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Customizer 10000 - Easy Edit Overview

You'll get an overview of how you can use Easy Edit Software with the Clothsetter to place embroidery exactly where you want it.


What you'll learn
You’ll get an overview of how you can use EasyEdit software with the Clothsetter to place embroidery exactly where you want it. This patented process allows you to create printable templates and minimize hoopings by combining designs and creating multi-design layouts. You’ll also learn how to open EasyEdit, change the size of a printable template, and turn the template centerline on or off.

A. What EasyEdit does 
EasyEdit is software that helps you place your embroidery so it sews exactly where you want it to. EasyEdit works by creating printable templates. These templates allow you to create multi-design layouts, continuous designs, and combine designs to minimize hoopings. EasyEdit can also create lettering in seven fonts that are scalable from 13 mm (approximately 1/2") to 30 mm (approximately 1 1/4").

B. Start EasyEdit. 
1. Double-click the Customizer 10000 Plus icon.

  • Look for the icon on your computer desktop.

2. The START C10K window will appear. 
3. Click the EasyEdit button.

C. Change the size of a printed template. 
The EasyEdit screen represents a sheet of paper. You can change the size of a template so you can print to whatever size paper you have available, including letter and legal paper, postcards, and envelopes. In this example, we’ll change the size to a #10 envelope. 

1. Click File in the menu toolbar. 
2. Click Print Setup...


3. The Print Setup window will appear. 

4. In the Size box, select Envelope #10.
5. Click OK. Your screen will change to the size of a #10 envelope. 


D. Change the color of the centerline to turn it on or off. 
The print template is divided into four equal areas. Each area is outlined by lines that meet in the center of the design. These lines act as a guide to help you position embroidery on the screen, especially when laying out several embroideries. In EasyEdit, this guide is called the centerline
You can change the color of the centerline to turn it on (black) or off (white). 
1. Click View in the menu toolbar. 
2. Click Centerline. Another menu will appear.
3. Choose a color.

  • Black Line: centerline is visible
  • White Line: centerline is not visible

Make the centerline white if you want your screen to look more like a piece of paper.

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