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Monday, 18 March 2013 03:00

March is National Craft Month: The Perfect Month For A New Serger


The Janome 1100D and 1110DX are serging workhorses.

659-march-is-national-craft-monthA serger is a very handy tool for both sewing and crafting projects. And since March is National Craft Month, it's a great time to highlight why.

Sergers hold a bit of mystique for many sewists, because the machines can use up to 4 threads instead of 2, and they have knives that cut your fabric while you're stitching.

But the truth is, Janome sergers are super easy to use! You can quickly familiarize yourself with their set-up, as well as those extra needles and cutting knives, which are what allow you to trim and finish seams in a single step--with truly professional results.

Janome sergers also contain a wide range of options for stitch customization, giving you far more functionality than just creating a clean finish on the raw edges of seams. These sergers are great for working with nearly any texture or loft of fabric. Constructing quilts, garments, home décor items and more is easy, and you can use them on a wide variety of fabrics, including wool, fleece, velvet, chiffon, silk, cotton or fur.

Meet Two Very Capable Janome Sergers: 1100D And 1110DX

The 1100D Professional Serger combines automatic tension, an easy threading system, Flip Needle System and adjustable stitches to give you simply the best serging has to offer. Features like Automatic Tension, the Blanket Stitch, Stitch Information Display, and easy conversion to rolled hem make the 1100D Professional the most advanced and easy-to-use 4-thread serger from Janome.

The 1110DX makes serger sewing easy! Incorporating the differential feed system of two feed dogs, puckered edges on woven fabrics and stretched edges on knits are virtually eliminated. The rolled hem conversion feature eliminates the need to change the needle plate, foot, or tension setting for rolled hemming. And the color-coded guides are easy to follow for 2, 3, or 4 thread serging.

Try out both the 1100D Professional and the 1110DX sergers at your local Janome dealer.

Find Out More About Janome Sergers

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Friday, 15 March 2013 03:00

Exciting New Janome Partner: Bank Vacuums


Designed specifically for homes with a combination of wood, tile and area rugs.

658-exciting-new-janome-partner-bank-vacuumsSeveral years ago, Greg Bank, who owns a chain of successful vacuum stores in Florida, saw that his customers were moving away from wall-to-wall carpeting in their homes.

Increasingly, they were choosing a combination of wood, tile and area rugs. The problem for Greg and his customers was that the major vacuum makers were still designing machines for wall-to-wall carpeting. There were no machines available to clean a combination of surfaces at a reasonable price. 

So Mr. Bank designed and began manufacturing his own vacuum cleaner. And the Bank Vacuum Company was born.

The vacuums have whimsical names like The Bank Robber, The Bank Stickup, and The Bank President. But with features like a sealed hepa filtration system, digital power control, and state-of-the-art German designed floor nozzles--these machines are serious about cleaning.

Janome is excited to announce a special partnership with The Bank Vacuum Company where these powerful, value-added machines will be available at praticipating Janome dealers.

Bank vacuums are truly the most economical way to clean your home and remove harmful allergens and dust particles from the air that you breathe. Choose from cannister, upright, and electric broom models.

Check our Janome dealer locator to see who in your area carries Bank Vacuums. Look for this icon:alt

Then pay them a visit and try out a Bank Vacuum for yourself.

Find Out More At The Bank Vacuum Website

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Thursday, 14 March 2013 03:00

Improv Sewing: Book Review, Free Project Download & Gift With Purchase Opportunity


For a limited time only -- get Improv Sewing with the purchase of a Sewist 500.


Do you have beginner to intermediate sewing skills, a couple of hours, and a desire to create dozens of items to wear or to use to decorate your home?

Then authors Nicole Blum and Debra Immergut have written just the book for you.

The full title is Improv Sewing: A Freeform Approach to Creative Techniques; 101 Fast, Fun, and Fearless Projects: Dresses, Tunics, Scarves, Skirts, Accessories, Pillows, Curtains, and More.

This 320 page book is features 101 creative sewing projects -- all of which can be completed in less than a day - -some in less than an hour! Playful and inventive, they include clothing for all ages, accessories, home décor items, and furnishings. Most feature embellishments and decorative effects, simple touches that personalize a project with charm, and use interesting textural fabrics, such as jersey knits, linen, and felt...even paper and vinyl!

Nicole and Debra walk you through some sewing basics, demystify the lost art of simple pattern-making, provide visual guides to stitches, and give easy instructions for techniques such as appliqué, doodle-stitching, and layering of fabrics.

Free Project From Improv Sewing: Sketched Window Curtains

These airy window panels, with their dainty stitched lines on gossamer-thin fabric, seem to fill a room with soft breezes and sunlight even on a gloomy day. This project requires intermediate sewing skills, and can be completed in less than 2 hours, using any Janome sewing machine. Get complete project instructions online.

