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Thursday, 08 August 2013 00:00

New Serger Video: Gathering Fabric



How to ruffle the edge of your fabric in one easy step.

764-new-serger-video-gathering-fabricThe traditional way of making gathers in a piece of fabric with a standard sewing foot involves sewing two rows of threads, and then pulling on the thread tails to gently bunch your material.

But there's a much faster and easier way, using your Janome serger and the optional Gathering Foot G.

How To Gathering One Layer Of Fabric

  1. Attach Gathering Foot G go your serger.
  2. Set up for a three thread overedge stitch, with the needle in the left position. 
  3. Use a tight needle tension and a tight lower looper.
  4. Set your stitch length to 4. 
  5. Set your Differential Feed to 2. 
  6. Be sure the blade is in the UP position.
  7. Place your fabric under the foot and begin serging. You'll see the machine make perfectly even gathers.

You now have a piece of ruffled fabric to attach to your project.

To see this demonstrated, watch the video Gathering Foot G: Gathering one layer of fabric.

Find Gathering Foot G and all the other optional accessories for your Janome serger and your local dealer.

Watch How To Gather A Single Layer

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