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Wednesday, 06 March 2013 03:00

The New MC9900: Powerful Onscreen Embroidery Editing


Get the same onscreen editing package as the top-of-the-line MC12000.

651-new-mc9900-powerful-onscreen-embroidery-editingThe new Memory Craft 9900 embroidery machine makes it easy to create embroidery exactly the way you imagine it.

With more than 65 thousand colors, your touch screen becomes a vivid palette for creating design layouts.

You have so many choices here. You can touch and drop, resize, copy and paste, rotate in fine increments, change colors, and on and on.

One feature you’ll love is the ability to group colors to dramatically reduce the number of thread changes—a Janome exclusive. In the MC9900 brochure we show you how this feature helped our design go from 20 thread changes to just five!

You can also make fine adjustments after your fabric is in the hoop. Use the arrow keys to put your fabric in exactly the right spot. This feature is essential when you’re doing big layouts that need multiple hoopings. Or use it to position smaller designs.

Explore all of the features that make this a great embroidery machine on the new MC9900 website.

Then contact your Janome dealer to see when the MC9900 will be arriving at their store.

Go To The MC9900 Website

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Tuesday, 05 March 2013 00:00

Color Me Creative: Embroidery Is So Much Fun On The New MC9900


Get to know the serious embroidery machine that's an amazing value.

650-new-mc9900-color-me-creative-embroideryThe Memory Craft 9900 has the most stable embroidery unit Janome has ever produced.

It's precise. In fact, the stitch quality is so precise, it's possible to embroider fine lace designs on certain types of organza without stabilizer!

It's fast (1000 spm). And it's remarkably quiet.

If you're looking for value, the MC9900 has the kind of specifications found on machines costing twice as much and with three-times the learning curve. Here, everything is so easy to use, because the technology is designed to make it fun.

The MC9900 comes with 175 built-in embroidery designs, most of which are brand new. And the new menu includes a special selection of designs created by Jane Spolar of Quilt Poetry. You also get lots of design parts, like corners and borders, for building larger layouts.

Explore all of the features that make this a great embroidery machine on the new MC9900 website. Find out about its huge new stitch capacity and the powerful built-in embroidery tools. Go here for details on just its embroidery features.

Then contact your Janome dealer to see when the MC9900 will be arriving at their store. 

Go To The MC9900 Website

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Monday, 04 March 2013 00:00

Color Me Customized: The New MC9900 Sewing & Embroidery Machine


Now your machine can match your mood.

649-new-mc9900-color-me-customizedThe new Memory Craft 9900 sewing and embroidery machine comes with three Quick Change Face Panels (with more optional colors coming soon).

It's just one of many ways you can customize this new machine to fit the way you sew.

Power, Speed, and Quiet

The MC9900 has a brand new processor that runs four times as fast as its predecessor. You can sew at up to 1,000 stitches per minute. And embroider at up to 800 spm.

All the best features are here for embroidery, garment sewing, home décor, fabric crafting, and more. All in a machine that’s just the right size.

  • 175 built-in embroidery designs; many all new
  • Janome’s most stable embroidery mechanism
  • Advanced on-screen editing
  • 200 decorative stitches; up to 9mm
  • 3 Quick Change Face Panels standard; with more optional colors coming soon
  • Brilliant touchscreen with 65,536 colors

Easy To Use Right Out Of The Box

It's all been designed to get you up and running right away. Even if you've never embroidered before.

The machines start arriving in dealers' stores this month. So take a tour online, then contact your local dealer for delivery details and event information. You'll see why we say the MC9900 is "As Unique As You!"

Go To The New MC9900 Website

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Friday, 01 March 2013 02:00

It's Here! The NEW Memory Craft 9900!


The newest member of our Memory Craft family takes you from Sewing to Embroidery & Beyond!

648-its-here-the-new-memory-craft-9900Our brand new Memory Craft 9900 website debuts today, giving you a look at this incredible machine that can take your creative expression in any direction you can imagine. Find out about the features, designs, stitches, precision and power. Download a copy of the official brochure. Over the next few days, we'll be adding more fun elements and interesting information, including an online project flipbook.

Then... visit your participating Janome America dealer and try it all out for yourself. You'll see why we say the MC9900 is "As Unique As You!"

The machines start arriving in deales' stores this month. So take a tour online, then contact your local dealer for all the details.

Find Out More

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Thursday, 28 February 2013 03:00

Powered by Janome: Jill of Sew A Fine Seam


She's found her creative niche, offering handmade items and vintage finds.

646-powered-by-janome-jill-of-sew-a-fine-seamJill Flory describes herself as "the one who sews, and designs and dreams and decorates." She's one of the new breed of "mompreneurs"-- home-based entrepreneurs who are taking advantage of the web and social media to build a community and a business. And we're proud to say Jill does her sewing on a Janome Memory Craft 6600 Professional (and has a Janome serger).

