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Wednesday, 07 December 2011 05:00

Horizon Memory Craft 12000 Software Update Available Online


326-mc12k-software-update-available-onlineThe update is free and quick to download.

If you are the excited owner of one of the new Horizon Memory Craft 12000 machines, take note! Our parent company, Janome Sewing Machine Co. Ltd of Tokyo, Japan, and their amazing team of engineers, are always striving to continue improving Janome products, sometimes even after they’ve been released. Most recently, they’ve provided a minor update for the Horizon MC12000.

You can find Version 1.01 in the Software Updates section of our website; it’s FREE!

Get The MC12000 Update

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Tuesday, 06 December 2011 05:00

Video: Using The Open Toe Attachment On The Convertible Free Motion Quilt Foot Set


320-open-toe-attachment-free-motion-quilt-foot-set-videoGet extra visibility while you do free motion quilting.

The Convertible Free Motion Quilt Foot Set uses a spring-loaded "hopping" motion as it stitches. But it makes for smooth movement when you're free motion quilting on your Janome sewing machine.

Also called the Free Motion Quilt Foot Set, Convertible, it consists of a holder that uses three different free motion feet to give you the best results on various kinds of fabric:

  • Closed Toe Foot for general use with lace and catchable fabrics.
  • Open Toe Foot for general use and extra visibility.
  • Clear View Foot for uneven surfaces and evenly spaced quilting.

Today we're highlighting the Open Toe Foot, which gives you an unobstructed view of the needle. This is useful when you're free motion quilting following the pattern on your fabric.

Using The Open Toe Attachment On The Convertible Free Motion Quilt Foot Set

  1. To install the Open Toe attachment on the foot, loosen the screw on the back of the foot, slide off one attachment and slide on another. Then re-tighten the screw.
  2. To install the foot on your machine, loosen the presser foot screw and remove the existing foot and ankle.
  3. Attach the Free Motion Quilt foot to the machine and tighten the screw.
  4. Lower the feed dog. Choose a straight stitch and begin sewing, moving the fabric to create your design.

To see this demonstrated watch Free Motion Quilt Foot Set Video: Using The Open Toe Attachment.

The High Shank version of the foot was used for the video demonstration. If you have a low shank machine, you can use  the Convertible Free Motion Quilt Foot Set (Low Shank). Your Janome Dealer will make sure you have the right one for your machine.

Watch How To Use The Open Toe Attachment For FMQ

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Monday, 05 December 2011 05:00

New Horizon Memory Craft 12000 Project: Elegant Embroidered Chair Tabards


325-mc12k-project-elegant-embroidered-chair-tabardsA 'tabard' or chair back cover is a great way to add decorative flair in your dining room.

One of the largest decorative spaces in your dining room is the chair backs. Adding a beautiful tabard is a great way to extend your design flair beyond the table linens. Chair covers are quite common for special events, such as weddings, but their construction is actually quite simple – much like a table runner – so why not make them for any important get together?!

Our tabards were created on the new Horizon Memory Craft 12000 and take advantage of the large bed space and increased embroidery field. We show you how to edit an embroidery design in the new Horizon Link software and send it to be quickly stitched out on the MC12000. We also show you how to measure your chair and create the pretty point.

We alternated the fabric colors of our tabards in ivory and celery, but kept our embroidery thread colors the same. This gives your table setting a lovely coordinated feel with just the right touch of contrast to add interest. You can see more projects that use the new Horizon Memory Craft 12000 on the machine's special website

Go To The Tabard Project

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Friday, 02 December 2011 05:00

Our Holiday Project Pack o' the Month is a HIT!


319-our-holiday-project-pack-o-the-month-is-a-hitHave you visited your local, participating Janome America dealer to pick up your pack?!

Maybe it's the element of mystery. Maybe it's the screamin' deals. Maybe it's because it REALLY is the perfect gift that keeps on giving. Whatever the reason, this year's Holiday Project Pack o' the Month offer has already become one of our most successful promotions ever!

It's so simple to jump on the bandwagon:

1) Visit your participating Janome America dealer between now and 12/31/11.

2) Select one of the eight qualifying machines, from the new top-of-the line Horizon Memory Craft 12000 to the entry-level JNH2030DC to the 1110DX serger and more.

3) Download the free gift card if you're giving the Project Pack o' the Month as a gift.

4) Watch your emailbox each month from January through June for an email notifying you that your free gift package has arrived at your dealer's store.

5) Run by the store, pick up your Project Pack, and open the box to find: presser feet or another great accessory, pretty fabric, and a fun project using that month's feature feet/accessory/fabric.

