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By: borduurkoning
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USB port defect on MB4
Hello all,

We have the USB port defect on the MB4 machine.
We can no longer send *.JAN files through usb cable to the machine.
The machine is at repair centre and Janome said: The 'mainboard' needs to be replaced and only the board costs 900,- EUR ?
Is that correct? Who has also experience with this?

  1. RE: USB port defect on MB4

    I don't think you should have ever been able to send .jan files. The MB4 only reads .jef and .dst
    Posted: Dec 01 2015 By: jsm1144
  2. RE: USB port defect on MB4

    Dear jsm,

    Excuse me? Not sending *.JAN?? We have here four MB4's at our company. All connected through usb ports with different ID's send by one computer.
    We send every days many *JAN files from Digitizer MB to the machines.
    Maybe in 'the background' he sends a JEF or other extension to the MB4.
    Thats not interesting.... One of these four does not accept any commands/jan/jef "you name it" from usb.
    Question so more clear?
    Can i order a mainboard with usb port? and what does it cost?

    Posted: Dec 01 2015 By: borduurkoning
  3. RE: USB port defect on MB4

    Unfortunately Janome doesn't offer items like new boards to users, only Janome dealers/service technicians can order then fit them.
    Posted: Dec 03 2015 By: digimad2
  4. RE: USB port defect on MB4

    And now, another mb4 has the same problem.
    We have now 2 machines who cannot communicate with the pc anymore.
    Usb stick work. But not communication directly with a pc
    Someone else same problem?
    What can we do to fix this? Content is edited
    Posted: Nov 12 2017 By: borduurkoning
  5. RE: USB port defect on MB4

    Me again.

    As Digimad2 said, you really need to contact a dealer. I don't see all that much about the MB4 machines on the forum and I've been lurking here for years and years.

    Posted: Nov 13 2017 By: CherylAnn
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