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Thursday, 13 September 2012 05:00

Powered by Janome: Denise Wild of LoveSewingNewYork.com


530-powered-by-janome-denise-wild-of-lovesewingnewyorkcomShe's passing on her passion for sewing in Toronto and New York.

Denise Wild has loved sewing since she was a teenager. She's now sharing the fun with teens, young adults, and beginning sewists of any age at her two Love Sewing schools. And the machine model she's chosen to teach on is a Janome Sewist 500.

Denise was 13 years old when a family friend spent the summer teaching her how to sew. She worked through her first commercial pattern, and, she says, "I've loved sewing ever since!"

"I love sewing dresses, and I dream of a day when I can sew new dresses from morning to night. (And then do it all again the very next day!)"

She ended up working as a magazine editor, but continued to sew for herself. She says, "All of my friends and colleagues knew I sewed." And she would often sew for others.

Eventually, people started asking her to teach them how to sew. Her first class was a group of friends in her Toronto apartment. Realizing that this could be a viable business, Denise opened up The Sewing Studio in 2004. Since then she's added a Manhattan location.

She's been pleasantly surprised with the enthusiasm of her teen students. "They love fashion, they love exploring their creativity through design and construction, and they love finishing something that they started on their own."

Denise received her first Janome when her mother bought her one as a university graduation gift. She still uses that same machine in her personal sewing room.

If you enroll at The Sewing School New York, you'll learn to sew on a Janome Sewist 500. Denise says, "I love the machine for its simplicity and its smooth hand." You can try out the Sewist 500 for yourself at your local Janome dealer.

The Sewing Studio teaches classes in Toronto and New York City, and is the home of online sewing destination LoveSewing.com, which publishes daily articles on sewing and fashion. Keep your eye out for the LoveSewing learn-to-sew DVD, which brings The Sewing Studio's popular eight-week class to everyone everywhere.

Watch Denise Wild's introductiory video.

Find Out More About The Sewing Studio In NYC

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Wednesday, 12 September 2012 00:00

New Video: AcuFeed Ditch Foot for the MC12000


523-new-video-mc12k-acufeed-ditch-footHow to do stitch-in-the-ditch through quilt layers on your MC12000.

You have two ways of doing easy stitch in the ditch on your Horizon Memory Craft 12000. One is with the the optional Ditch Quilting Foot S. The other way is with the optional AcuFeed Ditch Quilting Foot SD, which works in conjunction with the AcuFeed Flex™ fabric feeding system.

Both feet work on the same principle: a flange on the front of the foot helps you guide your fabric to keep your new line of stitching "in the ditch." The AcuFeed Ditch Quilting Foot helps you do this and keeps your multiple quilt layers feeding in perfect sync.

How To Use The Ditch Quilting Foot SD

  1. Install the AcuFeed Ditch Quilting Foot on the AcuFeed Flex foot holder before you attach it to the machine: Place the pins of the foot in the grooves of the ankle, and then push them together. 
  2. Attach the AcuFeed Flex system to your machine and tighten the screw. 
  3. Push in the bar on the back of the foot until it is flush.
  4. On your machine's touchscreen activate the AcuFeed Flex system. And choose a Straight Stitch.
  5. Align your fabric so that the flange rests in the seam.
    Optional: On your machine you can move the needle to adjust how closely it stitches to the flange.
  6. As you sew, keep your eye on the flange, making sure it stays in the seam.

And you've made a beautiful stitch-in-the ditch.

To see this demonstrated watch the video AcuFeed Ditch Quilting Foot SD: Stitching in the ditch with the AcuFeed Flex System.

You can find this foot and the Horizon Memory Craft 12000 sewing, quilting and embroidery machine at your authorized Janome dealer.

Watch The AcuFeed Ditch Quilting Foot Video

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012 05:00

Introducing the eBosser


521-introducing-the-ebosserYour Janome dealer now carries this one-step, automatic embossing and die cutting system.

