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Tuesday, 07 January 2014 00:00

Video: Stitching In The Ditch With The Ditch Quilting Foot



The flange on this foot makes this technique easy--even for beginners. 

Where does the term "stitch in the ditch" come from and why do quilter's use it? On your quilt top, when you press both seam allowances to one side of a patch, you end up with more layers of fabric under that side of the seam, causing it to sit a little higher than the other.

Many years ago quilters discovered that it's easier to do your quilting on the lower side of the seam because it has fewer layers of fabric. This in turn causes the higher side of the seam to stand up even more for a desired dimensional effect. Because you're stitching along in the little low area next to the seam, you're stitching "in the ditch."

To do this technique successfully, you need to keep your stitch a consistent distance from the seam. The flange on the Ditch Quilting Foot makes this easy.

How To Stitch In The Ditch With The Ditch Quilting Foot

  1. Snap the Ditch Quilting Foot onto your sewing machine. Select a straight stitch. And set the machine for a medium speed.
  2. Align your fabric so that the flange rests in the seam. You can move the needle to adjust how close it stitches to the flange.
  3. As you sew, keep your eye on the flange, making sure it stays in the seam.

And you've made a beautiful stitch-in-the ditch.

To see this demonstrated watch Ditch Quilting Foot Video: Stitching In The Ditch.

The Ditch Quilting Foot fits most Janome sewing machines. The 1600P has its own Ditch Quilting Foot and there's also one designed for the AcuFeed System. To make sure you have the right one see your Janome Dealer.

Watch The Ditch Quilting Foot Video

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Friday, 03 January 2014 00:00

Janome Poll Results: Your Top New Year Sewing Resolution


Finishing projects and getting organized are the most popular responses.

872-janome-poll-results-your-new-year-sewing-resolutionEarlier this week we asked you to pick your top sewing resolution for the New Year.

It probably won't be a big surprise to learn that the top two answers by a large margin were:"Finish some of my UFOs (unfinished objects)" and "Organize my sewing space."

The New Year is a great time for fresh start on both these challenges.

On finishing what you've started, we found this great quote from author Neil Gaiman, "Whatever it takes to finish things, finish. You will learn more from a glorious failure than you ever will from something you never finished."

On getting organized, we also found some helpful links: Here's How To Declutter Your Sewing Room from a professional organizer. And some inspiring examples of How To Organize Your Sewing Room from All People Quilt.

Visit our Poll Results page to see what the other top goals were.

Go To Janome Poll Results

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Thursday, 02 January 2014 00:00

FREE 60-Minute Craftsy Class on Machine Embroidery


We've partnered with Craftsy to provide an excellent machine embroidery class.

871-new-craftsy-classTake Machine Embroidered Classics online, on your own time schedule, and learn tips and tricks for adding embroidery to ready-made pillowcases, woven kitchen towels, even a tulle-topper trick to conquer high-pile bath towels.

Expert instructor, Yvonne Menear leads this fantastic class that will help you do more with your Memory Craft embroidery machine. Plus, the exclusive embroidery files featured during class are included!

It's FREE. And you can start right now by going to the Machine Embroidered Classics class page and clicking the "Enroll Now" button.

Machine Embroidered Classics Class Description

Get to know your embroidery machine as expert instructor Yvonne Menear guides you through easily embroidering pillowcases, kitchen towels and even high-pile bath towels!  

Start by deconstructing a pillowcase to make room for hooping a pretty redwork rose, and discover Yvonne’s favorite stabilization strategies, including wash-away stabilizer, spray adhesive and basting.

Work with a woven kitchen towel and select thread colors that showcase texture in a lovely filled leaf design. Then, conquer a high-pile bath towel with a tulle topper trick that will help you highlight a stunning shell design.

Plus, get the exclusive embroidery files featured during class for FREE, sized to fit both 4" x 4" and larger hoops.

Go To The Machine Embroidered Classics Class

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Wednesday, 01 January 2014 00:00

Happy New Year From Janome America


Best Wishes For A Great 2014!

870-happy-new-year-from-janome-americaWe hope the New Year brings you creativity and joy.

Not just in your sewing, but for your whole life.

From all of us at Janome America.


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Tuesday, 31 December 2013 00:00

New Project: Janome Snowstorm Skirt


Use decorative stitches and techniques to create a one of a kind garment.

869-new-project-janome-snowstorm-skirtThe fashion forecasters predicted that winter whites would be very "in" this year.

