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Wednesday, 05 October 2011 05:00

Sewn With Love: Claire Webster's Personalized Pillowcases


283-swl-claire-webster-personalized-pillowcaseThis project was a wonderful combination of her love for sewing and her love for your neice.

Claire Webster lives and sews across the pond in Chesterfield, England. She says that she recently got the sewing machine of her dreams, the Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition. And it gave her the chance to make a very special project for her eight year old niece Natalie. 

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Tuesday, 04 October 2011 05:00

Video: Placing Embroidery With No Template On The Clothsetter Table 11000


271-placing-embroidery-no-template-clothsetter-table-11000You don't need a printed template to place your embroidery designs with precision.

Your Memory Craft 11000 sewing, quilting and embroidery machine has extremely precise embroidery stitching. The Clothsetter Table 11000 lets you PLACE your embroidery designs with that same level of precision.

For some design layouts, you'll want to use printed templates to help you with positioning. But for more simple layouts you don't have to. And you can still enjoy the accurate placement of the Clothsetter Table 11000. 

Before you do any embroidery with your Clothsetter Table, be sure it's calibrated. See the calibration video for easy instructions.

Using The Clothsetter Table 11000 Without A Template

  1. On your Memory Craft 11000 choose the embroidery design you'd like to stitch out. Choose the appropriate size hoop. We recommend choosing the smallest that will fit your project.
  2. Decide where on your project you would like your embroidery design placed. Using a fabric marker and a ruler, draw a cross at the center of your design, making an arrow mark at the top.
  3. Next, attach the embroidery hoop to the Clothsetter Table. Be sure to loosen the screw on the outer hoop and remove the inner hoop.
  4. Set a sheet of stabilizer on the hoop followed by your project.
  5. Lower the arm and move your project so the mark on your fabric aligns with the cross-hairs. The arrow on your mark should be pointing in the same direction as the arrow on the cross-hairs.
  6. Lift the arm and set the inner hoop in place. As you push it down be sure the markings don't move.
  7. Tighten the screw to hold your project in place.
  8. Now remove the whole hoop from the Clothsetter Table and attach it to your Memory Craft 11000.
  9. To ensure that it's exactly in place, you can use the handwheel to lower the needle.
  10. Press Start to begin embroidery stitching, following the machine's directions for changing thread color.

Once embroidery is complete you can remove the markings and excess stabilizer according to directions.

To see this technique demonstrated, watch Clothsetter Table 11000 Video: Embroidery Placement With No Template.

Watch Embroidery Placement With No Template

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Monday, 03 October 2011 05:00

The Horizon MC12000 Has Arrived In Dealers' Stores!


284-first-reactions-to-the-new-machine-videoSee The Video: First Reactions To The New Machine

Last Saturday thousands of you got a first look at and "test drive" on the Horizon Memory Craft 12000.

There were arrival parties at Janome Dealers all across the country and we've already been hearing some great stories.

One of those parties was out west in Eugene, Oregon at Paramount Sewing & Vacuum. Owner Karen Burdick had customers drive significant distances just to try the MC12000 for themselves.

Watch the video to see see their first reactions. (Hint: nobody was disappointed.)

Then find your nearest Horizon Memory Craft 12000 certified Janome Dealer and do your own test run.

Watch The MC12000 Day Video

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Friday, 30 September 2011 05:00

Check It Out: Halloween Hostess Apron at Sew4Home


274-s4h-halloween-hostess-apronGhoulishly gauzy... creepy yet cute!

Our friends at Sew4Home have posted an adorable retro hostess half-apron just in time for Halloween parties. A blend of crisp cotton and frothy organza, this project is a great one to practice your narrow hems and sheer fabric stitching. It features The Ghastlies, a spectacularly spooky print from Alexander Henry Fabrics. 

Remember, switching to a straight stitch needle plate or using the Automatic Plate Convertor features on models like the Horizon 7700QCP or the Memory Craft 5200 helps keep tricky, lightweight fabrics, like organza, stay flat and smooth. 

Go To The S4H Halloween Apron

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Thursday, 29 September 2011 05:00

Horizon Memory Craft 12000: Have You Checked With Your Certified Janome Dealer?


273-mc12000-machines-arrive-oct1See the new machine in person this Saturday. At certified dealers only.

This Saturday, October 1st, you are finally going to get the chance to see the new Horizon Memory Craft 12000 in person--and give it a try.

Just make sure your dealer will have the machine in his or her store.

Only Janone Dealers who have been certified on the new MC12000 will have them on Saturday. If you've received a postcard or email from your dealer telling you they will have the machine, you'll be fine. The majority of dealers have gone throught the necessary training to be able to demonstrate all the features on the machine and answer your questions.

But if you haven't heard from your dealer, find them on our Dealer Locator and see if they have the Horizon Memory Craft 12000 certification banner next to their store name.

Then you might want to call or email them to find out what time they'll be revealing the new machine.

If you don't have a favorite Janome Dealer who's certified on the MC12000, you can find the closest one on our Dealer Locator

Go To The Janome Dealer Locator

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Wednesday, 28 September 2011 05:00

Janome Poll Results: How Do You Feel About Sergers?


272-sergers-poll-resultsSome people are afraid of them. Some can't live without them.

Sewists can have strong feelings about sergers. Last week we asked you to tell us how you feel about them. We got votes on a range of answers from "I have one" to "I'm scared of sergers."