If you're a crafter, you might be familiar with personal die cutting machines. Using a die pattern, you can cut multiple copies of a shape in a single step out of fabric, paper, leather, or other materials. Until now most personal die cutters used a handcrank and could be a little tricky.

But now there's the Janome Artistic eBosser automatic system. It's electric so you don't have to crank it. Simply turn on the machine, insert your folder or cutting die with their platform system, and the machine does the rest.

The eBosser is able to cut through multiple layers of fabric in one pass. If you're a quilter, this means way less time cutting and more time creating! And the eBosser is powerful enough to cut or emboss leather, wood, even metal. But it's also been designed with safety in mind, making it perfect for home, school, or professional use.

Key Features:

  • Fully Automatic
  • Electric For Ease of Use
  • Works With Most Cutting Dies & Embossing Folders
  • Large Format: Cut & Emboss Up To 8.5" x 12"
  • Cuts Multiple Layers of Fabric & More
  • Designed With Safety In Mind
  • SMARTTM chip technology: Automatic Motor & Gear Protection
  • Built-in Handle for Portability


Video: See The eBosser In Action

The eBosser is so easy to use, it's kind of fun to watch. See the YouTube video: Cutting Fabric With The eBosser. Then go try one out for yourself at your Janome dealer.

Find Out More About The eBosser

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Monday, 10 September 2012 05:00

0% Interest For 3 Years? Find Out How!


518-zero-interest-for-3-years-find-out-howYou only have TWO days left to get this special offer.

Start sewing right now on the Janome machine you've always wanted. And you can take until 2015 to pay it off. It's that simple.

But  . . . this offer ends in just a few days: Wednesday, September 12, 2012.

Through a special arrangement with GE Financing, you can get a 0% interest rate and three years to pay it off.

How This Special Offer Works

Qualifying customers, who purchase $2,000 or more in Janome products with their GE Home Design Credit Card, will have 36 months to pay off their balance with no interest accruing. You simply make 36 equal payments over the three year term. See the promotional flyer for complete details.

Have you been thinking about taking the next step up in your quilting? Now you can bring home the Horizon 7700 QCP quilting and sewing machine. Or maybe you've really been dreaming big, and this is your chance to get the ultimate sewing and embroidery machine: the Horizon Memory Craft 12000.

You get to decide because this offer applies to all current Janome sewing machines, embroidery machines, specialty machines and sergers.

Whichever Janome you choose, don't wait too long to decide, because this offer is good only through September 12, 2012 and only at your participating Janome America dealer.

See Complete Financing Offer Details

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Friday, 07 September 2012 05:00

Introduction to Digitizer MBX Webinar: Archive Now Online


520-introduction-to-digitizer-mbx-webinar-archive-now-onlineDid you miss the live webinar? View the archive today.

On Tuesday, August 28, 2012, we held a live "Introduction To Digitizer MBX" webinar, exploring the features of this amazing software that gives you the freedom to express yourself in stitches: from editing individual stitches to layouts of large, multi-hoop designs and full stitch-out simulations. If you were unable to attend the live webinar, the archive version of it is now available online... still free!

Don’t forget: Janome dealers are offering a special project-based webinar series throughout the coming year! Each month you can attend another webinar that will showcase techniques you'll use through all your digitizing projects. And each one will also contain instructions for making a specific project using the technique.

Webinar themes include:

  • Introduction to Digitizer MBX
  • Embroidery on Towels and other Specialty Fabrics
  • Tips for Enlarging Designs
  • Tips for using Easy Design and Corel Draw
  • Appliqué, Fills, and Ambiance Quilting
  • Create Quilt Blocks with Fills
  • Free Standing Lace
  • Much more!


Go to the Archive

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Thursday, 06 September 2012 05:00

New Video: Optional 3-Way Cording Foot For The MC12000


519-new-video-mc12k-optional-3-way-cording-footUse this foot to easily attach 1, 2, or 3 strands of cord.

