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By: jasjam
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Janome 8900

  1. Janome 8900

    I just got a Janome 8900 and while I love it I'm getting frustrated. When I do the decorative stitches sometimes it pulls my material down into the needle hole. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks,
    Posted: Jun 13 2013 By: jasjam
  2. Janome 8900

    Have you tried using a wash-away stabilizer under the fabric. Your fabric needs to be very stable to create nice decorative stitches.

    Posted: Jun 13 2013 By: CherylAnn
  3. Janome 8900

    I haven't tried a stabilizer but I will now. Thank you for your Suggestion.
    Posted: Jun 13 2013 By: jasjam
  4. Janome 8900


    Let us know how you make out. It will help others that may be experiencing the same difficulty. I know it is a pain in the butt but it sure creates less aggravation in the long run.

    Posted: Jun 14 2013 By: CherylAnn
  5. Janome 8900

    in a pinch you can even use typing paper to stabilize
    Posted: Jun 14 2013 By: jsm1144
  6. Janome 8900

    I wouldn't suggest this as removing it may distort the stitch and you will be left with bits of paper in the stitches.

    Posted: Jun 14 2013 By: devilcat
  7. Janome 8900

    Ah, when removing any stabilizer, be sure to support the stitches with your fingers/finger nails-never just rip the stabilizer off!
    Posted: Jun 15 2013 By: jsm1144
  8. Janome 8900

    I have used tissue paper and that removes easily, I do not think I would use typing paper, way too stiff and thick.

    Posted: Jun 15 2013 By: MOM
  9. Janome 8900

    Mom, you are correct about using tissue, and any residue will disappear upon laundering. But I would never use typing paper under any circumstances.

    If the problem persists, it may be necessary to use strips of a firm wash away stabilizer. So much depends upon the fabric and and the chosen stitch. A test run is a good idea.

    Posted: Jun 15 2013 By: devilcat
  10. Janome 8900

    I would look for water soluble stabilizer, it might be kinder to your stitches. Following, I think I'm going to be buying an MC 8900 soon
    Posted: Feb 27 2014 By: blackstonecat
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