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Wednesday, 28 March 2012 05:00

New Project from Anna Maria Horner: Patchwork Prism


406-new-project-and-video-from-amh-patchwork-prismIt's Here! The unique Patchwork Prism Quilt from Anna Maria Horner

She designed it for Janome America, on her Memory Craft Horizon 7700QCP. She's "field-tested" it at a couple workshops at local Janome Dealers' stores to RAVE reviews. And, now, YOU can download your very own instructions for Anna Maria's beautiful Patchwork Prism Quilt as well as a Variation for a coordinating Pillow Sham.

As Anna describes it, "This quilt uses all of my favorite tricks: a full spectrum, simple piecing and an awesome machine. I made this quilt using my Janome Horizon 7700 QCP, which was especially great because I chose to machine quilt this beauty."

For even more fun, we've created an inspiring video! Anna takes you through some of her favorite parts of creating the quilt, offers some advice on color and sewing, and just generally sends some of her charm via video feed!

When you finish your own unique Patchwork Prism Quilt and/or Pillow Sham, make sure you upload photos to the Janome + AM group on Flickr.

Get the Patchwork Prism Instructions

Check out the Video!

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Tuesday, 27 March 2012 05:00

New Artistic Creative Products Website Debuts!


401-new-artistic-creative-products-website-debutsEverything "Artistic" all in one brand-new, beautiful site!

Artistic has been expanding its selection of innovative products over the past year, and have now launched a new web site that brings together all their quilting, crafting and software offerings under one roof. 

Many Janome America dealers carry the Artistic line of long arm quilting machines and frames, as well as the various Artistic software programs that give you the functionality and features to create amazing cutwork, monogramming, rhinestone application and more!

The new site offers a number of free patterns and helpful 'how-to's' already, and the Artistic team tells us they will be adding more inspiration and information all the time.

The site is very easy to browse. We invite you to take a look, and then visit a dealer for a full demonstration of one... or ALL of the Artistic products.

PLUS, don't forget our March is Craft Month contest right here at Janome America. Leave us a comment about your favorite crafting experience and you'll be entered for a chance to win a copy of the Artistic Crystals V6.0 software package. Click here to go to the article and post your comment. The entry deadline is 3/31/12. 

Visit The Artistic Products Website

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Monday, 26 March 2012 05:00

New Product: Baltimore Album


400-new-product-baltimore-albumMake a stunning Baltimore Album Quilt - with your Embroidery Machine!

The Baltimore Album Quilt is one of the most beautiful and intricate of quilting styles. This tradition started in the prosperous seaport of Baltimore in the 1840's, and the style quickly spread throughout the US for its beauty and prestige. These quilts feature a number of blocks - all different - and appliqued with intricate motifs, such as florals, patriotic images such as eagles, or landmarks.

Today, Baltimore Album quilts are still extremely popular. There are many quilters who aspire to create such a magnificent piece, but are limited by the time required to applique so many different blocks. The Baltimore Revisited Mix and Match Quilting collection by Anita Goodesign is the perfect solution to this dilemma! This collection includes 42 different Baltimore Album-inspired embroidery designs which can be stitched on your Janome Embroidery Machine.There are a variety of sizes and styles available for every sized machine and quilt.

Contact your local Janome dealer for more information, and get started on a stunning Baltimore Album embroidery quilt today!

Find Out More

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Friday, 23 March 2012 05:00

New Project: Woven Ribbon Box Bank


399-new-project-pretty-woven-ribbon-box-bankA coin slot is hidden in the flower on top - what a pretty way to save!

This fast and fun project is a great way to collect all that spare change that tends to pile up on your bureau, nightstand and bathroom counters. Drop it in to this cute box bank, and before you know it, you'll have enough saved up for something special.

The top of the box is fashioned from fabric scraps cut into narrow ribbons and woven into a mat. Fusible interfacing on the back holds them all in place. What a great way to use up some of your favorite little cuts. Our sample is made in bright Spring colors and patterns, but it would also be fun to experiment with luxury fabrics, such a silks, satins and batiks.

Make the Bank!

