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Monday, 16 September 2013 00:00

How The New Horizon Memory Craft 15000 Connects To Your iPad®


Two new iPad® apps make it easy to design embroidery, and then monitor the stitch-out.

791-how-the-new-horizon-memory-craft-15000-connects-to-your-ipadThe Horizon Memory Craft 15000 (coming to your Janome dealer Oct. 1st) is the first sewing machine that can connect wirelessly to your Apple iPad®. This means you can work on embroidery layouts anywhere your home wi-fi connection reaches.

Where do you do your best creative thinking? If it's in your favorite chair in the living room, you can now go there to create embroidery design layouts for the MC15000.

Using the new AcuEdit™ app is like opening up the MC15000's touch screen on your iPad®. This native app utilizes the complete MC15000 embroidery editing suite. You can Move, Rotate, Enlarge/Reduce, Mirror image, and Vertical flip designs. You can do Centering, Cornering, Copy and Paste, and more. Plus, you have a complete set of monogramming tools.

You can import designs from the machine to AcuEdit™, create your design and when the finished layout is ready to be stitched out, you can send it back to the machine.

Once your fabric is hooped and you're ready to embroider, you can use a second app to keep tabs on your machine while it stitches out.

The AcuMonitor™ app lets you monitor your MC15000 from your iPad® during the entire embroidery process. For example, in your sewing room you could start the machine embroidering. Then you take your iPad® to the kitchen, keeping an eye on the stitch-out as you make dinner. AcuMonitor™ also uses your home's wi-fi network to track the status of the MC15000. It can check embroidery progress, machine status, and show you a list of all thread colors for the design being embroidered.

 Both apps are free to download through the Apple App Store and require an iPad® running iOS 6.0 or later.

 See the Horizon Memory Craft 15000 along with its iPad® functionality when the machine arrives at your Janome dealer October 1.

Find Out More About The MC15000

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Friday, 13 September 2013 00:00

Powered By Janome: Alyssa Lichner Of Pile O' Fabric


She shares her quilting adventures as she conquers one Pile O’ Fabric at a time!

790-powered-by-janome-alyssa-lichner-of-pile-o-fabricAlyssa Lichner created her modern quilting blog to help enthusiasts of all skill levels establish a solid sewing foundation through step-by-step tutorials. Her goal has been to inspire everyone "to continue learning, to step out of their comfort zones, to try new techniques, join new events, try new products, and fall more in love with quilting and sewing than they've ever been!"

And we're proud to say Alyssa does her quilting on a Janome.

Growing up, she learned to sew from her mother. Alyssa remembers being able to make easy clothing patterns and costumes.

In 2006, she purchased her first sewing machine so she could sew her wedding veil. But after that her machine went back into the closet.

Two years ago she was at Pottery Barn doing Christmas shopping for her daughter, and she saw their quilts.

Alyssa says, "They were so cute, but I wanted something one of a kind. It was at that moment, I decided, I would make my daughter and soon-to-be son their own quilts. I Googled 'basic quilt tutorials and ideas' and came across Amy Smart at Diary of a Quilter. She had a full tutorial series for creating a quilt start to finish called the Basic Quilting Series."

Thanks to the tutorial Alyssa finished her first quilt and was totally hooked. She says that this was by far the most fun hobby she had ever tried and there was no turning back!

Shortly after that she started her own blog, adding her own tutorials as she learned. Now Alyssa and her husband own a sewing pattern design company called Aria Lane.

She first discovered Janome when she began reading popular quilting blogs. Alyssa says, "It didn't take long to figure out that some really great quilters were using Janome, and soon after I bought my own!"

Alyssa chose the 4120 Quilter's Decor Computer because it fit her requirements. She says, "I already had a straight stitch quilting machine, so I was primarily looking for a machine which had multiple stitches, was light/portable, had a great walking foot, a free arm, and was within my under-$1000 budget. The 4210DQC fit the bill perfectly!"

This past year Alyssa has hosted the Skill Builder Block-of-the-Month on her blog. Now she's working on the plans and sewing for Skill Builder BOM 2014, which will be an online class at pileofabric.com starting Janurary 2014. She's also working on four quilt patterns and one bag pattern for Aria Lane, where you can purchase her patterns. She and her husband will soon be adding Aria Lane embroidery, bag, and quilt patterns by other independent designers as well.

Find out more about Alyssa's quilting machine.

Go To The Pile O' Fabric Blog

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Thursday, 12 September 2013 00:00

Winner Of Our National-Tell-A-Joke-Day Drawing


The drawing wasn't a joke. We really picked a winner.

789-winner-of-our-national-tell-a-joke-day-drawingBack on National Tell A Joke Day we asked you to post your best sewing joke in the comments. Then from those entries we'd randomly choose a winner of our Janome Notions Grab Bag. (If you'd like a chuckle, go back and take a look at some of the entries.)

Our random winner was Becky Erdman of Newport, VT.

