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Tuesday, 18 March 2014 10:22

MBX Digitizer Update


Software Update for MBX Digitizer Version 4.0R

Owners of the Janome Memory Craft 15000 with Digitizer MBX software and the optional Cutwork Kit add-on have an update their Digitizer software.


This update includes the following changes:

1) Cutwork function now displayed
2) Cutwork usage message added
3) Improvement of basting function
4) Modification of angle and color of cutwork needle

The Cutwork kit add-on for your Digitizer MBX V4.0 or V4.5 software contains everything you need to start making beautiful cutwork pieces including free-standing lace, embroidery designs with cut pieces, and embroidery appliqué. With the advanced cutwork abilities of the Horizon Memory Craft 15000 you can take your designs to an even more intricate level easier than ever before!

Download Software Update

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Thursday, 13 March 2014 00:00

St. Patrick's Day Embroidery Project


Everyone's Irish Once a Year - Celebrate with All the Best Lines

What do you think of on St. Patrick's Day? Shamrocks? Pinching? Pots of gold? 


Celebrate all of these things with this new project by Erin Schlosser! She created a unqiue embroidery design celebrating all the great parts of this holiday and all of your favorite Irish thoughts!

You can just download the embroidery design here or you can learn how to make this perfect pillow which includes quilting and a quick framing. She inserts a concealed zipper for the closure, so if you're a beginner who has only used the envelope method of enclosing a pillow, this holiday project can be whipped up in an afternoon while you learn a new skill!

Show everyone in your home how lucky you are this St. Patrick's Day and celebate with lasting decoration.

Create Your Own Pillow Here

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Tuesday, 11 March 2014 11:50

March Madness Special Financing


Financing Offer  - 0% Interest for 48 Months
March 12th - 19th

Your participating Janome dealer and GE Capital Home Design have a great March Madness offer. Get 0% interest and 48 month financing when you make a Janome purchase over $3000.


This is a great time to bring home one of Janome’s dream machines. With so many fabulous machines to choose from, the choice is yours. The top of the line Horizon Memory Craft 15000 can handle all of your Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery projects. Maybe you’d rather take home the Horizon Memory Craft 12000, the Horizon Memory Craft 8900 Quilter's Companion Pro, or the colorful Memory Craft 9900 sewing and embroidery machine. Or purchase a combination of machines, software, and furniture to completely outfit your sewing room.

Take advantage of 0% financing over 48 months. That means 4 years of quilting, sewing, and embroidery interest-free! This offer is available to qualified buyers who finance their purchase through a GE Capital Home Design account and meet the minimum payment requirements.

More Information about the Financing Offer

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Monday, 10 March 2014 08:12

MBX Digitizer Software Update


Software update for MBX Digitizer Version 4.5.

Click here
to download software update.DigitizerUpdate

This update is intended for customers that upgraded to MBX Digitizer v4.5 from Digitizer 10k / Pro / MB v.1, v.2, v.3 / Jr. 3.0, using the "Digitizer Upgrade Kit". The "Digitizer Upgrade Kit" did not include "Cross Stitch" under the "File" menu.
This problem has been fixed.

This update affects the following customers:
Those who upgraded to MBX v4.5 from Digitizer Jr. v3.0.

Those who upgraded to MBX v4.5 from Digitizer 10000 / Digitizer Pro / MB v.1, v.2, v.3.

Software Update


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Thursday, 06 March 2014 00:00

Create Your Own Plaid Tutorial


DIY Patterned Scarf Tutorial

898-plaidscarfWe may be nearing the start of spring, but it's still cold outside! Consider this tutorial from Sam Hunter as your final cozy sewing project of the season. She shows you how to use the decorative stitches included on your Janome sewing machine to create your own plaid fabric. This technique is also useful with St. Patrick's Day coming up very soon to make a Irish themed plaid. The combination of home-made plaid and snuggly flannel works perfectly for the late winter season.

She uses her Horizon Memory Craft 8900 QCP for this technique because of its 9mm stitch width and several decorative stitch options, but you can use any satin or decorative stitches that your machine comes with.

Make Your Scarf

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Friday, 28 February 2014 16:54

Horizon 15000 Software Upgrade


Important Software Upgrade for Horizon Memory Craft 15000

15kUpdatev2Earlier this month, Janome released a new update for the Horizon Memory Craft 15000. Because this update contains very important system performance upgrades, it is strongly recommended that all consumers update their machine immediately.