The 3-Way Cording Foot (MC12000) is an optional presser foot designed specficially for the 9 mm wide stitch of the Horizon Memory Craft 12000.

The foot has three grooves on the bottom. You thread the cords through these grooves before attaching the foot to your machine. This makes it easier to precisely place the cording as you sew it down.

You can use a variety of utility or decorative stitches to sew down the cords, giving you many creative options for the final effect.

How To Use The 3-Way Cording Foot On MC12000

  1. On the touchscreen of your Horizon Memory Craft 12000 go to Decorative Stitches. Go to the Satin Stitch category and choose Stitch #2.
  2. Before attaching your foot to the machine, feed each piece of cording through the loop in the front of the foot, pulling it through to the back.
  3. Attach the foot to your machine, pulling the tails of your cording out the back.
  4. Begin sewing.

And now you've attached your strands of cording.

To see this demonstrated watch the video 3-Way Cording Foot H Attaching 1, 2, or 3 strands of cord.

Find the 3-Way Cording Foot and the Horizon Memory Craft 12000 at your authorized Janome dealer.

Watch The 3-Way Cording Foot Video

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Wednesday, 05 September 2012 05:00

Sew4Home/Fairfield Processing Pillow Personality Contest - Enter to Win


517-sew4home-fairfield-pillow-personality-contest-enter-to-winThere's a plain pillow just waiting for your creativity!

Our good friends at Sew4Home.com, where Janome America is a sponsor, have a fun contest underway with Fairfield Processing, the folks who make Poly-fil and lots of other great soft stuff. Use a Fairfield insert or filler to make a pillow with pizzazz and you could win lots of great Fairfield inserts and fillers to make lots more pillows. Plus, the winning pillows will be featured on Sew4Home! The entry deadline is this Friday, but we know how quick and easy pillows are to make, and you can use any Janome machine... so you still have time!

Take a digital picture of your creation, and write up a short description (50 words or less) about your pillow's personality and whether the pillow was made to be passed along or kept. You must be older than 18 and a legal citizen of the USA to enter.

Email the digital picture and its description to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Each day, Fairfield will post a random number of pillow pictures on their Facebook wall, as well as onto a special board on their Pinterest page. The twenty photos that generate the most activity at these social media outlets will be the semi-finalists.

From these top twenty semi-finalists, an industry panel of judges will select the five major winners to receive:

Grand Prize: Home Elegance Pillow Assortment - Retail Value $178

First Prize: Home Elegance/Soft Touch Assortment - Retail Value $106

Second Prize: Soft Touch 6-Piece Pillow Bundle - Retail Value $76

Third Prize: Soft Touch 4-Piece Pillow Bundle - Retail Value $54

Runner Up Prize: Soft Touch 2-Piece Pillow Bundle - Retail Value $22

Remaining 15 semi-finalists with each receive a 12oz bag of Poly-Fil Supreme® Fiberfil

Find Out More

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Tuesday, 04 September 2012 00:00

Bringing Hope To Haiti With Sewing Machines


516-bringing-hope-to-haiti-with-sewing-machinesMinistry team brings medical care and leaves sewing skills.

We were tipped off to another great story where Janome sewing machines are making a huge difference in people's lives.

A couple of weeks ago we told you about a Janome dealer going to Thailand. This week we have the story of a couple who bought 10 Janome sewing machines and brought them along on a mission to Haiti.

They were participating in a week-long effort by Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus (MHJ) to bring medical help and teach sewing to the very poor. The non-profit operates a clinic and several orphanages, but also does special aid trips to remote villages.

The machines were the Janome MyStyle 100 model, purchased from John at Pocono Sew & Vac in Stroudsburg, PA. They're sturdy, reliable machines--great for beginners.

You can read more about MHJ's Mission in Haiti on their website. And then see more pictures from their work in Haiti on their Facebook page.

Find Out More About MyStyle100

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Monday, 03 September 2012 00:00

Happy Labor Day From All Of Us At Janome America


515-happy-labor-day-from-all-of-us-at-janome-america118 years ago this day was established nationally to honor America's workers.

