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Thursday, 01 November 2012 00:00

Introducing The Memory Craft 8900 QCP & 8200 QC Quilting Machines


560-intro-mc8900qcp-8200qc-quilting-machinesYou have a whole new world of quilting and sewing to explore.

When you’re doing something you truly love, you reach a point where you’re "in the zone." It happens when a machine makes your sewing experience so smooth and easy, so worry-free, it quite simply takes you away.

Our two newest Horizon® Memory Craft machines let you escape into that world of pure creativity. Now you can take on those ambitious projects your old machine just couldn't handle because of lack of bed space, insufficient power, an inadequate feeding system, or other limitations. 

Horizon® Memory Craft 8900 Quilter's Companion™ Professional

  • 11" bed space
  • 9 mm stitch width
  • 1,000 stitches per minute
  • AcuFeed Flex™
  • 270 stitches
  • Patented needle placement
  • Remote thread cutter for use on a quilt frame 


Horizon® Memory Craft 8200 Quilter's Companion™

  • 11" bed space
  • 9 mm stitch width
  • 860 stitches per minute
  • AcuFeed Flex™ (optional)
  • 120 stitches

For complete information visit our still-growing MC8900/MC8200 website. You can see all the machines' features and download the 8-page brochure as a PDF. You can also read the official press release for the MC8900.

If you're even thinking about a new quilting machine, get down to your your local Janome dealer right awat to try out the new Horizon® Memory Craft 8900 QCP and 8900 QC for yourself.

Go To The MC8900/MC8200 Website

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Wednesday, 31 October 2012 03:00

Sticky Situation Winner: Kat Ayers Mannix


559-sticky-situation-winner-kat-ayers-mannixTo enter the contest, you had to tell about a "sticky" sewing situation.

A few weeks ago, we had some tips on working with cotton laminates--such as how you can prevent them from sticking to your presser foot by using the Ultraglide Foot.

We also had a giveaway where we asked you to leave a comment about a time your Janome machine helped you out of a "sticky sewing situation." From all the comments that day, we'd have a random prize drawing for a Janome Ultraglide Foot plus two generous cuts of beautiful cotton laminate from Tula Pink's popular fabric collection for FreeSprit Fabrics: The Birds & The Bees.

Our Sticky Situation winner, chosen at random, was Kat Mannix of Raleigh, NC. She told us about the time she ripped her hem one night, right before she was about to go out. She sat down at her trusty Memory Craft 6600P and in a few minutes managed to fix it.

Kat says, "I just  wanted to mention that I absolutely LOVE my Janome 6600! I am also part of the Janome 6600/6500 Yahoo group, and all their feedback and recommendations are the reason I decided to go with the 6600. The Accufeed is brilliant and the thread cutter and auto threader are just icing on the cake."

Kat assures us she will make good use of the Tula Pink fabric and Ultraglide Foot.

You can read more about Kat's machine or try it for yourself at your Janome dealer

Find Out More About The Ultraglide Foot

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Tuesday, 30 October 2012 05:00

New Video: Border Guide Foot FB for the MC12000


553-mc12k-new-video-border-guide-foot-fbHow to get your border designs to line up perfectly on your MC12000.

If you sometimes struggle with getting your rows of decorative stitching to line up exactly, you've got two choices. You can get out your rulers and fabric pencils and draw a guide line for every row.

Or, if you have a Horizon Memory Craft 12000, you can use the foot that already has your guidelines: the optional Border Guide Foot FB.

This see-through foot has two sets of lines. The vertical red lines are calibrated for perfect spacing of rows. The horizontal red line matches the needle drop so you can line up the start of each row. And the small red mark denotes the center of the design for lining up with the marking for the first row.

You can use this foot with any of the MC12000's 9 mm wide decorative stitches.

How To Use The Border Guide Foot FB

  1. Attach the foot to your machine.
  2. On the touch screen go to Decorative Stitches. Select your desired category, and choose a decorative stitch.
  3. Line up the edge of your fabric with one of the lines on the foot. You can also use a line drawn on your fabric to start your first row.
  4. Begin sewing, watching the guidelines, not the needle, to keep your fabric going straight.
  5. When you've finished your first row, move the fabric so your next starting point is under the red horizontal line and your previous row of stitching is between the two vertical red lines.

Just repeat this process to stitch as many even rows as you need.

To see this foot demonstrated, watch the video Border Guide Foot FB: Sewing parallel rows of stitching.

Try out this foot and all the other MC12000 optional accessories at your authorized Janome dealer.

Watch The Border Guide Foot Video

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Monday, 29 October 2012 03:00

New Artistic® Project: In The Hoop Ribbon Embroidery


558-new-artistic-ribbon-embroideryAn easy project that results in an amazing looking ribbon.

