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By: rebinbey
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6600p Continues to Stitch
My machine intermittently will not stop stitching when I release the pedal. The start/stop button will not work to correct this issue. I must turn the machine off (in the middle of stitching) to reboot. This is becoming more common, and the machine has even started stitching on its own.
Sometimes it will not immediately power-up again.

  1. RE: 6600p Continues to Stitch

    RE: MC6600 Foot pedal
    It could be that there is a connection inside your sewing machine or the cord that is broken. I think you need to take the machine in for service. There are some where the sewing machine continues to sew when no one is pressing the foot control - these are related problems and it probably occurs because the cord was perhaps pulled out incorrectly at some time in the machine's life. However, it could be as simple as just dirt in the foot control. These machines are now much older and dust and dirt does accumulate where we sometimes least expect it. I don't suggest you taking it apart yourself - your machine might also need a service check and this would be a good time to do it all. After Christmas of course if it doesn't drive you crazy to wait that long.

    Posted: Dec 07 2017 By: CherylAnn
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