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Wednesday, 03 October 2012 00:00

Easier On Your Hands: Martelli Cutters & Mats



539-easier-on-your-hands-martelli-cutters-a-matsCut up to 15 layers of fabric at a time.

Last week we introduced you to our new partner, Marelli notions. They make a great selection of innovative products that make it easier to do your quilting and sewing projects.

Today we want to highlight their rotary cutters and cutting mats. They not only help you cut quickly and accurately, but they're actually easier on your hands.

When your quilt top is made up of hundreds of pieces of fabric, it doesn't take long to feel the effects of those repetitive motions. The ergonomically designed Martelli Rotary Cutter puts your hand in a more comfortable position, allowing you to use gentle pressure to cut through many layers of fabric at once.

It's designed for hands with arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, and tendonitis. And to reduce hand fatigue. One big difference--the angle of the blade. This position requires less pressure to cut while still giving you superb maneuverability.

It's also got a great safety mechanism. When you roll the cutter on the cutting mat, the blade guard automatically opens, and you're ready to cut.

To see the ergonomic design in action, watch Martelli's demonstration on YouTube.

Martelli also makes a whole line of cutting mats designed to work with their rotary cutter. Choose from various sizes and markings.

You can find Martelli notions at your local Janome dealer

Watch The Rotary Cutter Video

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