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By: Berylrouge
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MC 11000 SE
tools and pc and machine comunications

  1. MC 11000 SE

    Can anyone give me a suggestion on how to make my pc communicate with machine via the mc11000 tools kit? my pc says the driver is there but there does not seem to be any communication happening when they are plugged together. maybe I'm doing something wrong?
    Posted: Mar 20 2014 By: Berylrouge
  2. MC 11000 SE

    Have you done all the updates for your 11000 and the MC Tools software. You may be missing a driver and/or Windows has done an update that changed the compatibility - hence a driver update may be needed.

    However, you are better off to use USB's or the PC Cards to transfer your designs, as the memory on your 11000 isn't very large and fills up quickly and then you can't do much as the RAM in the machine isn't able to do what it needs for stitching.

    Posted: Mar 20 2014 By: CherylAnn
  3. MC 11000 SE

    As the mc tools disc did not have the right driver, I did have to download the new update from the website so the driver reads as ready to use on my pc/laptop. Yet when I've used the usb combo cord which came with the machine they do not "see" each other. I have managed to use my usb thumb drive ("memory key") to upload the screen saver. I was just hoping to use the direct link to transfer, modify, etc. I have a "new owner" class on Monday to if I haven't figured it out for myself by then I will get the dealer to help me out. Thank you for your help.
    Posted: Mar 21 2014 By: Berylrouge
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