Visit The Project Pack o' the Month site

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Thursday, 01 December 2011 05:00

Janome Dealer's Project Featured in Current Vogue Pattern Magazine


318-janome-dealers-project-featured-in-vogue-pattern-magazineJanet Miller of Able Sewing Machine has a needle felting hit in the popular mag

Turn to page 50 in the current December 2011/January 2012 issue of Vogue Patterns magazine and you'll see a wonderful article from Janet Miller of Able Sewing Machine in Raynham, MA. Her "No Felt Needle Felting" project uses the Janome FM-725 Needle Felting machine. It's just one of the Janome machines that Janet says, "Explodes her creativity!"

The FM-725 is a needle felting or needle punch machine that does not sew, but rather uses barbed needles to mesh fabrics together. The texture and color combinations you can achieve with the specialty machine are amazing. This is a machine you have to try to believe how easy and fun it is to use. But once you do, you'll be hooked. Check it out at your local Janome America dealer

Find Out More About the FM-725

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Wednesday, 30 November 2011 05:00

Sew4Home Apron Features New 9mm Decorative Stitching


317-s4h-apron-features-new-9mm-decorative-stitchingThe extra width makes all your decorative stitching bolder and more distinct.

Our creative friends at Sew4Home, where Janome America is a sponsor, recently got to use one of the debut Horizon Memory Craft 12000 machines. They came up with a number of beautiful projects, which showcase the new 9mm stitch width. Our favorite is the Rustic Scandinavian Apron featured above. The decorative stitching on the bib and skirt totally transforms a basic cotton duck design into something special.

Most the 425 stitches on the Horizon Memory Craft 12000 take full advantage of the 9mm width. Plus, the machine comes standard with twenty newly designed feet to accommodate the 9mm swing.

Check out the other projects S4H created on the new machine: napkins and ties, placemats and an apron all in the brand new Heirloom Collection of fabric by Joel Dewberry.

Decorative Stitch Apron at S4H

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Tuesday, 29 November 2011 05:00

Video: Supporting Larger Embroidery Projects With The Clothsetter Table 11000


282-supporting-larger-emb-projects-clothsetter-table-11000-videoIn addition to giving you perfect placement of your embroidery, you can use this accessory for extra support.

The Clothsetter Extension Table was designed specifically for the Memory Craft 11000 sewing, quilting and embroidery machine. Like previous Clothsetters this one allows you to place your embroidery designs with perfect accuracy. It's so accurate, in fact, that you can use it to place the various parts of multi-hoop designs.

But the Clothsetter Extension Table can also be used to get better results as your design is stitching out. Measuring 13 1/2" x 26 1/2", the Clothsetter Table 11000 can help support your embroidery hoop when you're embroidering on larger projects like a quilt.

To use it with embroidery, slide the Clothsetter Table into place. Then attach your hooped project for embroidery. The Clothsetter Table 11000 will help to support the extra weight.

Watch the video Clothsetter Table 11000 Video: Supporting Larger Embroidery Projects to see this demonstrated.

The legs, which screw into place, can be adjusted so that the table is the right height to provide stability on any surface.

Clothsetter Extension Table 11000 is an exclusive Janome accessory. See your local Janome Dealer to see it demonstrated.

Watch How To Support Your Embroidery Projects

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Monday, 28 November 2011 05:00

Take our Holiday Project Poll, Then Tell Us About Your Favorite Of All Time


00-generic-janome-pollWhat are you working on for the holidays this year, and what was the best ever?

We always love to hear about the holiday projects that are underway on Janome sewing machines and sergers. Take our poll and let us know your project plans for Holiday 2011.

Then, leave a comment below about the best homemade gift you ever gave or received. You can also let us know if there is a special holiday project you'd like us to feature here on Janome.com. We may choose your story to feature in an upcoming post. 

Take the Poll

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Friday, 25 November 2011 05:00

Black Friday/Cyber Monday At Your Local Janome Dealer


314-black-friday-cyber-monday-janome-dealerIf you are out shopping this weekend, don't forget to stop by your local Janome dealer

Participating Janome America dealers have up to sixteen machines at very special savings just in time for the Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend. From full-featured computerized models, like the Memory Craft 6300 and the DC2011; to great beginner machines, like the Sewist 500 and the compact 2212; to sergers, like the 634D and 204D; even our fun FM-725 felting machine is specially priced.

All the offers are limited to this long Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, and each participating Janome America dealer had her/his choice of models to feature. Your dealer may have some or all of the machines on sale, as well as other in-store specials. Contact your local dealer to see if she/he is participating and to find out all the details on pricing, special packages and more.

Find a Janome America Dealer

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Thursday, 24 November 2011 05:00

Happy Thanksgiving from Janome America


313-happy-thanksgiving-from-janomeWe hope you have many things to be thankful for this year.

At Janome America we are so thankful for our wonderful dealers, our friends and partners in the sewing industry, but we're most thankful for customers like you.

We hope you're able to spend this day with family and friends. And we wish you a happy beginning to the holiday season.

Life doesn't have to be perfect to find things to be thankful for. If you're having trouble thinking of some, you might read this funny but touching post from the Stark Raving Mad Mommy blog. (Yes, it's a year old, but probably still true.)

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