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even feed foot
I've owned an 8200 QC machine for just over 4 years and loved the even feed foot. Suddenly the foot fell apart, or rather the toothed part that grips the fabric from above was floating around aimlessly. Closer examination showed why, the locking pin had vacated its position. I spent time re-inserting the locking pin only to see it slide straight back out. I instantly understood the frustration others on this forum had expressed over the self same thing.

I live in England so went to the Janome UK site, plenty of Acufeed/DualFeed System feet, but no actual holder, so I visited Janome USA, they offered the bits I wanted so why didn't Janome UK. I rang them, explained my problem, also explained I needed to know there wouldn't be a repeat of the problem if I ordered a new one. I was put on hold for a few minutes then told, Janome Tokyo was aware there was a design problem and had redesigned the foot holder did I want to purchase the new one.

It arrived the next day, unfortunately so did the flu, I still haven't attached it to my machine as today is the first day in over a week I've felt partially alive, if it is a genuinely redisigned acufeed foot holder (double foot) and I see no reason to disbelieve the lady in Janome UK, then those of you in North America, get your dealer to request the new redesigned Acufeed double foot holder.

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