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Thursday, 14 February 2013 03:00

Happy Valentine's Day


Our Gift To You: Free Heart Designs - Free Project.

636-happy-valentines-dayJust in time for Valentine's Day, Janome Educator Mary Carollo made this love-ly pillow with original digitized designs created using Artistic Suite V6 software.

Mary loves creating unique new designs by adding outline effects to simple shapes - and the creative opportunities in Artistic are nearly endless, with 566 outline styles. Her instructions teach you how to create these designs using either Artistic Suite V6 or Artistic Crystals.

So, treat yourself this Valentine's Day and learn some new skills in your software. Or if you prefer to get stitching right away, simply download the fabulous free designs to use in your own project.

Applique Heart Design

Echo Heart Design

Fancy Border Heart

Make the Project!

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Wednesday, 13 February 2013 03:00

Get A Sneak Peek Of Our Newest Machine


Coming March 1, 2013: The Memory Craft 9900

638-get-a-sneak-peek-of-our-newest-machineIt's brand new... and as unique as you!

The latest Memory Craft model from Janome hits the scene on March 1st at your local, participating Janome America Dealer

We have a sneak online peek for you today. See some of the amazing projects we've made, and get a glimpse of the fun we had putting together all the information about this wonderful new model.

It's a new journey to sewing, embroidery and beyond!

Go to the MC9900 Site

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Tuesday, 12 February 2013 00:00

New Project: Travel Series By Amy Meek--Luggage Tag


The custom look helps you quickly ID your bag.

634-new-project-travel-series-by-amy-meek-luggage-tagWhy just write or print your information on a luggage tag, when you can embroider it?

As part of her ongoing Travel Series, Amy Meek has designed an embroidered Luggage Tag project that's both functional and very cool looking.

On the back you see a colorful swatch of neoprene, which will help you identify your bag on the carousel. On the other side, it's your contact information just in case your luggage gets lost.

The project requires an embroidery machine, but you can make it in an hour or less with Beginner sewing skills.

It's best if this luggage tag is only seen by perfect strangers. Because if your friends or family see it, they're all going to want you to make them one.

Find out more about Memory Craft sewing and embroidery machines at your local Janome dealer.

Go To Luggage Tag Project

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Monday, 11 February 2013 00:00

New Concealed Zipper Foot Z (9mm): For MC12000, 8900 & 8200


Now available for MC8900 and MC8200 Machines.

633-new-concealed-zipper-foot-z-9mmIf you're going to make high quality clothes, you need to be able to install an invisible (or concealed) zipper. Many sewists avoid any kind of zipper, let alone one with an extra flap of fabric.

The truth is it's really not that hard. All you need are step-by-step instructions and a zipper foot that will let you sew as close to the fastener as possible.

Concealed Zipper Foot Z (9mm) was originally released as a standard accessory for the Horizon Memory Craft 12000, but you can now get it for Janome's other 9mm machines: MC8900 and MC8200. This foot is especially good for getting close to the zipper.

How To Install A Concealed Zipper With Concealed Zipper Foot Z

  1. On the touchscreen of your Horizon Memory Craft 12000 choose "Sewing Applications." Then "Zippers." Then "Concealed Zipper."
  2. With the Standard Foot A still on your machine, sew the seam up to your zipper opening, leaving your zipper opening unsewn.
  3. Choose "Basting." And baste the opening closed.
  4. Remove the Standard Foot, and attach Zipper Foot Z.
  5. Sew down the right side of the zipper teeth, using the far left of the foot.
  6. Remove Zipper Foot Z and attach Zipper Foot E. 
  7. Fold the project to one side, leaving the seam allowance available. 
  8. Stitch down the top of the zipper to the seam allowance. 
  9. Flip the project over to the other side. 
  10. Stitch the zipper tape down to the seam allowance.
  11. Remove the basting stitches.
  12. Remove Zipper Foot E and attach Concealed Zipper Foot Z again. 
  13. Position the coils into the far right slot and sew along the coils of the zipper.

And now you've successfully installed a concealed zipper.

To see this demonstrated watch the video Concealed Zipper Foot Z: Installing A Concealed Zipper.

Get this optional accessory at your authorized Janome dealer.  

Watch The Video On How To Install A Concealed Zipper

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Friday, 08 February 2013 00:00

New ARTISTIC Project: Reverse Appliqué Monogram Pillow


Looking for a new twist on the traditional monogram?

