Heart Pillow

Created By:

Milinda Stephenson of Milinda Sews

Skill Level: Intermediate

True love is not only shown on Valentine's Day, but also during every other day throughout the year. Janome Maker Milinda Stephenson used the Horizon Memory Craft 15000's embroidery and quilting designs along with a mix of Valentine's Day and pastel fabrics to create a beautiful Heart Pillow as a winter-to-spring transition statement. 

Milinda's Heart Pillow is perfect to add to an office lobby to welcome guests and employees. It is also great to add to your living room couch, a rocking chair or even a bed. Follow along Milinda's instructions below to make your own. 

Janome Supplies Required

Click here to download the Quilted Heart Reverse Applique .JEF file.

  • Janome embroidery machine with built-in quilting designs
  • White fabric
  • White flannel
  • Valentine's Day or pink fabric
  • Pastel fabric
  • White embroidery thread
  • Washaway-tearaway stabilizer
  • SQ14 Hoop

Heart Applique Square

Step 1: Hoop Fabric

  • Hoop the three layers of fabric.
  • The top layer will be the white fabric.
  • The middle layer will be the white flannel.
  • The bottom layer will be the pink heart fabric.

Step 2:

  • Sew color 1. (heart outline)

Step 3:

  • Remove the embroidery hoop from the machine, but do not remove the fabric from the hoop. 
  • Cut out the heart using sharp, curved embroidery scissors.

Step 4:

  • Sew color 2. (satin applique stitch)

Step 5:

  • Sew color 3. (stippling stitch)

Step 6:

  • Sew color 4. (square outline)

Step 7: 

  • Remove from the hoop.
  • Trim 1/2" from the square outline.

Built-in Quilt Design Square:

  • Hoop the fabric, flannel lining and Anna Maria Horner washaway-tearaway stabilizer.
  • Choose color 4 from the quilted heart applique design above. This will create a same-size square outline so that all of your blocks are symmetrical.
  • Choose one of the wonderful built-in quilt designs on your Janome embroidery machine. 
  • Sew out the design, remove it from the hoop and trim 1/2" from the outline square edge.

Sew Together Your Pillow Top:

  • After you have compiled the number of squares and placed them as you wish, sew the squares together using 1/2" seams.
  • Your finished squares should be about 5 1/2". For the 16" pillow form, you will need approximately 9 squares.
  • Milinda sewed an envelope backing on her pillow top using 1/2" seams. It is super easy and lovely!
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