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Wednesday, 24 November 2010 05:00

Video: Installing A Zipper With The Concealed Zipper Foot



43-concealed-zipper-foot-videoA well-sewn invisible zipper should look like it's simply part of the seam.

You can use a hidden zipper on so many different kinds of projects: a skirt, pillows, or as a closure for a purse. It gives a finished, professional look to any project and is much easier to install with your sewing machine than many people think. 

The key is to get the needle as close to the teeth as possible. The Concealed Zipper Foot accomplishes this by slightly unrolling the zipper just before the needle. The foot also has special grooves on the bottom which guide each side of the zipper teeth as you sew down the tape.

Printed instructions for putting in a zipper can sometimes be hard to follow if you've never done it before; it's almost like you have to see somebody demonstrate it once. So, we created a video appropriately called Installing A Zipper With The Concealed Zipper Foot. In about a minute you can see one of our instructors attach the foot and show you how to sew each side so you end up with a beautiful hidden zipper. This video demonstration was done on a Memory Craft 11000 Special Edition, but many Janome sewing machines can use this foot (or a version of it).

Watch the Hidden Zipper Video

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