Two possible answers got no votes at all: "I don't need one because I have a coverstitch machine" and "I don't like sergers and will never get one." In the past few years sergers have gotten much easier to thread and to keep running with the proper tension. So there's really no need to dislike them.

Janome has a complete line of sergers, from value-priced to professional grade.

See The Serger Poll Results

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Tuesday, 27 September 2011 05:00

Video: Sewing On Beads With The Narrow Base Zipper Foot


261-sewing-on-beads-narrow-base-zipper-foot-videoThis foot allows you to get in close enough to attach various decorative accents.

The Narrow Base Zipper Foot (also called Zipper Foot - Narrow Base) can be moved from side to side. It allows you to get in close to sew on zippers, thick cording, and beads that are attached to a ribbon. 

Sewing On Beads Attached To A Ribbon

  1. Attach the Narrow Base Zipper Foot to your machine. Loosen the screw on the right and slide the foot to the right of the needle.
  2. Sew along close to the edge of the ribbon and your stitching won't show.

To see this demonstrated, watch Zipper Foot - Narrow Base (High Shank) Video: Sewing On Beads.

The Narrow Base Zipper Foot shown in the video is for high shank sewing machines. There's also a Narrow Base Zipper Foot for low shank machines. Your Janome Dealer has both kinds and will help you make sure you have the right one for your machine.

Watch The Video On Attaching Beads

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Monday, 26 September 2011 05:00

Fabric Trends For Fall 2011: What Are They Predicting?


270-fall-2011-fabric-trendsThese are the kinds of materials showing up on the runways.

A little while ago we linked to predictions of what Fall's big color trends will be. Today, we're looking at predictions for fabric. With our shortened fashion cycles, it won't be long before (some) runway trends are showing up in the pattern catalogs.

BecomeGorgeous.com has a report on what fashion designers are showing. We've paired each kind of fabric with the presser foot or other accessory you'll need to sew them.

Shearling (sheepskin that's been recently shorn)
Quote: "This is probably the hottest must-have fabric trend of the season."
Sewing Tip: Use a Leather Needle and sturdy upholstery thread.

Fur (often faux)
Quote: "Furry footwear, furry skirts and pants, and even a head-to-toe furry outfit, Yeti-style, could be seen at the Chanel runway show."
Sewing Tip: Use a Universal Needle and standard foot.

Quote: "This season, knits could be seen in so many runway shows . . ."
Sewing Tip: Use a coverstitch machine or a serger.

Quote: "Rich velvet made a strong comeback for fall/winter 2010-2011."
Sewing Tip: Use the Roller Foot. Watch the video on how to use it on velvet.

Quote: "Lace is the feminine element that sweetens any outfit . . ."
Sewing Tip: On your 1200D serger use your Cover Hem Foot with the Lace Attachment Guide.

See The Fabric Predictions

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Friday, 23 September 2011 05:00

Checking In With The Janome Gals + A Couple New Charitable Sewing Ideas


269-sewinggood-charitable-sewing-ideasIf you're able to sew for others, your help is needed by a number of organizations.

There's a lot of charitable sewing that happens outside of a non-profit organization. Often, a sewist hears someone else needs clothing or a quilt and just makes it for them. That's how it worked when our Janome Gals sewed the new nursery for the foster family. (See Jami, Debbie, and Kathy's latests posts on the experience, including how they used the new Horizon MC12000.)

But for an ongoing need, or if you're going to distribute the sewn items to a lot of people, you need the structure and follow-through of an organization.

The SewingGood blog has been bringing attention to both kinds of sewing for others. Below are some recent stories of creativity being used for compassion.

If you want to help, be sure to visit their page of organizations who could use your help right now.

Recent Sewing Good Stories

-Victoria Findlay Wolfe is a professional quilter trying to collect 700 quilts for displaced families in New York.
Read her story.

-A group of Sacramento sewists is working with an organization to make dresses to protect little girls in third world countries.
Read their story

-Sew Much Comfort has been providing custom custom-made adaptive clothing at no cost, to injured service members from all branches of the military.
Read their story.

-A doctor's wife makes baby items for her husband's patients who have conquered drug addiction.
Read her story

Visit SewingGood.com

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Thursday, 22 September 2011 05:00

Janome Poll: Sergers--Have One, Want One, or Scared of That!?


268-sergers-pollHow do you REALLY feel about sergers? Cast your vote in our poll.

A serger is a machine that sews an overlocking stitch, using loopers instead of a bobbin to form the stitch. In 1881, the Merrow Machine Company invented the first machine that could do an overlock.

The modern serger (still called an "overlocker" in much of a world) combines various overlocking stitches with the ability trim the edge of the fabric at the same time. You can sew a seam, trim the fabric, and finish the raw edge in one step. When using knit fabrics, you are able to construct items such as garments very quickly and with a professional-looking finish. Your Janome Dealer has a variety of sergers, from the economical Magnolia 7034D to the advanced 12000D.  

Some sewists couldn't live without their serger. But others, because of its multiple needles, loopers and tension adjustments, think a serger is too complex for them. 

Here at Janome America, we love sergers, and think it's time for more information about them. But what about you? Let us know how you feel about sergers by voting in our Janome Poll. We'll post the results of the poll next week. Plus, your feedback will help us decide what type of serger tips, techniques and detailed information would be helpful to you. 

Go To Our Serger Poll

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