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Thursday, 22 March 2012 05:00

Tell Us Your Janome Story


398-tell-us-your-janome-storyAre you "Powered By Janome" and/or do you have something "Sewn With Love" on a Janome?

Then we want to hear from you! It's been awhile since we've talked with you about two of our favorite projects: Powered by Janome and Sewn With Love. These programs are two ways we reach out to you for your stories so we can share the good news with the rest of the Janome Community. 

Powered By Janome is for those of you with a cottage business, Etsy shop, or successful blog that is powered in part by work done on your Janome sewing machine, embroidery machine or serger. Tell us how you started out, what you make, how others can order your product, and most importantly, why you trust Janome to help get the job done! We'll be sharing many of these stories on FacebookTwitter, our eNewsletter, and right here on Janome.com. For complete details on how to send us your story, go to our Powered By Janome submission page

Sewn With Love is a long-running series that features unique projects and the stories behind them as sent to us by YOU, Janome sewists. It could be a project that included an interesting technique, used a sewing feature in a creative way, or just ended up looking really pretty. If you sewed it with love and are proud of it, show it off! Send us a couple photos and a little bit of the background so we can share it with thousands of other Janome friends and fans. To submit your project, go to our Sewn With Love Project details page.  

Find Out More About Powered By Janome

Find Out More About Sewn With Love

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012 05:00

New Video: Needle Plates For The MC12000


397-new-video-needle-plates-for-the-mc12000Switch between needle plates in seconds--with no screwdriver required.

The Horizon Memory Craft 12000 sewing, quilting, and embroidery machine comes standard with two needle plates: the Standard (or Zigzag) Needle Plate and the Straight Stitch Needle Plate.

The Standard Plate has a wide hole so you can do regular sewing and decorative stitches up to 9mm wide.

The Straight Stitch Plate has a smaller needle hole to support the fabric during needle penetration. This is ideal for piecing quilts, sewing light fabric or doing embroidery. It also has a left needle position, which you can use for embroidery.

So you can be sure to use the best needle plate for each type of sewing, Janome has made it extremely easy to switch between them.

How To Switch From The Standard To The Straight Stitch Needle Plate On The MC12000

  1. Press the Lock Key on the touchscreen.
  2. Press the presser foot lifter button. When you raise the foot in the locked mode, it lifts the presser foot extra high, giving you more room for removing the plate.
  3. Remove the accessory tray.
  4. Release the needle plate by pressing the release button.
  5. Remove the needle plate.
  6. Slide the second plate into position, with the left side of the plate going in first. Then press down on the bullseye to snap it in place.
  7. On the touchscreen press OK to the prompt.
  8. Press the Lock Key once more to unlock the machine. And you're ready to sew your straight stitch.

Your machine automatically senses which plate you've installed. With the Straight Stitch Plate in you'll see that a number of stitches are greyed out on the touchscreen. These are all stitches that require the needle to penetrate outside the area of the narrow hole on the plate. So they're made temporarily unavailable for your protection as long as the Straight Stitch Plate is installed. But you can safely sew with any of the available stitches.

To see this demonstrated watch the video How To Switch Between Needle Plates

To try it for yourself see the Horizon Memory Craft 12000 at your authorized Janome dealer.

Watch Video On How To Switch Needle Plates

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Tuesday, 20 March 2012 05:00

Janome Heritage: The 1600 Professional Series


396-janome-heritage-the-1600-professional-seriesIt was the fastest home straight stitch machine on the market.

Back in 2004 a home sewing machine that could do a straight stitch at 800 stitches per minute (spm) was considered pretty fast.

In December of that year, Janome introduced a line of high-speed home machines that were twice that fast. The 1600 Professional, 1600P-DBX, and 1600P-DB were able to run at 1,600 spm. Up until then, if you wanted a truly high-speed machine, you had to purchase an industrial model with a large (and noisy) motor. But the 1600 series machines were both fast and quiet.

The 1600P and its sister models became popular with quilters, designers, decorators and seamstresses who were able to enjoy professional grade results with Janome precision and quality. These machines were even tough and reliable enough for the heavy use of dry cleaning and tailoring/alteration shops.