Get The Book Free With The Purchase Of A Sewist 500

The Janome Sewist 500 is a versatile machine with 25 stretch and utility stitches, an automatic 1-step buttonhole, and a convertible free arm. It's sturdy, easy-to-use, and gives you great Janome stitch quality.

For a limited time, when you purchase a Sewist 500, you can receive a free copy of the Improv Sewing book. Offer good at participating Janome dealers in the USA.

Find Out More About The Sewist 500

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013 03:00

New Video:3-Way Cording Foot


How to easily apply multiple strands of cording at once.

656-new-video-3-way-cording-footApplying cord or other decorative embellishments to the top of your fabric can give a very sophisticated look.

But it's not difficult to do--if you have the right presser foot.

The 3 Way Cording Foot H has spring-loaded grooves along the front, which allow you to attach one, two, or three cords at once.

The foot also has grooves on the bottom to allow it to easily ride over the top of the cords.

You can use a decorative stitch to attach cording with this foot, but if you are applying three strands, you may want to avoid a stitch that lands exactly in the center of of the foot, because this will split your center cord.

How To Use The 3-Way Cording Foot

  1. Begin by tying your three cords in a knot.
  2. Holding the knot in back of the foot, bring the cords up through the needle hole. Then thread them under the black bar, and each cord will fit into its assigned slot.
  3. Now attach the foot to the machine.
  4. Choose a decorative stitch. In our video example, we chose a satin stitch with three way zigzag.
  5. As you begin sewing the first couple of stitches, hold the knot at the back of the foot. This will ensure the cords and the foot are aligning correctly. (Also, be sure to keep the cords aligned to the front of the foot. This helps them to feed more smoothly. But do not apply any tension to the cords.)
  6. Finish your stitching and you've just applied a row of cording.

To see this demonstrated, watch the video 3 Way Cording Foot H: Attaching 1, 2, or 3 Cords

Find the 3 Way Cording Foot H and all your other optional accessories at your Janome dealer.

Watch 3-Way Cording Foot Video

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013 03:00

Embroidery For A Cure!


Buy this embroidery design collection. Raise hope. Target ovarian cancer.

655-embroidery-for-a-cure70% of all women diagnosed with ovarian cancer will die of their disease.   It is time to Be the Difference and join forces with the Foundation and the industry to change the statistics of ovarian cancer.

When you purchase the Embroider a Cure Design Collection from Designs in Machine Embroidery, 100% of the net proceeds from the sale go to the Be The Difference Foundation.

Order your CD today and then wait to be inspired. In about two weeks we'll be featuring a project made with some of these designs.

Be The Difference Foundation was formed by four ovarian cancer survivors in different phases of survivorship who all share the same passion, to Be the Difference and end the fight against ovarian cancer.  Their mission is to help women increase their chance of survival of ovarian cancer by raising money to fund programs for better treatment options, effective early screening, symptomatic and genetic predisposition awareness, and a cure. 

Janome dealers, along with other independent sewing retailers, are also supporting the Foundation on its mission to help women increase their chance of survival of ovarian cancer.

Be the difference. Order your design collection today.

Order The Embroider A Cure Design CD

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Monday, 11 March 2013 03:00

Keep Your Machine Safe & Secure On The Go


Get the Horizon ABS Hardside Roller Case.

654-keep-your-machine-safe-a-secure-on-the-goWhat do the Horizon Memory Craft 12000, MC8900QCP, and the MC8200QC all have in common?

That great big bed space, which gives you all the room you need for those large scale projects.

They now have something else in common: a rolling hardcase that makes it so much easier to bring these machines along with you.

With a protective shell of lightweight, sturdy ABS plastic, the new Hardside Roller Case has special padding inside to keep your extra large Janome safe and secure. Your MC12000 embroidery unit rides along on top. And you can store your hoops and accessories in a convenient inner bag. 

The case opens from the front and middle, making it easier to place your machine inside. Just extend the telescoping handle to pull it along on easy rolling casters. And you're ready to transport your Memory Craft across the parking lot or through the hotel. The case also has sturdy side handles to make it easier to set it in the trunk.

To keep the hardside case from rolling away just set the convenient brake. You'll wish all your luggage was this easy to manuever. 

See the Horizon ABS Hardside Roller Case, and your other optional machine accessories, at your local Janome dealer.

Find Out More About The Hardside Roller Case

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Friday, 08 March 2013 00:00

The New MC9900: Get All The Projects From The Brochure In A Flipbook


Enjoy flipping through 26 pages of ideas and inspiration for our new machine.

