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Wednesday, 02 November 2011 05:00

Sewn With Love: Carol Maclaskey's Couch Cover



299-swl-carol-maclaskey-couch-coverMore proof that you should never throw any fabric scrap away.

Carol Maclaskey of Montgomery, TX and her husband bought a vintage travel trailer with the goal of refurbishing it in time to go to the Burning Man Festival in Nevada. They painted, did glazing, installed a new floor--but the biggest challenge was the fold out couch. It had been "updated" with an avocado green cordouroy cover.

But Carol remembered she had a lot of old jeans she just couldn't bear to throw away. So with her trusty Memory Craft 6500P sewing and quilting machine she got busy and made quite a transformation.

299-swl-carol-maclaskey-couch-cover-detailCarol says that a slipcover is not her normal sewing project.

"Just about every day finds me spending at least a couple of hours sewing away on my miniature quilts." she says. This one turned out to be a little more challenging.

Many people over 50 have never heard of the Burning Man Festival held each year in the Nevada desert. Carol describes it as a music and art festival with an incredible dedication to reducing, reusing and recycling. She admits that being in their 60's, she and her husband will be more than twice as old as many attendees.

In order to camp at the festival they bought a vintage Silver Streak travel trailer and were frantically fixing it up (it had been sitting unattended for years and years!).  

Carol says, "Painting, glazing and new flooring seemed like easy tasks compared to covering the fold-out couch which had a wide-wale, avocado green cordouroy cover on it.  Of course, there are no commercial slip covers that would fit it, so, in a fit of "repurposing" fever, I dragged out that box of discarded blue jeans that I've never been able to throw away....just sure that a project would present itself one day."

The result is this stylish recovered couch. It fits the retro style of the trailer with a very up-to-date look.

Carol adds, "I sewed it all on my Janome 6500P.  It sewed through multiple layers of heavy denim and eased in all those corners like there was nothing to it!  It's a crazy project, I know...but it's perfect for this event."

And it makes a great second life for all those jeans.

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