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Thursday, 26 July 2012 05:00

Sew4Home Unveils A Romantic Bedroom Retreat


488-sew4home-unveils-a-romantic-bedroom-retreatNine tutorials, five techniques and one Great Giveaway.

Our friends at Sew4Home, where Janome is the exclusive sewing machine sponsor, are in the midst of three weeks of beauty and imagination: A Romantic Bedroom Retreat with FreeSpirit and Rowan Fabrics. The series features fabrics from four different fabric collections blended together into a cohesive set of bedroom décor items. We spoke with the S4H Editors, and they told us the goal of this series is to give visitors the tools, inspiration and confidence to mix and match designers, fabrics and substrates (cotton versus voile versus laminate, etc.)?! The resulting blend creates a special kind of beauty within a single project or an entire room.

The projects can be done on any Janome machine, which makes them inspiring for sewing enthusiasts at all levels of experience. Try out the Layered Bed Curtain Valance with Velvet Valance, the bold and beautiful Knotted Bolster Pillow or the Double Flange Pillow Shams. Those are just three of the nine tutorials, five techniques and a Great Giveaway that will stretch across three weeks on Sew4Home.com. 

Visit Sew4Home

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Wednesday, 25 July 2012 05:00

Christmas in July: Fresh Deals & Fresh Air!


487-christmas-in-july-fresh-deals-a-fresh-airJust a few days left--Christmas In July Sale ends Saturday, July 29th.

It's time to clear the air and get some great deals on Janome sewing, embroidery and quilting machines--as well as sergers and accessories.

The Christmas In July event is a great time to get a jump on your holiday projects, like this cute Holiday Card Holder. But you only have a few days left on these deals.

Get A Top-Of-The-Line Machine With A Free Air Purifier

Now through July 29, 2012, when you buy the Horizon Memory Craft 12000, you get an Airfree Purifier FREE (a $339 value).

Buy the Horizon Memory Craft 7700, get the Air Purifier E900 FREE. Both models attain 99.99% air sterilization within their vicinity. You'll be able to fill your world with beautiful projects and fill your home with clean, purified air.

It's really amazing to see how they work. Watch the Airfree Purfier video on our YouTube channel for a complete explanation.

Find Great Deals On Lightweight Machines

You can save up to $200 on take-along models like the adorable 15822 Hello Kitty, the 50-stitch DC2012 or the 3160QDC - a full-featured machine designed with quilters in mind.

Save On Quilting Machines, Sergers, And Accessories

Save up to $100 on the 1110DX and 634D sergers. Save up to $300 on the machines on every quilter's wish list: the Memory Craft 6600 and the Memory Craft 6300. And, look for discounts on Lunch Box Quilt Designs, Tutto Traveling Bags and Janome scissors.

It all ends this Saturday. So check with your local Janome America dealer for all the Christmas in July details.

More About Christmas In July

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Tuesday, 24 July 2012 05:00

Take Our Janome Poll: What Is The Best Machine For A Beginner?


486-janome-poll-best-machine-for-a-beginnerGetting started on the right machine makes all the difference for a new sewist.

All of us who sew remember that moment when we first sat down in front of a machine and had no idea what all the buttons and dials were for. But soon we were completing our first simple project.

Ideally, when someone is learning to sew, he or she has access to two things:
1. A patient teacher.
2. A reliable machine.

Janome has designed a wide selection of lightweight machines, both 3/4 and full size, which have become favorites with sewing students and teachers:

  • 3160QDC
  • 2030DC
  • Magnolia 7330
  • Sewist 525
  • Jem Platinum
  • Janome New Home 720
  • 3128
  • 2212
  • Decor Computer 2012

These machines feature easy-to-use controls, essential features--and most important--excellent stitch quality. When you press the foot control for the first time, the machine feeds your fabric through smoothly and your confidence begins to grow.

Do you have experience with any of these machines? Then please vote in our poll and answer the question: What's the best Janome machine for beginners? We'll post the results later this week.

You can find all these Lightweight Favorites at your local Janome dealer

Take Our Beginner Machine Janome Poll

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Monday, 23 July 2012 05:00

New MC12K Accessory: The Hat Hoop


485-new-mc12k-accessory-the-hat-hoopNow you can embroider on hats and caps with your MC12000.

Do you ever wonder what to get for the guy that has everything? How about making him a one-of-a-kind, custom-embroidered cap on your Horizon Memory Craft 12000?

