttons. In this clip the Button Sewing Foot is shown on the Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition, which ties the button off automatically.

With the Button Sewing Foot you can do more than just sew buttons. It can also attach snaps, hooks and eyes, and even couch bows in place.

Watch Sewing Two-Hole Button Video

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Tuesday, 05 July 2011 05:00

Christmas in July Starts Today: It's Time To Sew & Save


215-xmas-in-july-launchVisit your participating Janome America dealer to take advantage of 11 hot deals for sewing, serging and embroidering.

From today through July 31, 2011, you can find more reasons than ever to jump start your sewing for the holidays and beyond!

We've come up with eleven gift with purchase packages that have something for everyone: free specialty hoop with the MB-4, a free quilting package with the Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition, four free embroidery cards with the MC9700 sewing and embroidery model, sergers with free thread bundles, entry-level machines with a free sewing projects book.

Check them all out today, before they melt away with the summer sun.

Find Out More About Christmas in July

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Monday, 04 July 2011 05:00

Happy 4th Of July From Janome America


214-4th-of-julyWe hope you're out celebrating our independence.

It was actually on July 2nd, 1776 that the Continental Congress voted independence from Great Britain. And it took them only two days of deliberation to come up with the final draft of the Declaration of Independence and sign it. 

Every year since, the 4th of July has been celebrated by Americans with picnics, family gatherings, speeches, baseball games, and big fireworks displays. 

Founding Father, John Adams hoped the holiday would be “the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance. … It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more.”

Here's a description of U.S. Independence Day from our official State Department website.

And here's a  free "United We Stand" American Flag embroidery design.

Have a great 4th. And be sure to remember the men and women stationed overseas who are fighting to keep our country free.

Read More About The 4th Of July

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Friday, 01 July 2011 05:00

Janome Poll: What Technique Would You Most Like To Learn?


213-what-technique-pollWe'd love to know what you've set as your next learning goal.

The great thing about sewing and quilting is that you can always learn something new. Or learn how to do something using a better method.

Whatever your sewing level, we'd like to know what you hope to learn next. Not only will the results be interesting to other members of the Janome sewing community, but it'll help us know how to better serve our web visitors.

Follow the link below to vote in the poll. It'll take just a few seconds.

Then check back next week to see the results.

Click Here To Vote In The Poll

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Thursday, 30 June 2011 05:00

Key Catcher Project Features Your Favorite Snapshot


212-key-catcher-projectMake this darling little fabric bowl to collect keys, earrings, coins and more.

Any Janome sewing machine and just a few scraps of fabric are all you need for this fast and fun project. You use a empty tuna can as the base and encase your favorite photo between layers of cardboard, felt and vinyl. This is a wonderful project for kids since it's super easy to make and they get to pick out their own photo... or even draw a special picture. What a delightful present for grandparents, teachers and others.  

Go To The Key Catcher Project

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Wednesday, 29 June 2011 05:00

Janome Heritage: Round Bobbin Rotary Sewing Machine Model NLB


211-janome-heritage-model-nlbThis might have been your grandma's "dream machine" back in the 1930s.

The Round Bobbin Rotary Sewing Machine Model NLB was a flat bed machine designed to fit into a small cabinet. It featured a straight stitch with reverse, a rotary hook and a round bobbin. Other features included a bobbin winder, thread cutter, a sewing light and a foot or knee control.


The heart of the machine was a Westinghouse electric motor, which could run on AC or DC power.


You could purchase a number of accessories for the NLB, including various hemming and binding feet, a quilting foot with guide, a cloth guide and a braider foot and plate set. It's amazing to see how many different kinds of projects you could sew with just one stitch.


The NLB was manufactured in Rockford, Illinois just after our company moved from Massachusetts and New York. Even though it was made from "light weight metal," it didn't feature a carrying handle. Moving it meant getting a couple of gentlemen to help. Back then you weren't expected to take your sewing machine with you to class.


More than 70 years later, you can still find NLB machines that are sewing! All-metal gearing really makes a difference.


Today, we still make sturdy, metal body machines with solid performance. The new HD3000 is one example; it features a sturdy metal body, 19 stitches, lots of convenience features, and at less than 19 lbs., you can pick it up yourself.

