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By: juliarose
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just got the janome 8002d and trying it out. I'm finding that its stitching half on the fabric and half off the edge, leaving an annoying, unprofessional looking finish. What am i doing wrong? have tried on several types of fabrics and playing around with stitch length and the placement of the fabric as i feed it in but it still keeps doing this instead of sewing up to the edge. Please help!

  1. RE: overlockovershooting

    Have you checked to see if you can adjust the knife blade. It sounds to me like the blade is not in the correct place for the stitch you are trying to sew. On my serger there is a knob inside the door that allows me to move the knife blade closer or further away from the edge where the cut takes place. I don't know if you have an adjustment like that but check in your manual to see what it tells you.

    Having said that I have a "Janome" manual for my Cover Pro 2000 that I just bought and NO WHERE on it does the word Janome appear - go figure. I guess some machines must be made in the same place and different covers put on the package with the "brand" name but the books don't get the same treatment. Hopefully, your manual is a bit more specific that that particular one I have. Remember, I'm taking about a specialized type of serger - the Cover Pro machine.

    Posted: Jul 31 2017 By: CherylAnn
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