With the new Hat Hoop (MC12000) you can do beautiful embroidery on the front of caps and hats. This new hat hoop works with the 5.5" x 5.5" SQ14 Hoop. To use it you position the front clamp so it holds down the bill of the cap down, allowing you to stitch directly on the front. The Hat Hoop then fits into the SQ-14, replacing the inner hoop.

Start noticing what's on the front of commercially produced caps and come up with your own designs. 

The Hat Hoop (MC12000) is available at your authorized, Janome dealer.

Find Out More About The Hat Hoop

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Friday, 20 July 2012 05:00

New MC12K Accessory: Edgestitch Foot


484-new-mc12k-accessory-edgestitch-footPerfectly place your stitches along edges and seams.

If you need to sew a stitch with your Horizon Memory Craft 12000 an exact distance from the edge of your fabric or from a previously sewn seam, you now have a new foot to help you.

The Edgestitch Foot (MC12000) has an adjustable flange that you simply set to the desired width and then use as your guide as you sew. The opening on the foot is designed for the MC12000's 9mm wide decorative stitches. Just use the adjustment screw to move the flange and line it up with the markings on the foot.

There will often be situations where you need to get out your rulers and fabric markers. But when a foot makes edge stitching this accurate, you can save yourself the time. It's also great for tucks, hems and fine edge work like when you're doing stitching on lace or ribbon or a decorative edge.

Get the new Edgestitch Foot for the MC12000 at your local Janome dealer

Find Out More About Edgestitch Foot (MC12000)

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Thursday, 19 July 2012 05:00

Fun New Series on Sew4Home: Weekend Wonders


483-fun-new-series-on-sew4home-weekend-wondersPerfect projects you can whip out this weekend!

Looking for great ideas that are fast, easy and cute! Our creative friends at Sew4Home.com, where Janome is the exclusive sewing machine sponsor, have come up with a great new series: Weekend Wonders, featuring fabrics from online retailer, Fabric.com. Best of all, you can make them on any Janome machine

The projects all have a casual summer theme – perfect for a sunny weekend. Gussy-up your own outdoor living space or create some great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries or barbecue get-togethers. There's a trio of thirsty, 100% cotton towels, pretty piped pillows in easy-care outdoor fabrics, darling, durable outdoor placemats with built-in pockets to hold flatware and napkins, plus a reversible apron. There's a second week of wonders scheduled for the week of July 30th, so you'll have plenty ideas to fill up your weekends!

Visit Sew4Home.com

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Wednesday, 18 July 2012 05:00

New Book: More Creative Sewing Techniques by Machine


482-new-book-more-creative-sewing-techniques-by-machineEdited by Janome Educator, Nancy Fiedler, this is the sequel to Creative Sewing Techniques by Machine.

If you'd like to learn how to use your sewing machine accessories, but don't want to wade through dull, dry descriptions of attachments, this is the book for you.

More Creative Sewing Techniques by Machine will show you how to use your essential sewing machine accessories while you create beautiful quilts and home dec projects. This collaboration by a team of educators will teach you 15 sewing machine techniques, show you how create 10 quilt and home dec projects, and take you step-by-step as you use multiple techniques per project.

And to help you find the specific steps you need for each sewing task in the future, the techniques covered in the book are cross-referenced to projects in a convenient index. Of course you're going to want to sew with your Janome sewing machine, but the project supply lists include machine accessories for any brand of machine.

More Creative Sewing Techniques by Machine is a follow-up to the popular book Creative Sewing Techniques by Machine. Both both are books you'll want to read while you're sitting at your machine. Both are available at your Janome dealer.

Find Out More About The Book

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Tuesday, 17 July 2012 05:00

Janome Heritage: Scan 'n' Sew PC


481-janome-heritage-scan-n-sew-pcFor the first time your PC could help you do Janome embroidery.

For many of us 1998 doesn't seem that long ago. But in terms of computers it was many generations in the past. Windows 95 was the standard operating system for PCs. Extremely basic by today's standards, Windows 95 let you use a mouse and visual icons to organize your data files.

Janome took advantage of this ease-of-use by releasing the Scan 'n Sew PC. It consisted of a handheld scanner attached to a Scan Card drive, which could be connected to your computer. The Scan 'n Sew PC allowed you to scan any image and turn it into an embroidery design to be stitched out on your Memory Craft 9000 or Memory Craft 5000.

The first versions of the Scan 'n Sew device simply sent the scanned design to the Scan Card, which you'd then put in your embroidery machine. But the Scan 'n Sew PC could send it to your computer where you could open it up in special software to edit the design, assign stitch patterns, thread colors, and see what your finished design would look like in color. It was a big step forward in embroidery creativity.