You might have done decorative stitching on a ribbon. But did you know that with Artistic Suite V6.0 software, you can do embroidery on a ribbon in the hoop?

Try our In The Hoop Ribbon Embroidery Project. In fewer than a dozen steps you can embroider a ribbon for a bookmark or headband. The project includes complete instructions in a printable PDF as well as the ribbon embroidery design as a .jef file. 

One of the best features of the Artistic Suite V6.0 software is the automatic stitch density conversion when you change fabrics. It makes it very easy to embroider designs on any fabric. For example, Grosgrain ribbon is hard to embroider on as it stretches. Changing the fabric to the lightest possible made it much easier.

Artistic Suite V6 software contains a wide variety of amazing features and functionality, including cutwork, TrueType font conversion, appliqué, fabric cutting, decorative stitches, and heat transfer. You can get it at your local Janome dealer.

Go To The Ribbon Embroidery Project

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Friday, 26 October 2012 03:00

MC8900-MC8200 Try It Before You Buy It: 10/31 in Houston


557-mc8900-mc8200-try-it-before-you-buy-it-1031-in-houstonReminder: it's all treats and no tricks on Halloween in Houston.

If you're one of the lucky ones who gets to attend this year's International Quilt Festival 2012, we have something fun for you to do on October 31st (the day before the show). Come try out our two newest quilting machines: Horizon Memory Craft 8900 QCP and Horizon Memory Craft 8200 QC.

These machines are big on sewing room and quilting features:
-11" sewing bed - plenty of room to the right of the needle for your biggest quilt.
-Detachable AcuFeed Flex™ System - feeds all your layers in perfect sync then can be removed when not in use.
-9 mm Stitch Width - your decorative stitches are bigger and bolder.
-See the other great quilting features

The big quilt show runs November 1 - 4, at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas. So if you get there one day early, walk around the corner from the convention center to try out the next big thing in Janome Quilting.

Date: Wednesday, October 31st
Venue: Embassy Suites at 1515 Dallas Street, Houston, TX 77010
Room: Discovery A Meeting Room
Time: 9:30 AM to 6 PM (drop by any time during those hours)

We'll have projects for you to sit down and make. Experts will be on hand to answer all your questions. And you'll walk away with some valuable goodies just for trying out the machine.

We'd love to see you there.

In the mean time, check with your Janome dealer for when these machine will be available at their store.

Go To The 8900QCP & 8200QC Site

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Thursday, 25 October 2012 03:00

New Video: Binder Foot W for the MC12000


555-mc12k-new-video-binder-foot-wIt's easy to apply bias tape in one step.

The right tool for the job makes every sewing task easier. And it certainly is the case when you're applying bias binding tape with your Horizon Memory Craft 12000 sewing, quilting, and embroidery machine.

Binder Foot W is equipped with a small funnel that folds and guides your binding over the fabric edge before it goes under the needle. This optional foot can be used with either a zigzag or decorative stitch, as well as with a straight stitch.

How To Use Binder Foot W

  1. Start by cutting the end of your binding at a forty-five degree angle.
  2. Attach thread tails to the point. (These will help you to feed the binding through the foot.)
  3. With the foot off the machine, insert the point end of the tape into the largest slot at the end of the funnel.
  4. Using the thread tails, pull the binding through the funnel until about two inches of it are behind the foot.
  5. Snap the foot onto the machine.
  6. On the touch screen choose a straight stitch. Adjust the needle position as desired.
  7. As you start sewing, gentle hold the fabric to keep it in the funnel and guide the binding tape through the slot.

This works for pre-folded bias binding tape, or bias tape you've cut yourself.

To see this demonstrated, watch the video: Binder Foot W (9mm) Attaching binding

Try out the Binder Foot and all the other MC12000 accessories at your authorized Janome dealer.

Watch The Binder Foot Video

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012 03:00

Browse Our Online Holiday Wishbook


556-browse-our-online-holiday-wish-bookStart wishing now.

Remember looking through the holiday catalogs as a kid and daydreaming about how you'd play with all those toys? 

That's the whole idea behind the Janome Holiday Wishbook. It has the machines and accessories you’re dreaming of at discounts that can make those dreams a reality. From special gift packages with purchase of a machine to discounts on your favorite accessories, it's all in this 25 page book. 

Remember, the easier your tools, the more creative you become. With Janome, you know you’ll be confident and creative right out of the box.

3 Ways To Start Wishing

Browse the Wish Book online - Page through the offers, techniques and projects on the web. Embedded links within the book allow you to click through to find even more information and inspiration.

Read the Wishbook offline - Download and print a .PDF file of the complete Janome America Holiday Wish Book to peruse at your leisure. (Scroll down the Wishbook page for the download link.)