Through her blog Sew A Fine Seam Jill she features sewing tutorials, unique items she has for sale in her Etsy shop, and decor ideas inspired by her flea market finds.

The name of her blog was inspired by the Bible verse "Whatever you do, do with all your heart, as to the Lord." (Col. 3:23). Jill reasoned that even if she was just sewing a simple seam, it was worth doing well.

Jill's mother taught her to sew when she was eight years old. She recalls that her first project was sewing a tiny dress for Barbie’s little sister. Since then sewing has always been a major part of her life, whether making her own creations or doing custom sewing for a client.

Jill says, "I delight in designing the items I create.  I love to get to know a client by digging through their blog and asking them questions about what they like or don’t like and then designing something just for them.  When it involves wonderful fabrics like fine linen and cotton and especially vintage fabrics I am truly in my element!"

She began sewing on a Janome right after she got married. Her mother gave her a basic model as a gift. But, Jill says, "A few year later I had put enough miles on it I wanted something a little more heavy duty and with a few more options.  Because I always had such great service from the shop my first Janome came from, I started there in my search for a bigger, better machine."

The machine that fill the bill with power, sewing room and features was the MC6600P. So Jill bought it from the same dealer and says she has been very happy with it.

Jill continues to be busy with clients and growing her blog audience. She says, "Coming up this year I have a few slip cover projects and at least one wedding to sew for.  Also pillows, bags, ruffled leggings, and whatever else I decide to sew to put in my Etsy shop!"

Visit Jill Flory's blog. See her Etsy shop. And find out more about her sewing machine, which is available at your local Janome dealer.

Go To Sew A Fine Seam

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Wednesday, 27 February 2013 03:00

#1 Spring 2013 Fashion Trend: Lace!


This classic accent is back in style.

645-spring-2013-fashion-trend-laceThere was a time when lace was considered appropriate for lingerie trim only. But now this fabric (and trim) is staging a comeback, showing up on everything from sleek day dresses to frilly weekend tops.

Lace was huge on the runway previews for spring.  Valentino, Giambattista Valli, Bottega Veneta, and Burberry were some of the best examples. It is definitely a return to delicate, feminine dressing. Elle Magazine has an entire slideshow of the latest lace designs from New York's Fashion Week.

There are lots of great ways to wear lace. As one designer said, "I love the idea of lace detailing on skirts, pants and coats. Lace tops are great to pair with a structured blazer to offset the sweetness. A super easy way to integrate the lace trend into spring is a lace tight!"

You have a number of accessories for making sewing with lace easier on your Janome. For instance, a serger is perfect for this task. If you are using your 1200D serger, you'll want the Lace Attachment Guide.

The Ultimate Ruffler can attach lace while making gathers in your fabric. Watch the instructional video.

Or take a look at Jenny Haskins' Lace Glorious Lace embroidery designs.

And you can do many wonderful lace effects with Digitizer MBX embroidery software and your Memory Craft machine.

Your authorized Janome dealer will be happy to help you with the accessories and notions you need.

Discover The Horizon Memory Craft 12000

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Tuesday, 26 February 2013 03:00

Video: MC12000 Ultraglide Foot U (9mm)


You need this foot to avoid sticky fabric situations.

635-video-mc12000-ultraglide-foot-u-9mmHow do you sew with your Horizon Memory Craft 12000 on cotton laminates, vinyl, and other fabric that likes to stick to the presser foot?

Use the Ultra Glide Foot (9mm)

Made from a non-stick material, this optional accessory glides smoothly over faux leather, ultra suede and plastic. In fact, the Ultra Glide foot slides along with such low drag, you can sew on sticky materials just like they're regular fabric.

It's extra useful for top stitching.

How To Use The Ultra Glide Foot On Your MC12000

  1. Attach the foot to your machine.
  2. On the touch screen go to Utility Stitches.
  3. Choose a straight stitch.
  4. Begin sewing as you would with regular fabric.

And your seam looks just as good.

To see this demonstrated, watch the video Ultra Glide Foot U (9mm): Sewing sticky fabrics.

Try out this and all the other optional MC12000 presser feet at your authorized Janome dealer.

Watch The Ultra Glide Foot Video

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Monday, 25 February 2013 03:00

New Artistic® Project: Vinyl Appliqué on a Leather Bag


This sweet leather bag gets a makeover with vinyl adhesives.

644-new-artistic-project-vinyl-applique-on-a-leather-bagYou've probably seen lots of old leather bags and purses at yard sales and thrift stores. Now here's a way to update a leather item using vinyl appliqué.

Artistic Educator Maddie Bushman used Artistic Suite V6 software to create the lettering and designs on the bag shown to the right.

You can do the same thing in just 30 minutes, with intermediate skills. Get complete instructions here (PDF).

Maddie wanted to demonstrate how Artistic software is not just limited to creating embroidery and crystal designs - it also has lots of great applications for various crafting techniques. For this example, you can cut your design out of vinyl to embellish things that you wouldn't normally be able to do embroidery or appliqué on.