Even though we didn't pick her for her joke, it was pretty good: The only place that housework comes before quilting is in the dictionary.

In contacting Becky about where to send her prize, we were delighted to learn that she's an avid quilter who loves her Memory Craft 8900 QCP and has done some beautiful work on it.

When we asked her what she likes about her machine, Becky said:
"What I love most about the 8900 is the flex foot, which lets me power through layers of fabric, the extra wide throat, which is even larger than my beloved 6500, and the 9mm stitch width - wow there is some powerful embroidery stitches.  I am mostly an art quilter, so the open foot makes it great for what I do."

She also mentioned how much she appreciates her dealer, Dave LaValley from Bittersweet Fabric in Boscawan, NH.  
"It is over a 2 hour drive to him, and worth it.  He sold me my first Janome 8 years ago, and now my 8900.  Several friends have also bought from him, he is just that good!"

That's even better than a sewing joke. Thank you to everyone who entered. 

Find Out More About The MC8900QCP

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Wednesday, 11 September 2013 00:00

10 Most Popular Sewing Videos On Janome.com


Which videos have been getting the most views over the past year?

788-10-most-popular-sewing-videos-on-janomecomIn sewing it's a lot easier to understand a technique after you've seen it demonstrated. That's why some of the most popular pages on our site have the huge number of videos that show you how to use presser feet, accessories, and even software. (See the bottom of this post for a complete list of those pages.)

We decided to take a look at which videos have gotten the most views over the past year. Here's what we found.

Top 10 Janome Instructional Videos

1/4" Foot O: Perfect 1/4" seams and corners

The Ultimate Ruffler: Creating ruffles and pleats

Circular Sewing Attachment: Stitching in circles

Binder Foot: Attaching 1/2" binding

Ditch Quilting Foot: Stitching in the ditch

Concealed Zipper Foot: Installing a zipper

Blind Hem Foot G: Making a blind hem

Even Feed Foot (Walking Foot): Sewing high loft batting

AcuGuide Cloth Guide: Automatically measure a seam

Memory Craft 8900 QCP & 8200 QC At The Houston Quilt Show

Find more than 100 instructional videos on these pages.

To find all the the accessories shown in the videos and to get help in person, see your local Janome dealer.

Find ALL Janome Videos

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Tuesday, 10 September 2013 00:00

Now Available At Select Janome Dealers: Oliso Smart Irons


"Makes ironing easy, even a little fun." Martha Stewart Living

787-now-available-at-select-janome-dealers-oliso-smart-ironsIroning probably isn't your favorite thing to do. But you can't avoid it, if you work with fabric.

So the next best thing is to get one of the award-winning irons from Oliso that makes it so easy, you might even start enjoying it.

Oliso's line of Smart Irons have a feature called iTouch. This unique technology not only makes it much easier to iron, it also makes the whole process safer. An Oliso can tell if your hand is touching the iron handle. So if you're in the middle of ironing a piece of cotton and let go of the handle, the iron instantly extends patented Scorchguards--little feet that lift it off the fabric. Touch the handle and the iron lowers itself onto your fabric for uninterrupted pressing.

This means you never have to leave the iron resting on its heel and never have to worry about countless other safety risks that come with a scorching hot iron plate. With an Oliso you never worry if you accidentally leave the iron turned on or if it tips over.

Best of all, it reduces strain on wrists and shoulders caused by repetitive lifting. Other features include digitally controlled temperature for precise heating, continuous steam for crisp results with horizontal and vertical bursts of steam, a premium stainless steel soleplate with more steam holes for consistent steam flow, a large 12.7 ounce side fill water tank, ergonomic design, and a rounded detailer tip to squeeze in tight corners and cuffs.

Right now the entire line of Oliso Smart Irons with iTouch are available at select Janome dealers. Check with your local dealer to see if they carry Oliso.

Find Out More About Oliso Smart Irons

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Monday, 09 September 2013 00:00

The Night The Horizon Memory Craft 15000 Was Unveiled To The World


How "the next big thing" in sewing & embroidery made its worldwide debut.

786-the-night-the-mc15k-was-unveiled-to-the-worldOn Sunday, August 26, more than 1,200 Janome dealers and representatives from around the world filled the Brasilia Ballroom at the Rio in Las Vegas. They had gathered to kick off a week of intensive Janome training. But the big thing they'd been waiting for this evening--after months of anticipation--was to get their first glimpse of the newest Janome top-of-the-line machine.

The big moment arrived when the following clip filled the jumbo video screens above the stage. After a real Las Vegas countdown, they got big view of the new machine. (Maybe a little bigger than real life thanks to the magic of special effects.) 

Watch "The Big Reveal" of the Horizon Memory Craft 15000 on our YouTube channel.

Anywhere You Want To Go
The exciting thing about the machine is that it can take your sewing, quilting and embroidery projects to a whole new level--creatively, anywhere you want to go.

So the crowd at Janome Institute 2013 was introduced to many of the new features on the MC15000 in a series of videos that look at the machine through the eyes of a quilter, an embroidery enthusiast, a professional garment seamstress, and a home decor enthusiast.

