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Monday, 24 January 2011 05:00

Video: Using the Janome Ultimate Ruffler



88-ultimate-ruffler-videoIt's the easiest way to do this sophisticated technique.

Ruffles are created when you gather together a longer piece of fabric often with the intent of sewing it to another, flat piece of fabric. Larger, folded ruffles are called pleats. There are lots of different projects that call for ruffles, from the edging around a pillow to the gathered waist of a skirt.

This embellishment adds a sophisticated look, but ruffles can be challenging, and time-consuming, to sew... unless you have a presser foot on your sewing machine that automatically does the gathering for you. Like the Janome Ultimate Ruffler.

It's called The Ultimate Ruffler because it's absolutely the easiest way to make ruffles and pleats with your sewing machine. To see how to attach it and use it watch The Ultimate Ruffler Video: Creating Ruffles And Pleats.

The standard depth of ruffles is two-to-one. So if you're sewing a twelve inch seam, you'll need twenty-four inches of your gathering fabric. But if you want a different look, the Ultimate Ruffler lets you control how many ruffles you have along your seam as well as how deep each one is. You can have a ruffle formed every stitch, every six stitches, or every twelve stitches. By turning a screw on the foot, you can adjust how much fabric is folded at each gather.

As with any new foot, you'll want to sew some test pieces before starting in on your project.

The Ultimate Ruffler fits all Janome sewing machines, except the MC6600P and Horizon 7700QCP sewing and quilting machines. These two machines use the AcuFeed Ruffler.

Watch The Ultimate Ruffler Video

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