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By: Ksteffey
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janome 12000 embroidery bobbin
I have replaced the embroidery bobbin 4 times. When embroidering the bobbin jumps out of place and causes the throat plate to pop open. This usually breaks a needle and damages the bobbin case. Just took it in for a check to my local Janome dealer, brought it home. and it is doing the same thing.
Are other people having this issue? I am very frustrated and sorry I purchased this machine.
Karla in Texas

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    You need to take your machine back to your dealer. Ask them to check the throat plate needle hole, the bobbin race (the place where the bobbin case sits) for burrs and to also check the upper thread path for any threads or fuzz that may be caught in it. Also to check the springs that create the tension to see if any are faulty. I've had the bobbin case pop out of all of my machines at one time or another (my 11000 was really bad), but I've learned with my 12000 and 15000 that sometimes I may not have made sure that I was completely threaded correctly, and in one case didn't have my bobbin case in correctly, even though the needle plate did engage. I hate it when I'm told, "user error" but sadly we are all human.

    Posted: Dec 01 2017 By: CherylAnn
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