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By: Marianne21661
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Old Embroidery Cards
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Hello All,
I recently acquired a whole box of older memory cards along with the reader. Unfortunately, it does not fit anything new. Does not have the same seriel ports to plug into newer computers.
Any suggestions?

  1. RE: Old Embroidery Cards

    these fit the janome 300E
    Posted: Dec 06 2017 By: thseabreze
  2. RE: Old Embroidery Cards

    The cards might be older that what the 300E uses - like from the 8000 and 9000 Janome machines.

    To get these to work you will need to find a very old computer that still works. Technology has moved forward and some things just get left behind with the new changes. It's only worth the effort if you want small designs as those emboidery machines only stitched designs that fit a 4" hoop, if my memory serves me correct.

    There are so many designs and nice ones that you can purchase for cheap on the internet and sometimes even get a good deal when there is a sale. Embroidery Library comes to mind as they are always offering beautiful designs and sometimes only $1 a piece, then you just buy what you like and don't have to deal with many that you don't.

    Posted: Dec 07 2017 By: CherylAnn
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