Emoji Pilows

Created By:

Maddie Bushman of Janome America

Skill Level: Intermediate

We are all obsessed with emoticons. They are the best way to make someone smile and laugh, so why not make a pillow of your favorite emoji using Maddie Bushman's easy instructions?

  1. Hoop the stabilizer
  2. Adhere yellow fleece to the stabilizer. Do not hoop the fleece.
  3. Secure water soluble on the fleece.
  4. Stitch out the design except for the circle. This is how you put it together.
  5. Place the remaining piece of yellow fleece on the design.
  6. Baste
  7. Stitch the circle.
  8. Trim the excess stabilizer and fleece using your pinking shears.
  9. Turn it right side out.
  10. Stuff with Fiberfil.
  11. Hand sew the opening closed.

Click here for the Nerd Emoji .jef file.

Click here for the Silly Face Emoji .jef file.

Click here for the Cool Face Emoji .jef file.

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