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Wednesday, 02 October 2013 00:00

It's October: Look At These Classic Halloween Projects


Trick-or-treaters will be arriving in just a few weeks.

803-its-october-look-at-these-classic-halloween-projectsDespite its spooky reputation, Halloween is one of the best holidays for meeting your neighbors and their kids. Of course, the downside is that most of them will be in disguise.

To get your home in the mood, here are some of our most popular Halloween quilting, sewing, and embroidery projects.

Jack Patchwork Wall Hanging - This 36" square wallhanging is a quick project that can be completed in a weekend. And, it's a great lesson in perfect patchwork and satin stitch appliqué. Can be completed on any Janome sewing machine.

Happy Halloween Serger Pumpkins - This fast and fun serger project is sure to please all the little goblins at your house. Beginner to Intermediate skills. Complete with any Janome serger.

Fall Harvest Mat - Great for Halloween or just fall decorating in general. You could use this as seasonal centerpiece or placemat for a fall table theme. Requires a Memory Craft embroidery machine.

Halloween Pumpkin Tea Towel - Add a little bling to Halloween with Artistic Crystals software. Combine embroidery, appliqué and crystals to create this design. Mix and match different designs to match your style.

Nine Terrifying Tutorials from Sew4Home - Decorations, costumes, even trick-or-treat bags. Here are nine fun and easy projects from our friends at Sew4Home.

Browse All Janome Projects

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Tuesday, 01 October 2013 00:00

The MC15000 Are Arriving!


Starting today, you can try out the Horizon Memory Craft 15000 at your Janome dealer.

802-the-mc15000-are-arrivingThe ultimate quilting, embroidery and sewing machine--the one we've been telling you about for weeks--is finally here.

Beginning today, Janome dealers across the country are hosting MC15000 unveiling parties. Contact your local dealer to find out when they'll be holding theirs.

Be sure to ask about 48 months of interest-free financing, and the free-iPad-with-purchase offer.

What Makes The Horizon Memory Craft 15000 Worth Seeing

It really is the machine that will take you anywhere you want to go. Not only does it have the largest touch screen on a home sewing machine (9" diagonally), but it's the first home machine to interface wirelessly with Apple's iPad®.

It has double the processor speed of the MC12000. Double the number of stitches you can us in an embroidery design (now 200,000). Forty-two percent more embroidery designs (now 480). And comes with five embroidery hoops.

Plus you get a lot of extra time-saving features like a fully automatic needle threader, three magnifier lenses, an independent bobbin winding motor that works with a five blade bobbin winder plate, and much more.

Contact your certified Janome dealer to find out when you can see the MC15000 in real life. And take a test sew.

Find Out More About The MC15000

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Monday, 30 September 2013 00:00

New Accessory: Colorful Sewing Machine Totes


Take your Janome sewing machine along in style.

801-new-accessory-colorful-sewing-machine-totesJust in time for your Fall quilting and sewing classes, you can get a colorful Sewing Machine Tote to match your personal style. 

Designed to safely transport your standard size Janome sewing machine, these totes feature strong handles, accessory pockets, and tons of space. Whether you're just going to sewing class, or you're traveling across the country, you get a sturdy piece of sewing luggage that fits your style.

The colors include Black with floral designs, Gold with paisley and floral designs, Pink with circle designs, Purple Paisley with floral designs, and Red with paisley and floral designs. Anything but plain and boring.

Dimensions of the bags are 17" wide x 12.5" tall x 8" deep, with front pocket dimensions of 14" wide x 8" tall x 2" deep.

See the whole line of colorful Sewing Machine Totes at your local Janome dealer

See The Colorful Machine Totes

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Friday, 27 September 2013 00:00

Just Days Away! See The New Horizon Memory Craft 15000


You'll soon be able to try it out for yourself at your Janome dealer.

800-just-days-away-see-the-new-horizon-memory-craft-15000The wait is almost over.

On October 1st (next Tuesday) your local authorized Janome dealer will have a real-life Horizon Memory Craft 15000 for you to try out.

Contact your dealer to find out about any unveiling parties or demo events.

What Should You Look For On The MC15000?

The first thing you'll notice is the 9" high definition touch screen, the largest on any home sewing machine. Vivid and crisp with more than 65,000 colors, it makes all your onscreen editing easier. And it's angled for the best viewing angle while you're sitting at the machine.

Put your hands on the extra large sewing bed. In fact, do some free motion quilting to get a real feel for the smooth and quiet operation.

