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Thursday, 09 May 2013 00:00

New Project: Angela Yosten's Tailored Bed Skirt Tutorial


Coordinate your bed with the rest of your decor.

693-new-project-angela-yostens-bed-skirtYou can buy a plain white bed skirt to cover your box spring.

But when your bed skirt fabric coordinates with your throw pillows, curtains and other items in the room, it really makes a difference.

Angel Yosten has created a Tailored Bed Skirt Tutorial, which shows you how to complete a professional-looking bed skirt in just 2-3 hours, using your Janome serger and sewing machine. And you need only intermediate sewing skills to create this elegant accessory.

Get complete, step-by-step instructions online.

Angela is a creative seamstress who specializes in making sophisticated projects easy for everyone. She's the author of Stop. Go. Quilt. Sew! 12 Fun Projects For Boys to Enjoy, and a contributor to quilting books Modern Blocks, and Fresh Fabric Treats.

For this project she used a Memory Craft 8900 QCP sewing and quilting machine and an 1100D serger. For hemming the skirt, Angela uses the 9mm Rolled Hem Foot D. (Watch the video tutorial on using this foot to make rolled hems.)

You can try out both of these machines and the Rolled Hem Foot at your local Janome dealer.

Go To The Tailored Bed Skirt Tutorial

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Wednesday, 08 May 2013 00:00

Powered By Janome: Jeni of In Color Order


Her blog is a wealth of information and quilting inspiration.

695-powered-by-janome-jeni-of-in-color-orderJeni Baker is a true renaissance woman. She teaches sewing. She sells her own quilting designs. She even has her own line of fabric. And we're proud to say that she does her stitching on a Janome.

Jeni has been blogging and sewing for 13 years, learning how to do both at age 11. She credits her Mom for always encouraged craftiness. Throughout high school Jeni sewed tote bags and other small projects. When she went away to college, she took along a sewing machine and sewed off and on when she found time between classes.

When she moved into an apartment, she tried making her first quilt. It was a success, and Jeni says, "I have been hooked ever since!"

Now she teaches sewing classes at The Sewcial Lounge, a modern sewing and fabric shop in Madison, WI. And she designs her own line of fabric for Art Gallery Fabrics. It's called Color Me Retro, and draws its inspiration from the kitchenware of the 1950s and 60s--bright, fresh combinations of lime green, royal blue, and raspberry red.

Jeni also designs her own sewing and quilting patterns, which she sells through her blog In Color Order.

She discovered Janome through her Mom, who had two Memory Craft 4800s. Jeni took one with her to college as a backup machine and was very happy with it.

She says, "When it came time to buy a larger machine, it was a no brainer to buy another Janome." Jeni chose a Horizon 7700 QCP.  Her favorite thing about the 7700 is the large throat space.  "I am primarily a quilter, so having that extra room is invaluable.  I also love the free-motion quilting foot.  Being able to adjust the height of the foot makes things a lot easier!"

See all of Jeni Baker's tutorials, patterns, and fabric designs on her blog. You'll also find links to her Etsy shop and information on where to get her fabric.

Jeni's favorite quilting machine has been replaced by the Memory Craft 8900 QCP--with even more bed space and great quilting features. Try one out at your local Janome dealer.

Go To The In Color Order Blog

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Tuesday, 07 May 2013 00:00

New Serger Video: Cording Foot with Fishing Line


Give your rolled hem a little extra body.

694-new-serger-video-cording-foot-with-fishing-lineWhen you're making a rolled hem with your serger, how do you give it more dimension?

Serge your hem with fishing line inside, using a technique called "veiling."

Cording Foot A is designed for attaching fine cord, wire, or other material that will fit through the loop on the foot. You can use it to easily insert fishing line as you stitch a rolled hem, creating a nice rippled effect for the edge of veiling, chiffon, chiffon flowers, or any time you want a rippled effect on lightweight fabric.

How To Use Fishing Line With Cording Foot A

  1. Begin by threading the machine with the right needle in and Wooly Nylon in the Upper looper. Because the hole in the upper looper is small, use the following technique to thread the Wooly nylon: Take a piece of thread and make a loop. Then feed the wooly nylon through this loop. Now pass the thread through the eye of the upper looper. As you pull it to the back of the machine, it pulls the wooly nylon right through.
  2. Adjust the tension for creating a rolled hem, according to your machine manual.
  3. Attach Cording Foot A.
  4. Thread fishing line through the hole in the foot.
  5. As you begin serging, you will be encasing the fishing line into the rolled hem.

To see this demonstrated, watch the video Cording Foot A: Using fishing line for veiling or chiffon flowers.

You can find Cording Foot A and all the other optional serger feet at your local Janome dealer.

