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By: NJRTruro
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My Janome came with a Quilting Kit, but there is also a Fashion Kit advertised. Can anyone tell me what is in the Fashion kit? Thanks

  1. RE: Kits

    You might contact your Janome Dealer to find out. I have purchased many Janome machines in the past 30 plus years and no kits were included. Sometimes a package of stabilizer and a spool of bobbin thread came with an embroidery machine. Those would have been included perhaps so that a person new to machine embroidery would be able to try out that feature immediately without needing to learn "what" to buy so that they could embroidery.

    It's always best to contact your dealer, with questions as they should be able to give you the correct answer. This forum has changed drastically in the last couple years and isn't nearly as good as it was.

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    Posted: Jan 14 2017 By: CherylAnn
  2. RE: Kits

    Did you ever find out what was included in that kit? It would be nice if you can post to tell others that might also be wondering - like me - I've never received one for free. There are kits that are put together for the Artistic Edge but they have a hefty price tag attached, but worth it to find out how to use some of the features of the Edge Cutter.

    Posted: Aug 06 2017 By: CherylAnn
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