The holiday got its start as a local event on Tuesday, September 5th, 1882 when the Central Labor Union in New York held a demonstration and a picnic as part of a "Labor Day."

Who actually gets credit for coming up with the idea is a little more difficult to establish. Historians have narrowed it down to two men with very similar last names.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor:

Some records show that Peter J. McGuire, general secretary of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners and a cofounder of the American Federation of Labor, was first in suggesting a day to honor those "who from rude nature have delved and carved all the grandeur we behold."

But Peter McGuire's place in Labor Day history has not gone unchallenged. Many believe that Matthew Maguire, a machinist, not Peter McGuire, founded the holiday. Recent research seems to support the contention that Matthew Maguire, later the secretary of Local 344 of the International Association of Machinists in Paterson, N.J., proposed the holiday in 1882 while serving as secretary of the Central Labor Union.

In 1884, the first Monday in September was selected as the holiday and the Central Labor Union urged organizations in other cities to follow the example of New York and celebrate a "workingmen's holiday" on that date. The idea spread with the growth of labor organizations, and in 1885 Labor Day was celebrated in many industrial centers of the country.

Over the next decade the holiday was officially adopted by state governments. And in 1894, Congress passed an act making the first Monday in September of each year a legal holiday in the District of Columbia and the territories.

We hope you're able to enjoy this day with friends and family, and remember with gratitude the benefits we've all received from America's hard workers.

Find Out More About Labor Day From DOL.gov

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Friday, 31 August 2012 05:00

Powered by Janome: Laura Wasilowski


514-powered-by-janome-laura-wasilowskThis outstanding artist and teacher was featured on PBS's "The Art of Quilting."

Laura Wasilowski is a contemporary quiltmaker known internationally for her pictorial art quilts. She uses her own hand-dyed fabrics to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art that chronicle her life. And we're proud to say she sews on a Janome.

Laura has been featured in more than a dozen quilting books. Her work has been seen at many national and international quilt shows. She's even been honored as the Dean of Corrections for The Chicago School of Fusing (don't go looking for their campus). And PBS featured her in their series on The Art of Quilting.

But even the most accomplished quilters have to start somewhere. Laura says that she learned to sew in 4-H in the little town of Glenwood Springs, Colorado. She says, "The local 4-H ladies taught me everything I know about clothing construction and my mother taught me how to add hand embroidery to dishtowels and pillowcases. By age 14 I was making my own clothing."

After earning her undergraduate degree in Costume Design, she moved to Elgin, IL, where her neighbor just happened to be a quilter. Laura says, "Janet introduced me to the world of quilt making with trips to quilt shows and programs. I worked very little as a costumer but I did gain the skill of hand-dyeing fabric in college. Soon I was hand-dyeing fabrics to make art quilts and selling my hand-dyed fabrics to other quilt makers through my company, Artfabrik."

Laura discovered Janome through her network of quilting friends. It was fellow fabric artist Melody Johnson who suggested she replace her ancient off-brand sewing machine with a Janome. She explained that if Laura wanted the ideal free-motion stitch for creating her art quilts that the Janome brand was the best. Laura says, "She was right!"

She now uses a New Home Memory Craft 7000 and a Memory Craft 6500 Professional. Laura says, "Both sew like a dream for hours at a time, have excellent free-motion stitches, and require little repair. They are the work horses of my sewing room."

Lately, Laura has been focusing on small, fused art quilts are my focus right now. She says that her 6500P easily stitches through these constructions made up of many layers of fused fabrics, batting, and even thick Timtex. "It never skips a stitch. This leaves me more time for creating new art work and exploring free-motion stitching."

Find out more about Laura Wasilowski's fabric art, publications, and her workshops and lectures on her Artfabrik website, and all about her quilting experiences on her Artfabrik blog.

Visit your local Janome dealer to find the updated version of Laura's machine, the MC6600P.

Find Out More About Laura

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