Baby Tag Blanket

Created By:

Milinda Stephenson of Milinda Sews

Skill Level: Beginner

"I love watching Brooks touch and explore the uniquely different colors and textiles. One tag is created from his great-grandmother's childhood blouse. Another is a crocheted piece. All of the tags are created using bits and pieces from my sewing drawer which is stuffed with sentimental items that I can't bear to throw away. What fun to use them on something the baby loves so much!" - Janome Artisan Milinda Stephenson

The unique features on the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 15000 made embroidering this a breeze. Milinda was able to raise the presser foot during embroidery to fit over the thick crocheted tag and then lower it again immediately. Milinda also loved using the magnetized SQ22 Hoop. It made embroidering the slick nylon fabric a breeze.

Janome Supplies Required
  • Download the .JEF file above
  • 8 various 6" ribbon pieces
  • 20" square for the blanket front
  • 20" square minky fabric for the blanket back
  • Crinkle paper (cereal wrappers work!)
  • Satin bindings for the borders
  • Hoop stabilizer and top fabric using the magnets and hoop SQ22

Click here to download the embroidery .JEF file.

Step 1: Embroider the Design

  • Hoop the front fabric piece with wash away stabilizer.
  • Sew color 1, smiley face
  • Skip color 2 and embroider your own baby's name.

Step 2: Add Ribbons

  • Sew color 3, placement lines for the ribbons
  • Tape a ribbon on each line with raw edges of ribbon facing out
  • Sew color 4, sew down lines for the ribbon

Step 3: Backing

*Note: You might need to raise your presser foot in order to go over some of the thicker fabric. Go to settings, scroll down to presser foot height and raise or lower. What an awesome feature!

  • Place minky fabric backing right sides together over the hoop.
  • Sew color 5, sew down the line
  • Remove from the hoop.
  • Turn right side out through the opening.
  • Hand sew the opening closed.
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