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By: SewingGrandma
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Why is my Bobbin not winding correctly?
I'm new to sewing and just purchased a Janome Mag. 7318.
I'm trying to wind the bobbin, however it is not winding smoothly and the thread keeps coming off of the Bobbin winder thread guide.
I'm following the instructions but it's not winding properly.
Can Someone Please give me any suggestions or help.

  1. RE: Why is my Bobbin not winding correctly?

    When you re route the thread from the spool, it only goes around that silver thing that looks like a screw, when you put it around it, tug both ends of the thread to make sure it seats in the spring thats inside that screw thing, then guide it to the bobbin (put the thread from the inside the bobbin out through the hole and then put it on the bobbin winding spindle and push to the right, hold that thread taut until the thread goes up and down the bobbin a few times then stop and cut the tail. Don't let it go or it will wrap itself into the bobbin and cause problems later as the bobbin thread gets low. Good Luck
    Posted: Mar 04 2015 By: jsm1144
  2. RE: Why is my Bobbin not winding correctly?

    I was able to get thread on my Bobbin.
    I kind of guided the thread and also pressed a little lighter on the foot pedal to like medium speed instead of so fast.
    Thank you, I really appreciate your advise and response.
    Posted: Mar 04 2015 By: SewingGrandma
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