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Wednesday, 23 November 2011 05:00

New Lessons Online For The Horizon Memory Craft 12000



Short and sweet, these new lessons on machine features are easy to review and implement.

There are so many great new things on the Horizon Memory Craft 12000, and the machine's manual is packed with the information you need, but... sometimes it's nice to have our Janome Education experts give you the scoop on the quick and easy steps to success. We've just put new lessons online for Quiet Mode, Twin Needle Mode, Free Motion Sewing, Presser Foot Pressure, Setting the Sensitivity of the Remaining Bobbin Thread, and Adjusting the Auto Tension. You get easy, 1-2-3 directions along with helpful touchscreen images.  

MC12000 Lessons Online

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Monday, 21 November 2011 05:00

Memory Craft Horizon 12000 Video: On The Road at a Janome Trunk Show


312-mc12k-on-the-road-at-a-janome-trunk-show-videoGet an in-depth tutorial on the new machine in an informal, small group setting.

A couple of weeks back we posted some project images from a Trunk Show presented by Janome Educator Katie Vardijan. She's been visiting Janome Dealers  in the western U.S. and been giving complete demonstrations of the Horizon Memory Craft 12000.

These presentations are set up so you can ask questions and get a close look at samples made by the Educator who's giving the demonstration. The size of the group is limited so everybody has a chance to ask questions.

For her shows Katie has brought along some beautiful garments, a wonderful assortment of pillows, and some samples of the amazing lace capabilities of the Memory Craft 12000. We got some video of her talking about the machine and how she used it to make her samples. Watch it on the Memory Craft 12000 Video page.

Like many of our Educators, Katie has a passion for sewing and is often working on cutting edge projects of her own. She has become something of an expert in making late 19th century costumes and hats. You can see samples of her work on her blog All Things Vintage Rouge.

 Check with your local, certified Janome Dealer to see if there's a Trunk Show being scheduled for your area.

Watch Katie's Trunk Show Video

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Tuesday, 22 November 2011 05:00

Video: Creating Rolled Hems With The Rotary Even Foot


281-creating-rolled-hems-with-the-rotary-even-foot-videoThis foot lets you fold and stitch your hem in one easy step.

The Rotary Even Foot™ is a "tractor foot" which pulls the top of your fabric in perfect sync with the feed dogs. This extra grip is especially useful when you're pulling fabric through a Rolled Hem guide to make a rolled hem. 

The Rotary Even Foot™ has attachments for three sizes of rolled hems:  1/2", 3/4" and 1". Each one of these uses the same technique and allows you to make a hem in one easy step.

Making A Rolled Hem With The Rotary Even Foot™

  1. Before putting the foot on your machine, you'll need to install one of the Rolled Hem guides:  loosen and remove the screw on on the Rotary Foot, slide the attachment into place and tighten the screw.
  2. Snap the foot onto your machine.
  3. Cut about 3/8" off the corner of your fabric.
  4. Start rolling your fabric and feed it into the guide so it goes under the tractor feed.
  5. Choose a straight stitch.
  6. As you sew, hold your fabric up a little to help feed the roll through the foot.

You end up with an evenly done rolled hem.

To see this demonstrated watch Rotary Even Foot Video: Creating Rolled Hems.

The Rotary Even Foot™ does lots more than rolled hems. It comes with five attachments for various techniques from blind hemming to attaching bias binding.

When you use it without its attachments, the foot is effective for preventing stretchy fabrics, jersey and knitted fabrics and hard to feed materials, like leather or vinyl from slipping or puckering. The foot also allows left-right tilt and its caterpillars independently grip the fabric for perfect feeding along areas where there is a height difference between the left and right sides of the needle especially when hemming thicker fabrics.

The Rotary Even Foot™ fits all Janome sewing machines and is available at your local Janome Dealer.

Watch Creating A Rolled Hem With The Rotary Even Foot™

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Friday, 18 November 2011 05:00

Sewn With Love: Theresa Morrison's Graduate Student Quilt


310-swl-theresa-morrisons-graduate-student-quiltA quilt to commemorate a "daughter" earning her PhD.

Theresa Morrison works in the Marketing Department at Texas A&M University. When a co-worker, who's very special to her, earned her doctorate at the school, Theresa used her Memory Craft 4800 QC to make a lap quilt. 

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Thursday, 17 November 2011 05:00

Janome Heritage: The Janome 605


311-janome-heritage-the-janome-605This machine gave you dozens of decorative stitches before computerization.

Way before web cams and traffic cams there were sewing machine cams. These round devices were what allowed mechanical sewing machines to sew some pretty advanced decorative stitches.

The Janome Model 605 was first released in 1956. It could use 24 different cams to create complex decorative stitches. (A cam is a small, round metal pattern.) You could do a simple zigzag up to a running leaf pattern. You changed the look of the stitch by adjusting its width and length or putting in a twin needle.

To set up a stitch you chose the appropriate cam and set it in the compartment on the top of the machine. Then you went to your sewing manual to find the "recipe" for setting up your stitch. And finally, you did plenty of test stitching before sewing the decorative stitch on your project. (Test sewing on a scrap is still a good idea.)

The Model 605 had other "advanced" features we take for granted today: like a quick switch needle plate for zigzag or straight stitch, a chain stitch, blind hem stitch, a cloth guide, and even free motion embroidery. Available feet included a button sewing foot, yarn application foot, fringe foot,  applique foot, and many others we still use today.

