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By: devilcat
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Roller foot
Has anyone used this? I have some ribbed, squashy sweater fabric and would like to use it but if I use the wrong foot, it will be a bitch to remove the stitches. Or should I just use a Teflon foot?


  1. RE: Roller foot

    Jacquie, You are right about the removal of stitches from sweater knit. I had to remove serged stitches to take out a sleeve on a sweater knit as the sleeve I'd made was to tight for my comfort. Went through all that PAIN and the damn sweater still isn't right - my daughter will get a new sweater and Mother will have to make another. This time I will make one out of sweater knit fabric that has more stretch.

    Try using your acufeed flex foot - but do a test first. I'm sure it will work well if you don't want to serge it.

    Posted: Sep 25 2017 By: CherylAnn
  2. RE: Roller foot

    Oh, another thing Jacquie. Serging works great and if you've noticed a serger has a walking mechanism that is very similar to that AcuFeed Flex on your 12000. I'd use a colour of thread that shows up a bit IF you think it won't fit or work well - you can then at least see the thread a bit. I was using black on a checked charcoal that went from quite dark to a lighter grey and it was a bitch but I did manage to undo without damaging the sweater. Shannon will be happy - I just need to hem the sleeves for her on my Cover Pro.

    Posted: Sep 25 2017 By: CherylAnn
  3. RE: Roller foot

    I don't like seams done with a serger and only use mine for finishing edges and I prefer a Hong Kong or other finish on some garments.

    Is the accu-feed foot the same as the even-feed foot?

    I would still like to know if anyone has used a roller foot and on what - strictly for curiosity's sake.

    Posted: Sep 25 2017 By: devilcat
  4. RE: Roller foot


    The AcuFeed Flex is the latest walking foot that are on all the new upper end Janome machines. You should have 2 shanks - a narrow one, with a regular sewing foot and a zipper foot and a wider one - I'm not sure how many bottoms we got but there is a regular or standard sewing foot, a ¼" bottom, a ditch foot bottom, an open toe and a straight stitch one - some you have to buy as extras and I can't remember which came with the machine. They look awkward but they work really well. The 12000 was the first machine to have these feet and now they come with all the top of the line machines i.e.: the 15000, 9400, Skyline S97 & S9.

    Posted: Sep 26 2017 By: CherylAnn
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