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By: MJMulherin
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9400 Favorite Stitch
Per the manual for the Janome 9400, it's possible to save adjustments to any stitch so that the machine will resume with those settings after being turned off and back on. This is done by selecting Settings and setting both Favorite Stitch and Resume to On. I did that, but my machine continues to come up with the original factory settings, what am I missing?

  1. RE: 9400 Favorite Stitch

    Please ask your question in only one place. Someone will answer when they go on the forum IF they can help you. More than one request just bogs down the system and takes time from readers who are busy and want to get to their sewing.

    Posted: Mar 29 2017 By: CherylAnn
  2. RE: 9400 Favorite Stitch

    Does anyone have an answer to this question.
    Posted: Aug 15 2017 By: JudySewsToo
  3. RE: 9400 Favorite Stitch

    There is a procedure that you have to follow to "save" a favourite stitch. I'm not sure how it is done on the 9400, but your manual should tell you. It is something you have to "save" not just turn your machine off to return. However, my machines that are TOL usually come back to the last thing I have used when I turn them off - including the embroidery settings rather than sewing on my embroidery machines. However, I have to say OK to use them of "X" to go to normal.

    Posted: Aug 16 2017 By: CherylAnn
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