Here's a project for an elegant and versatile skirt embellished with decorative stitches.

The Snowstorm Skirt, created by Janome Educator Nancy Fiedler, is an easy project you can create in just 3 hours using any simple pencil skirt pattern.

You achieve the "snowstorm" effect by using white thread on your white fabric to create rows of textures.

Nancy says, "For the best results, you'll want to use a 9mm width machine so that you can achieve the biggest, most bold decorative stitches." The MC15000, MC12000, MC9900, MC8900 and MC8200 all have 9mm decorative stitches. She also used the Ribbon/Sequin Foot to apply rows of shimmery sequins. 

Nancy also recommends a Janome serger to serge the edges of the front and back to create a smooth seamline and to secure ends of the trims.

Go To The Snowstorm Skirt Project

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Monday, 30 December 2013 00:00

Janome Poll: What Is Your New Year Sewing Resolution?


We'd like to know what your big plans are for sewing in 2014.

868-janome-poll-what-is-your-new-year-sewing-resolutionBeing human, we accomplish much more when we've set down specific goals.

This really applies to sewing and quilting where projects we thought would take us a few hours can sometimes stretch into weeks and months. Thus the frequent sightings of UFOs (UnFinished Objects) in our sewing rooms.

We hope you have some goals to make 2014 a more enjoyable and productive year with your Janome machine. And it would great if you would share what you have planned.

Please vote in our Poll What Is Your Top New Year Sewing Resolution? Then check back on Friday to see the results.

Vote In Our 2014 Sewing Resolution Poll

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Friday, 27 December 2013 00:00

You're Invited to the Jenny Haskins Touch of Magic Tour 2014!


Jenny's Touch of Magic Tour is coming to a city near you!

863-jenny-haskins-touch-of-magic-tour-2014Some lucky embroidery enthusiasts were able to Experience the Magic of Jenny Haskins products and Janome embroidery machines during the Touch of Magic Tour in 2013. We learned so much, and had so much fun with our friends at RNK Productions that we have collaborated for a full schedule of events nationwide in 2014.You won't want to miss these special two-day events, where you'll learn about and experience the Jenny Haskins MAGIC first hand.

Our first event of the new year will take place January 24th and 25th in Austin, TX, with special hosts Northwest Sewing Center.

Join Jenny Haskins Embroidery Expert Paula Bramwell, as well as Janome Education Team Members Louis Carney and Susan Clark for a fabulous weekend of creativity and fun.

These exciting events will be happening throughout 2014, and will visit cities nationwide. Be sure to check back often for a location near you.

To experience the Magic in Austin in January, register at the official RNK Touch of Magic Tour page.

Register Today!

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Thursday, 26 December 2013 00:00

Special Offer: Pink And Blue Bobbins


These limited edition bobbins are now 30% off.

866-special-offer-pink-and-blue-bobbinsAdd a little color to your sewing setup with these bright bobbins, designed especially for your machine.

Save 30% now at participating Janome America dealers on these stylish bobbin sets. They come 25 to a case in either a limited edition Cherry Blossom Pink or Blue motif.

These are real Janome J bobbins, made of a special rubber and plastic combination, which allows them to better hold thread, absorb machine vibration and reduce noise. (Janome J bobbins fit all Janome machines except the MB4 and 1600 series.)

All that and pretty too! Hurry while supplies last at your local Janome Dealer.

Find Out More About Blue Bobbins

Find Out More About Cherry Blossom Pink Bobbins

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Wednesday, 25 December 2013 00:00



We wish you and your family all the best.

865-merry-christmas-from-janome-americaWe hope Santa filled your stocking with lots of good things.

And that you get time today to play with some of your new sewing and quilting "toys."

From all of us at Janome America.

Merry Christmas

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Tuesday, 24 December 2013 00:00

Software Update: Digitizer MBX v4.0 Compatibility for Windows 8.1


Download the Free Update to Make Your Digitizer MBX v4.0 Compatible with Windows 8.1

867-software-update-digitizer-mbx-v40-compatibility-for-windows-81Janome has posted a new update for owners of Digitizer MBX version 4.0. Download and install this update to make your dongle compatible with Windows 8.1. Download now by going to the update page and following the directions.

All current and former updates can be found on the Janome Software Update Page.

This update is already included in the new Digitizer MBX version 4.5. Learn more about this exciting new version on our website, then contact your dealer about upgrade or purchase options!

Get the Digitizer Update

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