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By: abbie
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need 8200 QC buddy....
janome 8200 QC

  1. need 8200 QC buddy....

    Hi everyone,

    I have purchased a janome 8200 QC machine and live very rural so getting lessons and holp is proving difficult. I would love to get an online buddy to chat with and bounce ideas around , if anyone is intersted please message me...... or if anyone has found any good youtube videos on the 8200 QC machine they could recommend..

    thanks all happy sewing.
    Posted: Dec 28 2013 By: abbie
  2. need 8200 QC buddy....


    Read your manual carefully. Do some of the exercises, in the explanation of the stitches, etc. In the Project Center tab at the top of the page there are many projects that aren't necessarily specific to your machine but you can still do them. Post any questions you have here on the forum an someone will always answer and give you help and guidance. Mostly just play with our new machine - you'll have so much fun. I started stitching out all the stitches on my 7700 (an older version of the 8900), and found that to be a good tool. I got bored after a while and never finished - I know my machines so well that it didn't seem to be necessary to continue - which is probably why the boredom set in. However, it does give you exactly what the stitches look like and is really worthwhile. I guess I might be what you'd call "attention deficit" in my better age (better sounds nicer than old).

    Posted: Dec 29 2013 By: CherylAnn
  3. RE: need 8200 QC buddy....

    I just bought an 8200 QC and could use a buddy as well. Are you still there?
    Posted: Oct 24 2017 By: cburris26
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