Artistic Suite V6 software contains a wide variety of amazing features and functionality, including cutwork, TrueType font conversion, appliqué, fabric cutting, decorative stitches, and heat transfer.

It also includes a revolutionary rhinestone application, which allows you to add them to sewing and crafting projects like never before. Any shape, including logos, clip art, or imported graphics, can be easily designed for rhinestones. The software then sends the design to a digital cutter for template creation.

You'll also find a powerful monogram feature - insert 3 characters for monogramming, freely edit monogram shapes with a Node Editor, and create a monogram from any TrueType font.

You can use any of the thousands of designs in the software or make your own shapes to create fun and interesting designs with crystals. Write out words or make hearts or butterflies--it all just takes a few minutes.

Get Artistic Suite V6 Software at your local Janome dealer.

Go To The Leather Bag Makeover Project Page

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Friday, 22 February 2013 03:00

New Limited Edition MC8900QCP with a RED Face Plate!


You ask. Janome listens.

643-new-limited-edition-mc8900qcp-with-a-red-face-plateThis summer we introduced the Horizon Memory Craft 8900 QCP and 8200 QC sewing and quilting machines to rave reviews. Watch the video we made of quilters who first tried it at the Houston Quilt Show.

It had everything a quilter could hope for. In fact, the only item on the "wish list" for these models was a request for a Janome Red face panel - similar to what debuted on the the predecessor model, the Horizon 7700 QCP.

Now, for a limited time, the MC8900 QCP is available with a rich red face panel. See your local Janome America dealer for details, availability and pricing.

The Ultimate Quilting Machine

With its 11 inches of bed space and the 9 mm wide stitches, the MC8900QCP is a quilter's dream. We've been getting wonderful feedback from quilters who've had a chance to try it out--like how smooth the free motion quilting feels and how quiet the machine is. If you're going to be spending a lot of time with your quilting machine (and we hope that's your case), smooth and precise operation becomes a big deal.

The MC8900QCP comes standard with the AcuFeed Flex™ fabric feeding system, has 270 stitches, and can sew at 1,000 stitches per minute. It was designed to open up new possibilities for quilters at every skill level. You'll be able to take on those ambitious projects your old machine just couldn't handle because of lack of bed space, insufficient power, an inadequate feeding system, or other limitations.

For complete details go to our MC8900QCP/MC8200QC website. Then try it out for yourself at your local authorized Janome dealer. But don't wait, because when the red face panel models are gone, they're gone.

Find Out More About The MC8900QCP

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Thursday, 21 February 2013 03:00

Powered by Janome: Debbie Grifka of Esch House Quilts


Modern quilts are her passion.

637-powered-by-janome-debbie-grifka-of-esch-house-quiltsOne day in 2002, Debbie Grifka began to work on a wall hanging. Though she'd done some garment and home decor sewing, she'd never taken on a large scale project before.

Debbie says, "I’m not really sure what combination of factors led me to start that day, but I have been obsessed ever since. I love designing and making quilts!"

Now through her Esch House Quilts blog and online stores, Debbie has built a quilting business where she sells her unique designs. And she does her quilting on a Janome Horizon 7700.

As a little girl Debbie was taught to sew by her mom. Then in junior high she took a garment making class. But her passion for quilting didn't happen until that fateful day in 2002 when she started the wall hanging.

The idea of participating in an online community led her to start her blog in 2009.  She says that she was having lots of fun reading other people's blogs and seeing their photos on Flickr and really wanted to participate in that sharing. Recently, she was able to quit her part time job and devote herself to full time quilting and designing quilts.  

Debbie says she discovered Janome while researching a new machine.

"I talked to many fellow sewists and quilters about what machines they owned and how they liked them," she says. "There were two final factors that led me to pick Janome and, specifically, the 7700.  I quilt all my own quilts and plan to continue to do so, so the throat space was a very important part of my decision.  The Janome 7700 offered the most throat space in my price range."

She also liked her local dealer who had helped her keep her old machine running.  "The dealership has been in business for over 60 years, so I felt good knowing they will be there if I have any problems."

Debbie says that the three features she most looked forward to having were needle up/down, a walking foot and the large throat space.  "Two of the features that have surprised me by how much I love them are the automatic needle threader and the thread cutter." She adds that quilting is much easier on the 7700.

Even though she's an experienced quilter, Debbie continues to try new techniques. One thing she's really looking forward to learning is free motion quilting.  "I've been too busy to set time aside to do it yet, but I think starting in March (after QuiltCon), I will set aside a few hours a week to work on it."

You can see Debbie Grifka's free projects on her Esch House Quilts blog and find her designs in her Etsy and Craftsy online stores.

Her roomy Horizon 7700 machine has been replaced by the even roomier Horizon Memory Craft 8900 and 8200 machines. Try them out at your local Janome dealer.

Go To Esch House Quilts Blog

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