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By: debbiep54
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Finding my machine
It is so weird to me that the web sight for the machine I purchased earlier this year is not listed on their web. Is it because I bought it retail?
There is always lots of information on the web but not if the machine is not even recognized by its own manufacturer.

  1. RE: Finding my machine

    Most of us buy our machines retail (from a dealer) so this shouldn't be a problem.
    Some machines are not available in other countries and vice versa and may have different model numbers.
    You could try checking the lists of machines and specs. to see if there is a near match.
    Posted: Oct 01 2017 By: devilcat
  2. RE: Finding my machine

    Hi, I had the same problem. I bought a computerised machine from a dealer. I could not find anything on-line about it but, after a bit of searching, I found a machine that was identical in every respect except it's red and has a different model number whereas mine is pink. I used that machine at sewing classes so know it is identical in every other way. I have no idea why they do this! Caroll
    Posted: Nov 22 2017 By: Caroll
  3. RE: Finding my machine

    Depends where you are in the world, if a machine is offered in America only or UK only, South America only or Asia etc. Janome isn't the only machine manufacturer that does it, all the well known brands do it as well, why, because of market preferences.
    Posted: Nov 23 2017 By: digimad2
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