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By: kgz
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What type of thread
Has anyone used rayon thread on an MB4? My stitch speed is set at 400. With the poly thread I'm experiencing loops on top of my applique satin stitches. I've read that rayon thread has less stretch than polyester and may lessen the number of times the looping occurs. I realize that loops will happen but am trying to eliminate them as much as possible. I've made the necessary adjustments for tension, stitches look good on both sides of my work for the most part. The last thing I can think of to adjust is thread choice.

  1. RE: What type of thread

    Be careful with rayon thread. It is not as durable as polyester and will not tolerate any amount of laundering. It is fine to use for items which will not visit your washing machine. It is unlikely that this is the reason for looping threads. Check your tension and stabilizing. Give the machine a good cleaning including the bobbin area and the bobbin race.
    Posted: Nov 11 2017 By: devilcat
  2. RE: What type of thread

    I don't own an MB4 but I do have a multi needle machine and use both rayon and poly threads on it, they both create loops.
    I monitor my machines the whole time they are stitching, and discovered the looping occurred when a particular fill angle was used and the machine hoop was travelling forward, that had the effect of forcing the thread to run ahead of the needle rather than behind it.
    Different machines will make loops now and then, so you really do need to monitor your machine to identify which fill angles and which hoop direction causes the loops, not the thread.
    Posted: Nov 23 2017 By: digimad2
  3. RE: What type of thread

    Thank you. It's good to know that I'm able to also use rayon thread with my MB-4. Was told by someone never to use it not because of the laundering aspect but that rayon thread was too delicate for the machine.

    Posted: Nov 25 2017 By: kgz
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