632-new-artistic-project-reverse-applique-monogram-pillowWith a Reverse Appliqué Monogram, you'll cut out the negative space of the monogram rather than the letter itself. This technique gives you a new dimension not found with traditional appliqué.

This throw pillow project requires an embroidery machine (you can use a Memory Craft 12000, 11000, 10001, 9700, or 9500).

You'll also need a PC running Artistic Suite V6 software. And you'll use the cutting needle blades included with Artistic Suite V6.

On your computer, you'll create your monogram layout, assign an appliqué stitch, and then set up the cutting blades to cut it out with amazing accuracy.

The effect is quite stunning. But because it all happens in the hoop, it's very easy.

Just follow Maddie's step-by-step instructions.

Artistic Suite V6 software contains a wide variety of amazing features and functionality, including cutwork, TrueType font conversion, appliqué, fabric cutting, decorative stitches, and heat transfer.

It also includes a revolutionary rhinestone application, which allows you to add them to sewing and crafting projects like never before. Any shape, including logos, clip art, or imported graphics, can be easily designed for rhinestones. The software then sends the design to a digital cutter for template creation.

You'll also find a powerful monogram feature - insert 3 characters for monogramming, freely edit monogram shapes with a Node Editor, and create a monogram from any TrueType font.

You can use any of the thousands of designs in the software or make your own shapes to create fun and interesting designs with crystals. Write out words or make hearts or butterflies--it all just takes a few minutes.

Get Artistic Suite V6 Software at your local Janome dealer.

Go To The Reverse Appliqué Monogram Pillow Project

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Thursday, 07 February 2013 03:00

Machine Seam Finishes: A Four-Part Series at Sew4Home


Make sure your project looks as good on the inside as the outside.

631-s4h-machine-seam-finishes-seriesOne of the most frequently asked questions in sewing is, "How can I make my projects look more professional?" The top answer: "Pay attention to the details!" And one of the most important details is to take the time to finish your seams. A sign of a truly well-made project is when it looks nearly as good on the inside as it does on the outside. If you want your projects to look "handmade" but not "homemade," it's well worth it to give your seams a professional finish. Our friends at Sew4Home.com have come to the rescue with a great four-part series, showing you everything from a simple zig zag finish to a Hong Kong bound seam.

Janome America is the exclusive sewing machine sponsor of Sew4Home.com for good reason. Their creative and knowledgable team is top-notch when it comes to providing inspiring, detailed project instructions that allow everyone to succeed, from the beginner to the most experienced seamstress. A key part of this success is the number of comprehensive How-To Tutorials they provide on all kinds of sewing techniques.

We were very impressed with their recent series on machine sewn seam finishes. We ALL learned something new from this series! One of the best parts is how all their instructions are shown using Janome machines and accessories. It's a great way to remind yourself about all the wonderful features and presser feet Janome offers.

Take a look at each of the four parts of the series:

Machine Sewn Seam Finishes - Part 1 of 4 - Most Popular

Machine Sewn Seam Finishes - Part 2 of 4 - French Seams

Machine Sewn Seam Finishes - Part 3 of 4 - Mock French Seam & French Wrapped Seam

Machine Sewn Seam Finishes - Part 3 of 4 - Hong Kong & Bound Seam

Make sure you scroll to the bottom of each article where you'll find a list of additional seam and hem finishes.

Go To The Start of Series: Most Popular

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Wednesday, 06 February 2013 00:00

New Video: Quilt Binder Set


Use this accessory to easily bind the edge of your quilt.

630-new-video-quilt-binder-setThe binding around the edge of your quilt is what gives it that final, professional finish. But stitching down a strip of bias tape while it encloses all those bulky layers can seem like a daunting task.

Here's where you want to use the Quilt Binder Set. There's a model for the MC12000 and one that fits most other Memory Craft machines.

The cone on the front of the fabric holder neatly feeds and folds your bias tape for a half inch finished binding.

