Software Lessons

Autosave and Recovered Files

The Work Environment dialog box has a second tab called Autosave that allows you to set a timer for how often you would like to save designs that you are working with. This feature is very much like an insurance policy - designs are saved in the Backup folder and are only accessed in the event of a software or hardware crash.

The design will automatically be saved as often as you specify. It will be saved with file extension *.BAK in the Backup subfolder of the Digitizer 10000 folder.

You still need to save your design to your embroidery design folder periodically while you are working on it. Save it as a *.JAN file and in the format you need for your sewing machine.

There are two ways to access the Work Environment dialog box:

Click Setup.

Click Work Environment

Right click on the design screen. The Work Environment pop-up menu will appear.

Click Work Environment
Either way will bring up the Work Environment dialog box. 
Click the Autosave tab
The Autosave page will appear. 
To activate the Auto Save feature, click a check mark in the Auto Save box.

Decide how often you would like to have the design that you are working on saved in the Backup folder. If you are working on a complex design, you might need it saved every minute. If it is very simple, you might need it saved every ten minutes.

Click the Save button if you want to change the Autosave time permanently.

Click OK if you want to change the Autosave time only during the time of this digitizing session.

That's it! Your designs are protected in the event of a crash. When you reopen Digitizer, the design will be opened and placed on the design screen.

There's one small drawback about this insurance policy - after a while you will have lots of *.BAK designs in the Backup folder! You will need to clear the designs from that folder periodically.

Minimize any programs that you have opened to get to your desktop.

Double click the My Computer icon
Double click the C drive
Double click the Digitizer 10000 folder
Double click the Backup folder
Press the Ctrl key on your keyboard and at the same time press the letter "A" key on your keyboard (Ctrl-A). All files in the Backup folder will be highlighted. 
Click the Delete icon to delete all files.

Click the "X" in the upper right corner to close My Computer.

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