Try out the iPad® apps: AcuEdit™ enables you to design embroidery layouts just like you're at the machine. AcuMonitor™ lets you walk away from the machine and still monitor the embroidery stitch-out.

Look through the 480 built-in embroidery designs (240 of them are new). And be sure to find the exclusive designs created by Jenny Hart, Leah Day, Lonni Rossi, Tira Schulteis, and Noriko Nozawa.

Try out the new needle threader, which is going to make every thread color change so much easier.

Ask your dealer about the 48 month interest-free financing, and the free iPad® offer.

One more fun feature on the MC15000: the colored light bar above the sewing bed can change colors and intensity. Ask your dealer to show you all the available hues.

Find Your Nearest Dealer

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Thursday, 26 September 2013 00:00

Powered By Janome: Julie Hirt of 627handworks


This modern quilting blog is where she shares the crafty side of of her life.

799-powered-by-janome-one-of-our-favorite-quiltersThe 627Handworks modern quilting blog is the creation of Julie Hirt, who describes herself as a "Stitcher & Fabric Fanatic." (In case you wondered, the "627" comes from 6/27/07, the day Julie and her husband started dating.) She posts her own beautiful creations, lots of great tips she's discovered through trial and error, weekly link-ups with other great quilting blogs, and her paper piecing patterns as free downloads.

And we're proud to say Julie does her quilting on a Janome.

No one in Julie's family had an interest in sewing or quilting as she was growing up. So as an adult she taught herself by watching YouTube videos and reading blogs. Her first project was a Christmas quilt she began in July, 2010.

She says, "Since I had no idea how long it would take I definitely gave myself plenty of time to finish by Christmas.  The whole process was a series of firsts, so it will always be special. The fact that it didn't fall apart in the wash made it a success in my eyes." 

After that first quilt, she was hooked. Online she started seeing a lot of modern quilts and fabrics that fit into her lifestyle and made her want to give them a try.

There are many aspects of the quilting process she enjoys, from planning, to piecing, to quilting, to hand-binding.

"Just when I think I'm bored with one of the steps, it's time to move onto the next.  Planning the design and choosing the fabrics is probably my favorite part."

Julie started 627Handworks as a way to keep track of her own projects. She'd found so many great sources online when she first started sewing, it seemed like a logical step. Now she says she uses her own blog as a reference for past projects if she needs the name of a pattern or fabric.

She discovered Janome after making a few quilts on her starter machine and realizing she needed to upgrade.  Julie did a lot of research on several machines from different brands that were in her price range, and kept reading great things about Janome.

She ended up choosing the Memory Craft 6600 Professional when she stopped by her local dealer (Missouri Sewing Machine Co) to give the Janome 6500 a test drive. Someone was already tryinging out that model, so she decided to try the machine next to it--the 6600P. Julie says her reaction was, "Ooh boy!"

Of all the great features on the 6600P, the three she really appreciates are:
* The start/stop button "which is fantastic for free motion quilting."
* The Accufeed walking foot,  "which has made a HUGE difference in my piecing."
* And the large throat space which gives her the ability to quilt larger projects at home.

Julie says, "The next thing I knew I was walking out with my sparkly new machine.  It's the best sewing purchase I've ever made and I love my Janome."

She's recently released a Quilt Bee sewing app for Apple devices. It's a simple app that keeps track of your sewing projects as well as any swaps or quilt bees you may be participating in. An Android version is currently in the works.

Visit Julie Hirt's blog and try out her quilting machine at your local Janome dealer.

Go To 627handworks

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Wednesday, 25 September 2013 00:00

Win Sarah Ann Smith's Latest DVD And Other Prizes


Win a copy of her Quilting Arts Workshop DVD.

798-win-sarah-ann-smiths-latest-dvd-and-other-prizesA couple of months ago we profiled Sarah Ann Smith of Quilting By The Sea. We were so impressed with her quilts, and the fact that she's been so in-demand as a teacher. (And she told us she was impressed with her MC8900QCP quilting machine.)

At that time she was just wrapping up production on her new instructional video: Art Quilt Design from Photo to Threadwork. Now the video has been released and Sarah is giving web visitors multiple chances to win a free copy plus other prizes.

It's actually two fun things in one. In September, Sarah has asked her quilting blogger friends to each give away one copy of the video. All you have to do to enter is visit their giveaway blog post and leave a comment. Be sure to keep checking in with Sarah and her blogger friends, because they plan another giveaway series in November.

You not only get a chance to win the Photo to Threadwork DVD, but you're going to discover some great quilting blogs.

To find the blogger doing the giveaway each week, visit Sarah's Quilting By The Sea blog, where she gives a review of the giveaway blog and posts the contest link.