Watch Cording Foot A Veiling Video

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Monday, 06 May 2013 00:00

Enter The Spring Into May Giveaway


Win one of six HUGE prize packs. The total of all prizes is valued at more than $2,200!

698-enter-the-spring-into-may-giveaway-winWith the arrival of spring, and Mother's Day just around the corner, it's the perfect time for a big giveaway.

We're teaming up with the Craft Buds blog and some of your favorite sewing and craft brands for the Spring Into May Giveaway.

It takes just a minute to enter and you're then eligible for a chance to win one of six HUGE prize packs. The total of all prizes is valued at more than $2,200.

For example: Prize Pack 1 includes a Janome Magnolia 7325 sewing machine and a $100 gift card for Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores. And the other five prize packs feature everything from fabric to online lessons to a Kindle Fire tablet.

Check out all the prizes here and then scroll to the bottom to enter. The contest ends this Friday (05/10/2013) so don't wait.

Go To The Spring Giveaway Entry Page

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Friday, 03 May 2013 00:00

Introducing The New Purple Tip Needles


These prevent skipped stitches on heavy fabrics.

692-introducing-the-new-purple-tip-needlesJanome has just introduced a new variety of sewing needle called the Purple Tip Needle.

Purple Tip Needles are designed to prevent skipped stitches with heavy fabrics, including knits, while doing sewing and embroidering. They feature a ball point tip to prevent fabric thread breakage and a special cobra shaped head to form a proper needle thread loop so that it prevents skipped stitches caused by the fluctuation of the fabric. And they're available in a heavier #14 size.

Purple Tip Needles are recommended for:

  • Embroidery with a high density design and/or thick fabric
  • Fluffier thread like cotton
  • Quilting multiple layers which normally resist needle penetration      
  • Sewing knit, tricot, and synthetic fabrics like thick polyester

Here's a quick way to tell which color needle you should use for your specific project.

Red Tip Needle - Has a normal tip. Designed for regular sewing on fabrics such as cotton.

Blue Tip Needle - Has a ball point. Designed for sewing on knits and synthetic fabric.

Purple Tip Needle - Has a ball point with a special "cobra" head. Recommended for high density designs and thick fabrics.

For the best advice on which needle to choose for your next project, talk to your local Janome dealer.

More About Purple Tip Needles

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Thursday, 02 May 2013 00:00

New Serger Video: Cording Foot With Fine Wire


How to make professional looking wired ribbon.

691-new-serger-video-cording-foot-with-fine-wireThe optional serger foot Cording Foot A allows you to embed materials like yarn, or fine cord as you stitch a rolled hem.

But you can also use it to make your own wired ribbon.

You simply use Cording Foot A to embed fine wire along the edge of the your fabric, encasing it in a rolled hem.

Not only does this allow you to pick any kind of fabric to make your ribbon, but you also get to determine the color and density of the thread (or decorative floss) that holds the wire in place.

You end up with a truly custom wired ribbon that coordinates perfectly with your gift or project.

Making wired ribbon this way takes just a few steps. For this example we're using 28 gauge beading wire. In the upper looper you can use decorative floss, wooly nylon, or any sort of heavier thread. We're using two pieces of fabric so our ribbon has a fancier look when folded.

Making Wired Ribbon With Cording Foot A

  1. Referring to your machine manual, set the tension on your serger for creating a rolled hem.
  2. With Cording Foot A on the machine, thread the wire through the guide on the foot.
  3. Stitch a rolled hem on the wire by itself for about half an inch. Make sure the wire is encompassed in the rolled hem. This ensures the wire is in the correct positioning for when you start serging on your ribbon.
  4. Position the strips of fabric, wrong sides together, under the foot and continue serging the length of the wire.

You now have a wire edge rolled hem that will hold its shape for your own custom ribbons and bows. Simply repeat to embed the wire on the other side.

To see this demonstrated watch the video Cording Foot A: Using fine wire for creating your own wired ribbon for decorative bows.

Find Cording Foot A and all the other optional serger accessories at your local Janome dealer.

Watch The Making Wired Ribbon Video

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Wednesday, 01 May 2013 00:00

New Accessories For Zing Digital Cutter: Fabric Blade And 14" x 24" Mat


Two new accessories make it even easier to create perfect rhinestone templates.

689-new-accessories-for-zing-digital-cutter-bundleThe Artistic Crystals software makes it so easy to create rhinestone designs on your computer. But it's the Zing Digital Cutter that makes them so easy to apply to your fabric.

With laser-guided accuracy, the Zing easily cuts through template material, vinyl cardstock, thin chipboard, rhinestone rubber, craft plastic and more.