More About The HD3000

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Tuesday, 28 June 2011 05:00

Video: Decorative Stitches On Ribbon With The Ribbon Sewing Guide


199-decorative-stitches-ribbon-sewing-guide-videoOnce you start embellishing ribbons, you'll be hooked.

Decorative stitching and lettering really look great on ribbons. And when you have the right accessory, it's easy to do.

The Ribbon Sewing Guide allows you to sew beautiful decorative stitches onto ribbon without having to attach it to fabric.

This accessory comes with different attachment screws and rubber padding, so it fits a variety of Janome models. Be sure to check the instructions on the back of the package to see which attachment screw and rubber pad will work with your machine. Or even better, just ask your friendly Janome Dealer for help.

Installing And Using The Ribbon Sewing Guide

  1. Place the rubber pad over the screw hole on your needle plate. Set the Ribbon Sewing Guide in place. Insert the screw through the hole and tighten.
  2. Loosen the two white screws to open the guide to the width of your ribbon – up to one inch.
  3. Slide back the Ribbon Holder and place your ribbon under the foot, then slide it back in place. Adjust the two guides so they're just touching the sides of the ribbon and tighten the screws.
  4. Take a piece of stabilizer and slide it under the ribbon guide and the presser foot.
  5. Select any decorative stitch and start sewing.


To see a brief video demonstration of this watch Ribbon Sewing Guide Video: Decorative Stitching On Ribbon

All Janome sewing machines that have an attachment hole on or near the needle plate can use the Ribbon Sewing Guide. But it does not fit machines without an attachment hole, such as the Memory Craft 10001 or 10000. Find out more about compatibility.

Watch The Ribbon Sewing Guide Video

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Monday, 27 June 2011 05:00

Great Rainy Day Project To Do With The Kids: Dime Store Dollie


210-dime-store-dollie-projectNot every summer day is a sunny day. Make this cute craft project to while away a drizzly day.

Janome's own Maddy Bushman comes up with the cutest craft ideas! Her little Dime Store Dollie is just perfect when you're looking for a fast and fun project to do with the kids. A small can of tomato paste provides the base for the body and everyone can pitch in to help design the look of Dollie's outfit and a unique expression for her happy round face. Or have each person create his/her own customized Dollie then line them all up on a shelf to keep watch over the kitchen... at least until the next time you make spaghetti sauce!  

This is a great excuse to dive into your stash basket for pretty bits of fabric and trims. Dollie can be completed on any Janome machine, although we do recommend using your Janome Quarter Inch Seam foot "O" if you have one to make the seaming faster and easier... and straighter. 

Go To The Dime Store Dolly Project

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Friday, 24 June 2011 05:00

It's A Towel! No, It's A Bag! Wait... You're Both Right!!


209-towel-bag-projectTurn an ordinary towel in a perfect beach tote! 

When you're headed to the beach or a pool party, you want to travel light. It doesn't get much lighter than this!

This clever bag is made out of a towel. There's a pocket inside for stowing the necessities, and the tote itself folds out to reveal a towel. You can even use it as a pillow for lying in the grass at a nearby park.

Best of all, you can whip the whole thing together in about an hour! And you can make it using any Janome sewing machine.

It's the perfect recipe for summer: A little bit of accomplishment, to make way for a lot of relaxing. Enjoy!

Make The Towel Bag Today!

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Thursday, 23 June 2011 05:00

Introducing The New JNH720



Celebrate Janome Heritage with this great, tote-able sewing machine!

Last year, Janome America celebrated its 150th anniversary. We spent a year commemorating our amazing legacy in the United States. And during that year, we realized how many people are truly proud to be a part of the Janome family.

Many of you may know that Janome America started as the New Home Sewing Machine Company in Orange, MA in 1860, and became a part of the Janome brand in 1960 (read the full story here).  

The new Janome New Home 720 celebrates this rich heritage of dedication to manufacturing quality sewing machines. This ¾ size machine is perfect for toting to classes and guild meetings (so you can show off your machine – and your love of Janome!)

You’ll find 20 stitches, including options for decorative, utility, and 2 one-step buttonholes. Easy convenience buttons are located right on the front of the machine for quick access, and provide memorized needle up/down, start/stop, easy reverse, and an autolock function. The machine even includes a hard cover for easy storage and transport.

Stop in at your Local Janome Dealer to take one for a test drive today!

Learn More About The JNH720

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