Also, you might be curious about the notions and supplies Sarah has chosen to use in the video. As a companion piece she's written a post on why she recommends the various products and materials she used in her demonstrations.

Go To Sarah Ann Smith's Blog

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Tuesday, 24 September 2013 00:00

Horizon Memory Craft 15000: New, Exclusive Embroidery Designs


Originals by well-known designers and more.

797-horizon-mc15000-new-exclusive-embroidery-designsThere are a number of features on the Horizon Memory Craft 15000 that are bigger, but won't take up more space in your sewing room.

One of these is the collection of built-in embroidery designs. The MC15000 comes with a library of 480 designs.

That's 142 more than are on the MC12000 (and it has a pretty big collection). Even better, half of all the designs in the MC15000's collection are exclusive.

Divided into 15 different collections, the embroidery designs range from Sashiko to Holiday to Tulle Lace.

One of the most exciting parts of the new designs are the 60 that have been created especially for the MC15000 by well-known designers: Jenny Hart, Leah Day, Lonni Rossi, Tira Schulteis, and Noriko Nozawa. They're clever, inventive, and all original.

All the embroidery designs on the MC15000 have been optimized for the machine's 5 embroidery hoops. The designs can be easily edited on-screen and combined in layouts of up to 200,000 stitches.

See the amazing embroidery collection that comes with the Horizon Memory Craft 15000 when it debuts at your Janome dealer on October 1st.

Find Out More About The MC15000

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Monday, 23 September 2013 00:00

How To Get Your Janome Facebook Coupons


As our "Friend" you'll get two Facebook-only coupons per month.

796-how-to-get-your-janome-facebook-couponsWe think we have one of the best Facebook communities in the whole world of sewing & craft. It's really been a lot of fun to meet and interact with so many Janome sewists.

We now have nearly 50,000 friends sharing tips, ideas, inspiration, solutions, and encouragement. And we make sure our followers are getting the latest Janome news. If you love sewing, this is one Facebook page you should definitely "Like."

Now you've got another great reason to join us: Facebook-only coupons.

Twice a month, through December, we'll be posting special offers on machines and accessories that you can print out and take to your Janome dealer. Access to these coupons is free to all our Facebook friends.

If you're not our friend yet, don't risk missing out on these coupons. Go to our Facebook page and click the "Like" button.

Go To The Janome America Facebook Page

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Friday, 20 September 2013 00:00

Janome Poll Results: Accessories You Need For Holiday Sewing


Quilting accessories earned the most votes--not a huge surprise.

795-janome-poll-results-accessories-you-need-for-holiday-sewingWe know that an important part of getting those holiday projects finished is having the right accessories for your machine.

So on Wednesday we posted a poll with the question: Which accessory is at the top of your "I need to start my Holiday sewing" wish list?

You could choose from:
1/4" Foot
Border Guide Foot
Clear View Quilting Foot and Guide Set 
Free Motion Quilting Foot Set
Free Motion Couching Foot
Gathering Foot
Quilt Binder Set
Ribbon/Sequin Foot

To see which one won out, take a look at our Janome Poll results page.

We asked you to pick just your one favorite, but all these optional presser feet have proven to be sewing room favorites over the years.

To find the ones made just for your model of Janome machine, see your local Janome dealer

Go To Janome Poll Results

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Thursday, 19 September 2013 00:00

MC15000 Special Offer: Interest-Free Financing & Free iPad


A limited-time special offer on the ultimate sewing, quilting & embroidery machine.

794-mc15000-special-offer-interest-free-financing-and-free-ipadThe Horizon Memory Craft 15000 will be unveiled at your Janome dealer in less than two weeks.

And the day you get your first look at this special machine, you'll can also get a special deal.

Horizon Memory Craft 15000 Introductory Offer

Get 48 months of interest-free financing. Take your new MC15000 home right away and simply make the 48 equal monthly payments on time. Subject to credit approval. See your dealer for full details and to get pre-approved today.

Get a FREE Apple iPad® with purchase. Through a special relationship with Apple, Janome has created the first machine that can communicate directly with the iPad® through your wireless network.  You can go about your chores, or relax by the pool, and keep and eye on the machine.

The Horizon Memory Craft 15000 has the largest touch screen on a home machine. It gives you the most sewing room, quiet power, and unmatched stitch quality.

No matter which kind of sewing you're passionate about, our new top-of-the-line machine is designed to take your creativity to a new level.

Find out more about this MC15000 special offer at your local, authorized Janome dealer.

Find Out More About The MC15000

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