Now you can get a new Zing Fabric Blade for cutting all kinds fabrics (stabilized or not), regular felt, and even tackle twill!  This specially-designed blade has proven to give sharper points and cleaner cutting of fabric than other similar blades on the market.

To help you with your own cutting, Artistic has also introduced the Zing 14" x 24" Cutting Mat. This gridded mat has a pre-applied adhesive on it. It measures about 14.75″ x 27″. It is ideal for cutting larger projects or crystal design templates.

Find out for yourself just how fun it is to add Bling to your sewing, quilting and embroidery projects. Visit your local authorized Janome dealer.

Find Out How To Get Started With Artistic

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Tuesday, 30 April 2013 00:00

New Project: MC9900 Embroidered Pot Holder


Choose the designs to match your decor.

690-new-project-mc9900-embroidered-pot-holderPart of the fun that comes with having an embroidery machine that's as easy to use as the MC9900 is being able to produce beautiful items for your home whenever you like.

Take, for example, these Fancy Embroidered Pot Holders. Made with duck canvas and your choice of fabric print, they protect your hands from hot dishes while adding a little extra style to your kitchen.

This project, created by Alison Newman, requires intermediate sewing skills and can be customized with your choice of colors and embroidery designs. Get complete instructions online.

When you're making pot holders or any other project with embroidery, the Horizon Memory Craft 9900  gives you plenty of built-in designs to choose from and unsurpassed quality when you stitch them out.

The machine features a sleek, detachable embroidery unit that slides onto the back--the same configuration as on our top-of-the-line Horizon Memory Craft 12000. The X axis carriage (for side-to-side movement) has a sturdier design for greater strength and improved stability. While the Y axis carriage has a Double Linear Motion Guide, which also improves stability and allows more precise movement.

To try out the MC9900 embroidery machine for yourself, visit your local Janome dealer.

Go To Pot Holder Project

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Monday, 29 April 2013 00:00

Introducing TWO NEW Machines In The Magnolia Line


An affordable Basic machine. And the most Advanced Magnolia ever made.

666-introducing-two-new-machines-in-the-magnolia-lineThe popular line of Janome Magnolia sewing machines and sergers has two new members: the 7325 and the 7360.

Magnolia 7325

We recommend this machine for beginners because it's so easy to figure out and the stitch quality is excellent--eliminating frustration. Someone who's just learning can sit down and enjoy immediate success. The machine comes with 25 essential and decorative stitches, an automatic buttonhole, built-in one-hand needle threader, a free arm, memorized needle up/down, and so much more. See the complete list of Magnolia 7325 features.

Magnolia 7360

This truly is the most advanced Magnolia we've ever made. It comes with 60 stitches, including 8 one-step buttonholes, which are easy to access using the backlit LED screen with quick navigation keys. The stitch mechanism is exceptionally precise with Janome's 7-piece feed dog and automatic thread tension control. You also save time with features like the memorized needle up/down, one-hand needle threader, and the auto-declutch bobbin winder. If you like free motion quilting, you can drop the feed dogs, push the start/stop button, and just go with the flow. See the complete list of Magnolia 7360 features.

Download the brochure for the entire line of Magnolia sewing machines and sergers as a PDF file (1.1MB).

The new machines are delivering now participating Janome dealers in the USA. Call your dealer to find out when they will arrive in your area, then visit for a "test drive" of one.. or both!

Find Out More About The New Magnolias

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Friday, 26 April 2013 00:00

Janome Partner Bank Vacuums: This Is The Stick Up


Gives you quick pick-ups for all hard surfaces and carpet.

688-janome-partner-bank-vacuums-this-is-the-stick-upMurphy's Law says that ten minutes after you've carefully vacuumed an area somebody is going to drop something on it. Whether it's crumbs or dirt from a shoe, you need lightweight vacuum that's easy to get out for a quick cleanup.

The Bank Stick Up vacuum is the perfect choice for powerful, cordless cleaning. Created by Janome partner The Bank Vacuum Company, The Stick Up is designed for excellent performance on all hard surfaces, carpets and area rugs. The detachable hand vacuum is perfect for those little spills or around birdcages or litterboxes.

It has a swivel neck assembly for getting into those hard to reach areas. And you can easily turn the rotating brush ON or OFF as you move from hard surfaces to carpet.

Other features of The Stick Up include:

  • An easily detachable hand-held vacuum unit for cars, furniture and stairs
  • A weight of only 6 lbs.
  • Brush on/off switch for easy transition from floor to carpet
  • Easy empty dust bin with washable filter
  • Charging station
  • 2 year warranty

Watch the video demonstration of The Stick Up on YouTube.

See the complete features of The Stick Up vacuum. Then use our dealer locator and look for the Bank Vacuum icon to find the dealer nearest you.

Find Out More About The Bank Stick Up Vacuum

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