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Coverpro 2000cpx how to avoid skipping stitches?
My newly bought coverstitch machine skips stitches while working with stretchy knits. It happens randomly. I have tried everything in manual to fix the problem, and it doesn't work.
I have also changed needles to appropriate ELx90/14 SUK, still no result. Tried to adjust tention, and also soft/tight switch, but the problem still exists.
I've been working for about two weeks adjusting it, and still I can't even hem a pair of leggins.
What is my next step?
I've tried to stabilize seams with paper, that works, but I see youtube videos and hear from other people that their coverpro 2000cpx doesn't skip stitches without all of those things.
What do I do then?
Also, who is responsible for servicing the machine? Is it free?

  1. RE: Coverpro 2000cpx how to avoid skipping stitches?

    Way back when I bought my first coverstitch machine I had skipped stitches for the first Tshirt or two until I changed to ELx705 SUK needles...size doesn't matter but should match your fabric and thread. Since then I've never had skipped stitches and my 2000CPX has been perfect, even though I adjust tensions/stitch length/etc/etc all the time. s

    About the only other thing to try is the presser foot pressure knob on top on the machine. Take note where it is not and turn towards - or + a little and check for improvement and readjust if necessary.

    I don't always stabilise, but again, that can change with fabric type when I might use something like Steam-a-Seam or similar but this is to add body to a garment and nothing to do with skipped stitches.

    As usual though, it's a good idea to test on fabric offcuts and get your machine setup first.

    As with any sewing machine you are responsible for servicing unless you have some arrangement with your dealer. You can do regular servicing yourself and just take your machine to a tech if/when it needs major work or re-timing etc. At least that's what I do.

    Hope this helps? ;-)

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