Click here to download version 1.04.  

At Janome, we are constantly updating and improving our products, and regular updates and technology enhancements ensure that your machine offers optimum performance. Our updates are provided so that owners are able to perform them at home.

If you have any questions, however, your Certified Janome Dealer is available to answer questions or to update your machine in the store. 

Only owners that do not currently have version 1.04 need to perform this update.

To check your machine’s version, turn the power switch “ON”. The version of your machine will be displayed for two seconds in the lower right hand corner of the screen. You will need to update your machine if the version shown is 1.00, 1.01, 1.02, or 1.03.  

Detailed update instructions are available here.

Version 1.04 is a very important update to your machine – please contact our Customer Service Department or your Local Authorized Janome Dealer if you have any questions.

Download Software Update v.1.04

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Wednesday, 26 February 2014 00:00

Go for the Gold Pillow


Have an Aspiring Athlete in your Life? Keep the American Drive for the Gold Going with a great new project.


We ended the last of the big games over the weekend. Did your favorite athlete take home the gold?

Remembering to go for the gold is important all the time! Inspire yourself and the important people in your life with that little reminder in your home. This pillow project, by Erin Schlosser, will show you how to use your sequin foot and a strand of sequins to write out a message. After you've made this project, you'll have the fun skill of writing with strands of sequins that you can use in many projects to come. For example,  creating custom pieces, supporting teams or causes, and so much more!

America went for the gold all month, give yourself a message to do the same all year long!

For a video on how to use the Ribbon/Sequin foot, click here.

Make the Pillow!

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Monday, 24 February 2014 00:00

A Herringbone Quilt Tutorial


Maureen Cracknell shares a new quilt project - and technique tutorial.


Interested in stepping out of the "block" and trying a new quilting style?

Maureen Cracknell will ease you into the "Quilt As You Go" style by helping you make a quilt with long panels rather than the traditional block quilt. Perfect for scraps - and perfect for experimenting with new techniques! Maureen is excited about the possibilities: "I think you'll be very surprised at just how simply and quickly this quilt comes together. This is definitely one of my new, most favorite syles of quilting!" Maureen uses her Horizon Memory Craft 12000 to create this, and her entire collection of whimsical and colorful quilts, home decor and sewing projects.

Visit her blog to see all of her pieces and projects, or click here for the quilt project instructions. You can even find a detailed video including this "Quilt As You Go" method with Anna Maria Horner in her Right Turn Bag project for Janome.

Make the Quilt!

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014 00:00

Sew4Home Celebrates - and You can Win!


Facebook friends of Sew4Home are entered to win a Janome Jem Platinum 760.


Sew4Home wants to thank you for the part that you've played in getting them to 50,000 Facebook likes by rewarding one lucky fan with a Janome Jem Platinum 760 and huge bonus bags of fabric from FreeSpirit, notions from Dritz, Coats and Clark, Renaissance Ribbons and so many more!

Over the years, Sew4Home has shared tons of fantastic and inspired sewing projects, tips to make sewing more fun and easy, and introduced us to up and coming quilters and sewists. Facebook has allowed their fans to share their projects and ideas with each other around the world. Hitting a 50,000 like milestone means you can expect even more inspiration from this creative community!

Like them on Facebook to join in on the fun and enter for your chance to win the prize pack including a Janome Jem Platinum 760!

Find out More about the Jem Platinum 760

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Thursday, 13 February 2014 00:00

President's Day Special Financing


Only one week of savings, but four years to pay!


Your participating Janome dealer and GE Capital Home Design have a fabulous offer to celebrate President's Day. Get 0% interest and 48 month financing when you make a Janome purchase over $3000. Bring home Janome dream machines like the top of the line Horizon Memory Craft 15000 or the Memory Craft 9900 for Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery. Enjoying the winter weather in your sewing room? Finish your winter quilting projects with a brand new Horizon Memory Craft 8900 QCP. Get sewing today, and pay for it over the next four years with no interest.

This offer is available to qualified buyers who finance their purchase through a GE Capital Home Design account and meet the minimum payment requirements. More details.

See your participating Janome dealer for complete offer details.

Get Full Offer Details

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