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By: KathyStrabel
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Skyline S7
What do people think about the S7 machine? What do you love about it? What is not liked about it? I bought one a few months ago and am getting to know it. This is my first Janome machine after decades of loyalty to another company. I am interested in knowing what others think.

  1. RE: Skyline S7

    I don't have one yet, but I have heard only GOOD things about it. I have been a Janome customer for about 30 years and have had few problems with any of them and those problems may have been operator error. I do hate to admit to that, but …

    My indecision is: Do I want the S7 or the 9400. I already have a 15000 and an Elna 860 (equivalent to 9900 Janome), so I really don't need another machine. I have 2 smaller ones that I take to retreats - only keeping more than one as I have 7 granddaughters that I hope will take an interest in sewing. I want them to have a good experience sewing - therefore a good machine is necessary.

    Posted: Aug 11 2016 By: CherylAnn
  2. RE: Skyline S7

    I think it's the smartest decision Janome has made, the whole Skyline series. In particular the S7 is a really, REALLY nice machine and the price won't make you faint. There have been no issues (not counting operator training issues), the machine has all the best features of the higher priced machines. It is smaller than the 8900 and the 9400 but sacrificing that extra width in the harp area is small considering all the money you save on a machine that does the same things just as well. (and my 2 most favorite features? the snap out throat plate AND the auto presser foot lift-which you can override and do it yourself or se the knee lifter) a real winner
    Posted: Dec 23 2016 By: jsm1144
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