In the 1950s and 60s, before computerization, it took many more steps to set up your machine for a zigzag stitch or to do a simple buttonhole. But it was a major improvement over the machines of the 1930s and 40s, which were limited to straight stitches.

Today, for advanced decorative stitching, Janome customers prefer the Horizon Memory Craft 7700QCP. Computerization, technological refinements, and the display screen have made every step of sewing and quilting much easier. And no cams to keep track of.

Find out more about the Horizon 7700

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Wednesday, 16 November 2011 05:00

The Holiday Project Pack o' the Month: A Free Gift Jan - June 2012


308-project-pack-o-the-monthA great deal on a great machine PLUS a gift every month for six months.

Imagine this: each month a surprise package arrives at your dealer's store with your name on it. Inside a Project Pack awaits you: an optional foot or another interesting accessory, pretty fabric, and a fun project that gives you a creative way to try out that foot/accessory and fabric right away. Our 2011 Janome Holiday Project Pack o' the Month is the gift that really does keep giving.

Visit our Holiday Promotion website to find out all the details, including the eight qualifying machines. Your local participating Janome America dealer also has all the details, and a pretty Gift Card you can include if you'd like to give the Project Pack o' the Month as a gift. 

Find Out More About The Project Pack o' the Month

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Tuesday, 15 November 2011 05:00

Video: Getting An Even 1/4" Seam On High Loft Batting With The Even Feed Foot (Walking Foot)


280-getting-an-even-quarter-inch-seam-on-high-loft-batting-with-the-even-feed-foot-videoThis is the perfect technique (and foot) for edging a quilt.

A nice, accurate 1/4" seam is essential when piecing your quilt. But you can also get this same accuracy when stitching through layers of fabric and batting. You just have to use the right foot.

The Even Feed Foot, also called the Walking Foot, has special feed dogs which move multiple layers of fabric in perfect sync. But it's also designed to give you a perfect 1/4" seam allowance when you line up your fabric with the edge of the foot.

This foot has other useful applications, including topstitching in areas where the bulk of the seam allowance can make your stitches uneven, such as around a collar.

Using The Even Feed Foot To Get a 1/4" Seam Allowance With High Loft Batting

  1. To install the foot, you must first remove the foot and ankle of the All-Purpose foot.
  2. As you put the Even Feed Foot on your machine, be sure the bar goes above the needle screw.
  3. Tighten the foot screw to ensure it is properly seated on the machine.
  4. Choose a straight stitch. 
  5. Adjust the needle position to 7.0, which makes it go all the way over to the right.
  6. As you sew, keep your fabric even with the right edge of the foot. And you'll get a beautiful 1/4" seam.

To see this demonstrated, watch Even Feed Foot (Walking Foot) Video: Easy 1/4 Inch Seam Allowance With High Loft Batting.

The Even Feed Foot comes in several models, depending on which kind of sewing machine you have. Even Feed Foot For Embroidery Machines, Even Feed Foot For Low Shank Top Loading Models, and Even Feed Foot For Front Loading Machines.

Your local Janome Dealer will be happy to help you get the right one for your machine.    

Watch How To Get A 1/4" Seam With High Loft Batting

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Monday, 14 November 2011 05:00

Sewing With Faux Fur & Faux Leather at Sew4Home


307-s4h-sewing-with-faux-fur-faux-leatherThe season's most popular fabric trends are easier to sew with than you might think.

You see it simply everywhere this year: faux fur on everything from coats to gloves to boots. And, faux leather has become so realistic, it's hard to tell when products aren't genuine.

Our creative friends at Sew4Home, where Janome America is a major sponsor, have put together two great tutorials on how to work with these specialty fabrics.

It takes just a few marking, cutting and pinning techniques plus a few specialty accessories, like our Ultra Glide foot or our Roller foot to smoothly topstitch on the faux leathers. The power and precision of a Janome sewing machine makes working with even the trickiest fabrics easier and more fun!

Stock up on these popular fabric trends, turn on your Janome, and try one of the beautiful Sew4Home projects today: a fur throw and pillow, fur scarf and matching gloves and a super-cute faux leather handbag

Sewing with Faux Fur at Sew4Home

Sewing with Faux Leather at Sew4Home

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Friday, 11 November 2011 05:00

The Horizon Memory Craft 12000: Comparison Chart Now Online


304-mc12k-comparison-chart-now-onlineLook at the Horizon Memory Craft 12000 and the Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition Side by Side

Find out how these two great models compare in terms of general, sewing and embroidery functions. Where are they similar? What are the biggest differences? We show you 48 different points of comparison, from the number of stitches, to the type of lighting to the size of the embroidery field... and 45 other items in between. 

Take a look, and then browse through all the other pages of information on the new top-of-the-line Horizon Memory Craft 12000

Comparison Chart

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Thursday, 10 November 2011 05:00

Introducing the 990D Serger


306-990d-serger-newEasy to use, fast, and so pretty!

Beautifully finished seams, professional results, amazing decorative effects - take the next step in your sewing and add a serger to your sewing room. The 990D is the perfect first serger, with easy to use features and a wonderfully affordable price. Color Coded Thread Guides make threading a breeze and the Quick Change Rolled Hem easily converts between functions. Unlike the industrial design of so many sergers, the Janome cherry blossom design is so pretty!

Find out More

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