Besides their speed, the 1600P Series machines offered a variety of time-saving features like an independent bobbin winding motor (so you could sew while you're winding bobbins); an automatic thread cutter; a side-loading, industrial rotary hook; threading diagrams printed on the machine itself; and an automatic needle threader. They also came with an extra firm presser foot that could hold your fabric with 11 lbs. of pressure. And because of their extremely high speeds, they came with a thread pre-tension regulator, which kept the thread feeding smoothly at full throttle.

While those machines are now retired, their 1,600 spm legacy lives on in the 1600P-QC, which has become popular with quilters who use in on their quilt frames. The machine has a large 9" x 6" work area to the right of the needle, and a side-loading bobbin you can access while it's on the quilt frame. It also has an auto thread cutter that cuts the top and bobbin thread at the push of a button. And for quilting off the frame, the ergonomic knee lift offers a full range of adjustments.

See the 1600P-QC sewing and quilting machine at your local Janome dealer.

Find Out More About The 1600P-QC

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Monday, 19 March 2012 05:00

MC12000 Standard & Optional Presser Feet: See Them All Online


395-mc12000-standard-and-optional-presser-feet-onlineMeet the feet available for the Memory Craft 12000.

The Horizon Memory Craft 12000 is a true 9mm model, which means not only can you adjust the width of a stitch to 9mm, the machine's feed dogs are set up to work perfectly with this width as well.

The machine comes standard with twenty presser feet in a 9mm size, but you can also choose from a full compliment of the most popular Optional feet, which have been re-tooled to the 9mm specifications. We've added feature pages to our Horizon Memory Craft 12000 site detailing both the standard and optional feet.

The feet for which How-to Videos have been produced are highlighted. Simply click the "Watch Video" icon to open up the video a viewing window. Only members of the Standard Feet group have videos as of this posting – but more are to come.

Standard Feet

Optional Feet

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Friday, 16 March 2012 05:00

Having Fun At Our Anna Maria Horner Events


394-having-fun-at-our-anna-maria-horner-eventsSee the photos from our first two Anna Maria events

One of the most delightful things about our Janome America partnership with Anna Maria Horner is working to put together workshops at our dealers' stores. She is just as delightful in person as she appears on her blog and website, and her enthusiam for the sewing arts is completely infectious! Our first two workshops were wonderful successes, and we have the photos to prove it.

We've created a special Event Gallery on our Janome + Anna Maria website where we will be posting all the fun photos of the laughter and learning at these events. The first two are up now: February 2nd - 4th at Meissner Sewing & Vaccum Center in Sacramento, California and, just this past weekend, March 9th - 11th at The Top Stitch in Spokane, Washington. 

Both events kicked off with a prime time meet and greet with Anna, followed by full-day classes on how to make Anna's new Patchwork Prism quilt. This is a project she developed for the Janome Horizon 7700QCP, and we will be posting the instructions soon on the Janome + Anna Maria website, along with a helpful video.

These events are ongoing, and visitors here on janome.com will be the first to find out here when and where events are planned. Or, contact your local Janome America dealer to find out if an Anna Maria event is coming to your neck of the woods.  

See The Photos

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Thursday, 15 March 2012 05:00

Modern Quilting on Sew4Home


393-modern-quilting-on-sew4homeStraight Line Quilting and a Wonky Log Cabin Block.

Sew4Home recently featured two Guest Tutorials from Modern Quilter, Heather Jones. S4H rarely has guest posts, so we thought these articles might be something special... and we were right! Heather Jones has been making quite a name for herself in the world of Modern Quilting: winning numerous contests, getting ready to debut her own line of Modern Quilting patterns, becoming a member of the Riley Blake Design Team, and just last week, doing another guest appearance on Quilting Arts TV. Wow!

Heather created a wonderful Guest Tutorial on one of her specialties: Straight Line Quilting. Then, she followed that post with a how-to for a Wonky Log Cabin Block. For years, "wonky" was the worst thing your quilt could be. But for modern quilters, the scrappy and irregular cuts are what give a modern quilt its free-form creativity.

Check them both out at Sew4Home, where Janome America is a proud sponsor.

Straight Line Quilting at S4H

Wonky Log Cabin Block at S4H

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