How To Use The Quilt Binder Set

  1. Begin by basting your quilt edges to prepare the quilt sandwich for binding.
  2. Remove the bobbin case cover.
  3. Attach the binder plate to the bed of the machine.
  4. Attach the foot to the machine and choose a straight stitch.
  5. Mount the feeding attachment to the base. You can do basic adjustment of where the needle drops on the attachment. For fine tuning, adjust the actual needle drop position on your machine.
  6. Cut the end of your binding at a 45˚ angle. This helps in feeding the binding through the folding mechanism.
  7. Load it into the feeding mechanism with the wrong side of the fabric facing you. Tweezers can be helpful. 
  8. Bring the binding out the front of the foot, then turn it at a 90˚ angle behind the foot. Once you fold the fabric back, you'll see the folding mechanism has created the perfect fold for a one-step binding.
  9. Starting on the middle of one side, insert your quilt sandwich into the middle of the binding. Make sure the binding is enveloping the side.
  10. Begin sewing slowly. After a few stitches, you can make final adjustments to the needle drop position.
  11. When you come to a corner, take one stitch beyond the quilt.
  12. Lift up the foot. Pull the quilt directly to the back of the machine, finger pressing the binding as you pull it out.
  13. Create a miter fold by opening the binding and bringing it forward at a 45˚ angle, and checking the back.
  14. Make sure you leave long thread tails. 
  15. Use a quilt clip or hemostat to secure the mitered corner as you insert the quilt back into the binder.
  16. Starting right at the corner, with the needle dropping directly in the corner, stitch down the next side of the quilt.
  17. Repeat the mitering process for the next three corners.
  18. Finally, join the two ends of the binding as desired. And you've bound your quilt.

To see this demonstrated watch the video Quilt Binder Set: Binding The Edge Of Your Quilt.

Find this and all the other Janome optional accessories at your local Janome dealer.

Go To The Quilt Binder Set Video

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Tuesday, 05 February 2013 00:00

New Project: Travel Set Document Purse


Keeps your most valuable items from getting lost.

629-new-project-travel-set-document-projectWhen you travel, you want to be especially careful that your travel documents and personal information don't get lost or stolen.

A great way to do this is with a pouch or wallet with a strap you can put around your neck. Amy Meeks, as part of her Travel Set series, has created an easy Documents Purse project.

It has a pocket to hold your tickets, passport, phone, and other valuables, as well as a place to tuck a pen or pencil. The flap lets you quickly access your documents as you go through customs and airport security.

Made from neoprene, the project takes about 2 hours to complete and requires beginner to intermediate sewing skills. It can be completed on any Janome sewing machine with a walking foot.

Make one for yourself and then make more to give to your jet set friends.

Last week we featured Amy's suitcase sleeve, which helps your luggage to stand out in the baggage claim while protecting it from scuffs. 

Go To Documents Purse Project

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Monday, 04 February 2013 00:00

Announcing The Winner Of Our "What Will You Make With Emerald?" Drawing


Her entry won a box of Janome embroidery thread.

628-winner-of-what-will-you-make-with-emerald-drawingLast week we featured the "color of the year" as determined by the Pantone company. Each year they choose one color they believe will be significant in fashion, decorating, and design. For 2013 they chose emerald green.

We asked you to leave a comment, telling us what you'd make with this color. Then we selected a comment at random to win a box of Janome embroidery thread.

Congratulations to our winner Valerie Clinansmith of Marlette, MI. She said, "This is a beautiful color for all things Christmas--I would get started on a table cover for the coming season."

That's thinking ahead.

You can reward yourself with your own box of Janome Embroidery Thread, available at your local dealer.

See All Janome Thread Assortments

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Friday, 01 February 2013 03:00

Live! From Anna Maria Horner's Studio


Here's what one of our favorite creative partners has been up to.

627-live-from-anna-maria-horners-studioWe are super excited to be filming our next two videos with Anna Maria Horner.

Anna is anticipating her new baby. And if you follow the link you'll see if she thinks it's a boy or a girl--she’s never been wrong with all 7 of her kids!

Despite being 5 months pregnant, Anna has been sewing more than ever with her Horizon Memory Craft 12000. She's working on two projects for Janome that will have complete patterns and instructions as well as the videos to go with them:
-Embroidered Short Shorts (yes, it's still winter but you can think ahead)
-Fabulous And Functional New Tote 

About the MC12000 Anna says, ". . . this machine is amazing!! I can't wait to share more about it with you!!!"

We can't wait to see what she comes up with. Her projects are always so creative and beautiful.

Stay tuned for the release, and get ready to be inspired. In the meantime, if you haven't see them yet, look at Anna's previous projects.

Go To Janome+Anna Maria

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