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By: rdw0036
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MC6600p stitch length error?
I am getting 3 beeps and an image similar to the 'lower the feed dog' warning sign on p90 of the manual except the arrow is pointing to the left. This happens on all stitch types when I try to '-' or '+' the stitch length on it. I also get 3 beeps when I press 'edit' as well. I can still sew (with default values I assume). I can adjust the needle drop position using the other '-' & '+' button no problem. I have tried this with the foot up and down. Any ideas on what is wrong?

  1. RE: MC6600p stitch length error?

    Solved... Wow, it took me a while looking through the manual, but the feed dogs were lowered.... So simple, yet the little slide on the lower left/center of the machine is so easy to miss since it is the same colored plastic as the rest of the machine. Now I'm good to go.
    Posted: Jul 27 2017 By: rdw0036
  2. RE: MC6600p stitch length error?

    Read your message yesterday and didn't have time to check further. While I didn't have a 6600 I did own a 6500 for some years and remember getting into the habit of raising the feed dogs as soon as I finished with them being lowered...because you get the reminder next time you start to sew.

    At least now, you won't do that again?? LOL
    Posted: Jul 27 2017 By: SewingNana
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