Visit your participating Janome America Dealer - See everything in person at your dealer. Look for the Janome Holiday Wishbook icon in our Dealer Locator indicating participating dealers near you.

Save Paper: Print Out Just The Coupons

Save paper and time: select the COUPON & WISH LIST icon at the bottom of the Wishbook page to print a .PDF file of all the Wish Book coupons in an easy-to-manage size to take to your dealer’s store. There’s also a handy shopping list included: check off all your wishes and pass it along to your favorite Santa.

Wishbook offers are valid October 15 - December 31, 2012 at participating authorized Janome dealers in the USA.

Go To The Wishbook Page

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Tuesday, 23 October 2012 03:00

New Artistic® Project: Pumpkin Tea Towel


554-new-artistic-project-pumpkin-tea-towelCombine embroidery, appliqué and crystals to create this jack-o-lantern design.

Decorate for Halloween with this Tea Towel that uses embroidery, appliqué and crystals in a whimsical design. You can do it all with ease using Artistic Suite V6 software.

LuAnn Hartley takes you step-by-step from downloading the files through stitching out the designs and adding crystals. She's also included options for personalizing the project. Get complete Halloween Tea Towel instructions as a PDF.

Artistic Suite V6 software contains a wide variety of amazing features and functionality, including cutwork, TrueType font conversion, appliqué, fabric cutting, decorative stitches, and heat transfer.

It also includes a revolutionary rhinestone application, which allows you to add them to sewing and crafting projects like never before. Any shape, including logos, clip art, or imported graphics, can be easily designed for rhinestones. The software then sends the design to a digital cutter for template creation.

You'll also find a powerful monogram feature - insert 3 characters for monogramming, freely edit monogram shapes with a Node Editor, and create a monogram from any TrueType font.

You can use any of the thousands of designs in the software or make your own shapes to create fun and interesting designs with crystals. Write out words or make hearts or butterflies--it all just takes a few minutes.

Get Artistic Suite V6 Software at your local Janome dealer.

Go To Halloween Pumpkin Tea Towel Project

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Monday, 22 October 2012 05:00

Letters Digitized in Braille Create A Very Special Pillowcase


552-letters-digitized-in-braille-pillowcaseUsing Janome Digitizer MBX software to make a gift of love.

Nancy Partridge of Louisville, KY was using her Horizon Memory Craft 12000 to make a surprise gift for her cousin Ashley--a personalized pillowcase. Usually, it's pretty straightforward to embroider someone's name along the end of a pillowcase. But because Ashley is visually impaired, Nancy wanted to stitch out her name in Braille. 

Not knowing where to find the lettering to do this, Nancy called her Janome dealer, Moore’s Sewing & Learning Center in Louisville. Owner Linda Bowles said she'd be happy to help and told Nancy they would show her how to download a True Type Font into her Janome Digitizer MBX embroidery software.

Providentially, one of one of Moore’s Sewing’s sales associates, Pauletta Feldman, has a son who is also visually impaired and she was able to locate the downloadable Tennessee School for the Blind True Type Braille Font.

Nancy came down to the store to see them stitch out of a test sample of the Braille lettering. And just to be sure it was right, Pauletta took it home for her son to read. It was correct, and Nancy completed her surprise project.

As you can imagine, Ashley was thrilled with the gift. She enjoys music and loved the musical score motifs. But knowing her cousin had gone to the trouble to stitch out her name so she could read it made the pillowcase all the more special.

Nancy sent a note to Moore's Sewing saying how much she appreciated everyone's help, and especially the way Pauletta went "above and beyond" to make sure the lettering was right. Nancy also added that she could not have accomplished it without her "wonderful Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000."

What a wonderful example of how the right creative tools, and little help from friends, allow you to make the most meaningful projects.

Find Out More About Digitizer MBX Software

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Friday, 19 October 2012 03:00

New Machine Launch Party At Your Dealer Tomorrow


549-new-machine-launch-part-at-your-dealer-tomorrowYour trip to quilting paradise starts at your Janome dealer.

Tomorrow, October 20, 2012, your dealer will be unveiling a new kind of Janome quilting and sewing machine.

It's going to give you the workroom, power and features to "come away" to a new level of quilting enjoyment.

How can we promise something like that? Look at a few features on the new machine:

  • 11" sewing bed - plenty of room to the right of the needle for your biggest quilt.
  • Detachable AcuFeed Flex™ System - feeds all your layers in perfect sync then can be removed when not in use.
  • 9 mm Stitch Width - your decorative stitches are bigger and bolder.
  • 91 Needle Positions - accurate placement every time.

See even more details by watching the Sneak Preview Video.

Be sure to contact your Janome dealer to find out if he/she is participating in this national event, then visit tomorrow (Saturday) and try out the new machine for yourself.

Watch The Sneak Preview Video

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