Today, you can create your own designs using your own flatbed scanner and our DigitizerJR software. Or for professional level embroidery design, use Digitizing MBX. To see which one is right for you see our handy comparison chart.  

Find Out More About Janome Software

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Monday, 16 July 2012 05:00

New Project: Contemporary Placemats by Jane Spolar


480-new-project-contemporary-placemats-by-jane-spolarThe second part of our table set made with the "Bollywood Bliss" fabric collection.

Janome Artisan Jane Spolar says that her "Bollywood Bliss" fabric line was inspired by "the wonderful, romantic, colorful, musical Bollywood movies that can easily turn around any gray day."

Today we post part two of her table setting series using this new fabric, Contemporary Placemat. A while back we posted about part one, Double-Sided Napkins.

You can make your Contemporary Placemats with any Janome machine. Jane used her Horizon Memory Craft 12000. You'll need intermediate sewing skills and about 90 minutes to finish the project. A printable pattern is included with the online instructions.

Jane’s appliqué work has been featured in numerous quilting magazines and she has also designed quilts that were featured in some of our national advertising campaigns. She says, "I love embellishing my quilts with gorgeous thread and stitching. It satisfies my soul!"

Jane has always been interested in the dynamics of the traditional folk arts of many cultures. They have influenced her love for color, curving, swirling shapes and the joyful feelings they invoke. Find out more about her designs on her Quilt Poetry site.

You can try out her machine at your local, authorized Janome dealer

Go To Contemporary Placemat Project

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Friday, 13 July 2012 00:00

Powered By Janome: Sally Keller of Sally's Angelworks


479-powered-by-janome-sally-keller-of-sallys-angelworksHer dream is to inspire hope through her handmade items.

Browsing through Sally Keller's Etsy shop gives you a warm, nostalgic feeling. And that's just what she's hoping to inspire. Sally says she still has a heart for the mom and pop quilt store. Her full-size and mini art quilts have a wonderful vintage feel. And even though Sally's iPad covers and camera strap covers are made for today's technology, they feel like they're products of a bygone era. And we're proud to say she creates these wonderful items on her Janome Memory Craft 6600 Professional.

Sally first learned to sew as a young girl, making little projects with her Mom. But she didn't really get serious about it until she had her first child, a girl. She says, "I learned how to read patterns and make cute little dresses for her. We always had mother/daughter dresses for Easter (much to her chagrin as she grew older!!) When I was pregnant with my fourth child, I found my love for quilting."

In 2010 she turned her passion for fabric art into a business, opening Sally's Angelworks as an online Etsy shop. The mission of her store is to inspire hope through these handmade items. She says that sometimes hope can be inspired through the practical. And hope can definitely be inspired through art/quotes. She says, "This is where my mini quilt art comes into play. To create inspiring fabric art is a long-time passion of mine, and what a privilege it is to fulfill this dream!"

She discovered Janome through a close friend who was an avid quilter. Sally says, "We (my four homeschooled kids and I) would go to her house every Friday for quilting lessons. She had a Memory Craft 2500, and I fell in love with it. She upgraded to a Janome embroidery machine, and I bought her Memory Craft. When I was researching machines to upgrade, I found the Memory Craft 6600P with the extra arm/bed space for quilting and knew I had to have it. I saved my pennies and bought it and have been happily sewing ever since!"

Her favorite features on the machine are the AcuFeed system, the extra work space which allows her to quilt large quilts, the large number of built-in stitches, and the thread-cutting button. She's found the machine very user friendly and appreciates the fact that the instruction manual makes sense. She recently bought her 12-year-old a Janome Sewist 500, which they both use. Sally says it's perfect for toting to a class or sew-in.

In August Sally will be releasing two new lines of mini-art quilts in her Etsy store, and will be adding more full size quilts and other items by autumn. She says, "My future is so full of blessings, and I'm very excited that sewing is a big part of it!"

Find out more about Sally on her blog. Visit her Etsy store. Learn more about her sewing machine and then try it for yourself at your local Janome dealer

Are you Powered by Janome? Tell us how you started out, what you make, how others can order your product, and most importantly, why you trust Janome to help get the job done! We'll be sharing many of these stories on Facebook, Twitter, our eNewsletter, and here on Janome.com.

To get complete details on how to send us your story go to our Powered By Janome submission page. We'd love to hear from you.

Send Us Your "Powered By Janome" Story

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