Poppy Applique Pillow

Created By: Maureen Cracknell
Skill Level: Intermediate

Create this simple Summer pillow, using four different built-in stitches on the Horizon Memory Craft 12000 and easy applique instructions, for a pillow that will add a pop of color to brighten any room!

Janome Supplies Required


  • Horizon Memory Craft 12000
Fabric and Notions Required

• 1 piece of fabric measuring a 15" square (main pillow fabric)

• 1 piece of fabric measuring a 14" square -- in coral or poppy orange (poppy flower)
• 1 piece of fabric measuring a 6" square -- in yellow (poppy flower center)
• 2 pieces of fabric measuring 9" x 15" in coordinating colors (pillow back/envelope style)
• 1/2 yd of Heatbond lite
• 1 piece of stabilizer measuring 15" square
• Black thread
• Coral thread
• White thread
• disappearing ink fabric pen and a regular marker
• Scissors
• Iron
• 14" pillow form


Applique Instructions
1. Use a marker or pen to draw out the main poppy flower and smaller center flower shapes onto the back side of the Heatbond lite. Cut away excess Heatbond lite and follow Heatbond lite instructions to adhere the main poppy flower to the coral piece of fabric, and the smaller center flower shape to the yellow piece of fabric. Trim away excess fabric to reveal the two poppy flower shapes.
2. Using an iron, press the coral poppy flower shape onto the main pillow fabric. Position the yellow, center flower shape and press well with iron.
3. Stabilize this pillow top piece. Use a disappearing ink fabric pen to draw in the petal shapes. Using coral colored thread and the built-in Satin stitch #18 sew along those petal lines to create an embroidered detail and to add dimension to each petal.
4. Using black thread and the built-in Applique stitch #18, sew around the outer most edge of the yellow center flower shape.
5. Use the disappearing ink fabric pen to draw a center smaller circle and use built-in Applique stitch #17 to sew along that line to create the center of the poppy flower.
6. To outline the poppy design, use Applique stitch #9 and sew along the outer most edge of the poppy flower shape.
7. When the sewn details are complete, remove the excess stabilizer, and press from the wrong side.

Pillow Assembly
1. Fold and press one side of each of the 9" x 15" pieces under 1/2" along one 15" side. Fold and press under 1/2" a second time to create a double hem. Using white thread, top stitch hem in place, and edge stitch along fold on each piece.
2. Place the poppy appliqued pillow front fabric piece and the two hemmed back fabric pieces together, with right sides facing, pin in place.
3. Sew around the square with a 1/2” seam, overlapping the start and finish. Trim the corners of the square, and turn right side out. Insert pillow form.


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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Saturday, December 17, 2016

I like the concept, but the directions are "sloppy." Nowhere in the supply list does it mention the felt or the batting (how much?). Also, I would never use a high loft batting in a placemat, or a table runner, as I think that it would be too unstable for a glass. The next time I make these, I will cut out the batting (I use flannel) and spray baste it to the wrong side of the Dresden plate before I put the Dresden plate on the felt to cut out. I have not yet washed the finished placemat, and am hoping that the single layer of felt does not curl up, or become distorted after washing/drying.
Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Friday, February 24, 2017

I made this today but your cutting directions need to be changed. You only need 4 of color 1 and color 3 4.5 squares for the triangles. Also the inner border, you only need 2 cuts as WOF is long enough to cut each in half to fit the sides.

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