653-the-new-mc9900-project-flipbookThe new Memory Craft 9900 sewing and embroidery machine gives you so many different tools for expressing yourself.

Now you can see some inspiring examples in our MC9900 project flip book. Get complete instructions for making the four fabulous outfits featured in the MC9900 brochure, plus additional home décor and accessory projects.

Browse through the flip book online (like an ebook reader). Or download it as a PDF to browse offline or print out.

Either way you'll see step-by-step how the MC9900 makes it easy and fun. All the best features are here for embroidery, garment sewing, home décor, fabric crafting, and more. All in a machine that’s just the right size.

  • 1,000 stitches per minute
  • 175 built-in embroidery designs; many all new
  • Janome’s most stable embroidery mechanism
  • Advanced on-screen editing
  • 200 decorative stitches; up to 9mm
  • 3 Quick Change Face Panels standard; with more optional colors coming soon
  • Brilliant touchscreen with 65,536 colors

Explore all of the features that make this a great sewing and embroidery machine on the new MC9900 website. Then contact your Janome dealer to see when the MC9900 will be arriving at their store.

Go To The MC9900 Project Flip Book

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Thursday, 07 March 2013 00:00

New MC9900: A Serious Sewing Machine


It's quiet, powerful and precise – with top-of-the-line features.

652-new-mc9900-a-serious-sewing-machineThe Memory Craft 9900 sewing and embroidery machine has so many advanced sewing features, you could put away the embroidery unit and it would still be worth the price.

It sews up to 1,000 stitches per minute. It has 9mm stitch width. And it’s so very quiet—even at top speed.

You'll enjoy time saving features like the quick change needle plate that switches out in seconds without requiring a screwdriver.

The easy-threading bobbin case and cover plate mean there’s no need to pull long thread tails up and through when you first thread the machine. Or how about the new bobbin winder plate has its own cutting blade? Faster and smoother winding, a quick slice and you’re ready to drop it in.

The 200 built-in stitches include 6 buttonholes plus bar tack and darning stitches. You can customize and combine stitches in a multitude of ways. More than two dozen can be flipped horizontally. Use the Favorite Stitch setting or save your customized stitches to the internal memory or a USB memory stick.

Explore all of the features that make this a great sewing machine on the new MC9900 website. You can go here for details on just its sewing features.

Then contact your Janome dealer to see when the MC9900 will be arriving at their store.

Go To The MC9900 Website

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Wednesday, 06 March 2013 03:00

The New MC9900: Powerful Onscreen Embroidery Editing


Get the same onscreen editing package as the top-of-the-line MC12000.

651-new-mc9900-powerful-onscreen-embroidery-editingThe new Memory Craft 9900 embroidery machine makes it easy to create embroidery exactly the way you imagine it.

With more than 65 thousand colors, your touch screen becomes a vivid palette for creating design layouts.

You have so many choices here. You can touch and drop, resize, copy and paste, rotate in fine increments, change colors, and on and on.

One feature you’ll love is the ability to group colors to dramatically reduce the number of thread changes—a Janome exclusive. In the MC9900 brochure we show you how this feature helped our design go from 20 thread changes to just five!

You can also make fine adjustments after your fabric is in the hoop. Use the arrow keys to put your fabric in exactly the right spot. This feature is essential when you’re doing big layouts that need multiple hoopings. Or use it to position smaller designs.

Explore all of the features that make this a great embroidery machine on the new MC9900 website.

Then contact your Janome dealer to see when the MC9900 will be arriving at their store.

Go To The MC9900 Website

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Tuesday, 05 March 2013 00:00

Color Me Creative: Embroidery Is So Much Fun On The New MC9900


Get to know the serious embroidery machine that's an amazing value.

650-new-mc9900-color-me-creative-embroideryThe Memory Craft 9900 has the most stable embroidery unit Janome has ever produced.

It's precise. In fact, the stitch quality is so precise, it's possible to embroider fine lace designs on certain types of organza without stabilizer!

It's fast (1000 spm). And it's remarkably quiet.

If you're looking for value, the MC9900 has the kind of specifications found on machines costing twice as much and with three-times the learning curve. Here, everything is so easy to use, because the technology is designed to make it fun.

The MC9900 comes with 175 built-in embroidery designs, most of which are brand new. And the new menu includes a special selection of designs created by Jane Spolar of Quilt Poetry. You also get lots of design parts, like corners and borders, for building larger layouts.

Explore all of the features that make this a great embroidery machine on the new MC9900 website. Find out about its huge new stitch capacity and the powerful built-in embroidery tools. Go here for details on just its embroidery features.

Then contact your Janome dealer to see when the MC9900 will be arriving at their store. 

Go To The MC9900 Website

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