All four videos are also on our YouTube channel:
Quilting video
Embroidery video
Garment video
Home Dec video

Mark your calendar for October 1st, when you local participating Janome dealer will unveil the Horizon Memory Craft 15000 in person. And you'll get the chance to see it and try it out for yourself. Find your nearest Janome dealer.

Find Out More About The MC15000

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Friday, 06 September 2013 00:00

New Project: Knit Or Crochet Travel Bag By Luveta Nickels


Turn one old pair of jeans into an ideal travel bag for your knitting or crocheting.

785-new-project-knit-or-crochet-travel-bag-by-luveta-nickelsDenim jeans continue to be America's favorite casual way to dress. And Luveta Nickels and her Junk Jeans team continue to thinking up creative ways to use them when they're worn out.

This time she's created a travel bag that's perfect for taking your knitting or crocheting along with you. (And you have to take it along with you or you'll never get it done.) The knitting needle sleeve will accommodate 10" or 12" knitting needles and the jean pocket featured on the back is perfect for scissors and crochet hooks.

The Knit or Crochet Travel Bag project can be made with one old pair of jeans, requires beginner-to-intermediat sewing skills, takes 2 to 3 hours to construct, and can be made on any Janome sewing machine. (Luveta used her MC12000 sewing and embroidery machine.)

Luveta and her husband have a working cattle ranch, so worn out jeans aren't in short supply. But she's gone above and beyond to build her stash. Read more about the Junk Jeans People

Go To The Knit or Crochet Travel Bag Project

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Thursday, 05 September 2013 00:00

New Accessory: Edge Guide Foot For Top Loading Models


The perfect accessory for a scant 1/4" seam.

784-new-accessory-edge-guide-footUntil now this foot with an amazingly accurate adjustable guide was available only for 9 mm machines. But now you can get the Edge Guide Foot For Top Loading Machines.

There are a number of quilting feet that have edge guides set at 1/4" or 1/8" inch. But the the Edge Guide Foot lets you set that distance yourself.

By turning the dial you can adjust the position of the fabric guide to a fraction of an inch. So if you're picky about your scant 1/4" seam allowance, this is the accessory for you.

Of course quilters will love this foot. But it can also be used on many edge-stitched sewing projects. Because it allows you to perfectly place stitches along edges and seams, it's great for tucks, hems and fine edge work such as on lace or ribbon or a decorative edge.

Find the Edge Guide Foot (Top Loading Models) and all other optional accessories at your local Janome dealer.

Find Out More About The Edge Guide Foot

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Wednesday, 04 September 2013 00:00

New Project: Personalized Newborn Baby Bibs By Quilt Escapes


Cute and so easy to make. A great gift idea.

783-new-project-personalized-newborn-baby-bibs-by-quilt-escapesWhen you have a newborn, you can never have too many bibs.

Louisa Smith of Quilt Escapes has created a Personalized Newborn Baby Bibs project that's so easy, you'll be able to make a whole stack in an afternoon.

In addition to being adorably personalized, these bibs are designed to come on and off with just one hand. Something a new parent will really appreciate when he or she is trying to hold the baby, the food, burp cloth, etc., etc.

Using some fun prints and your Janome sewing and embroidery machine, you can make one in about an hour, using beginner sewing skills. The pattern is included with the online instructions.

An in-demand quilt instructor, Louisa Smith has developed several unique teaching methods, including "Color, Design and Theme" and "Strips 'n Curves." The latter is the subject of her first book of the same title. She now has three books out: Strips ‘n Curves, A New Twist on Strips ‘n Curves, and One Patch Plus. She does her quilting and embroidery on Janome machines--the Memory Craft 11000 and Memory Craft 6600P.

Go To Personalized Baby Bibs Project

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Tuesday, 03 September 2013 00:00

Special Labor Day Offer ENDS TODAY


Buy today. Sew today. Finance interest-free for 3 years!

782-special-labor-day-offer-ends-todayIf you've been gone over the long Labor Day weekend, you still have a chance to take advantage of our special offer.

But only if you see your Janome dealer today.

Purchase a Janome machine (or any combination of products) for $2,500 or more on a GE Capital credit card and then make the 36 monthly payments on time. You can take it home now and pay for it over the next three years with no interest (as long as you meet the financing requirements). See the full details at the bottom of the offer page.

Choose the top-of-the-line Horizon Memory Craft 12000, the Horizon Memory Craft 8900 Quilter's Companion Pro, or the colorful Memory Craft 9900 sewing and embroidery machine. Or purchase a combination of machines, software, and furniture to completely outfit your sewing room.

You get to decide which Janome products to buy. And $2500 is just the minimum.

Find your nearest, participating Janome dealer right now.

The No Interest For 36 Months offer runs 08/30/2013 - 09/03/2013 at your participating Janome dealer in the US. Subject to credit approval. 

More About The Labor Day Financing Offer

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