Travel Set - Shoe Bag

Created By: Amy Meek
Skill Level: Beginner

Who travels with just one pair of shoes? Many of us take several! But how do you keep your shoes, with their dirty soles, off of your nice clean clothes? Use this simple shoe bag to tuck your shoes into before placing in the suitcase. Your clothes and shoes will all arrive at your destination clean and ready to be worn!

Janome Supplies Required
  • Janome Sewing Machine
  • Ultra Glide Foot
Fabric and Notions Required

Fabrics and Notions Required:

  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • 1/2 yard woven fabric (will yield two bags)
  • (2) 3" x 22" strips of neoprene
  • Cord or ribbon for drawstring
  1. Along one long edge of the fabric place the strip of neoprene.
  2. Use a triple zig zag stitch to stitch the neoprene and fabric together. If your fabric has a wrong side, this should be stitched right sides down with the neoprene covering the raw edge.
  3. Fold the neoprene in half covering the raw edge of the fabric and use the same zig zag stitch down the casing.
  4. Fold the fabric in half and stitch from below casing to the end of fabric. Then you'll pivot and close the bottom of the bag.
  5. Turn right side out and use a large safety pin to pull the cord through the casing and knot at the ends.

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